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  1. Namey Mcnamerson is gonna transfer to another team with a name that does not end in s
  2. 5M - 3/4 Fo Ur - LB - @soneuser Namey Mcnamerson - QB - @Turts Wowthisisalotofcha Ractersforaname - WR - @soneuser 3M - 3/7 Ade Jamal - RB - @Lil Karaboğa Malik Sanders - RB - @jakejohn17 KickKick KickKick - K - BOT 2M - 6/7 Bubastis Tet-Anhur - S - @Caboose30 IEatThose Willis Brown - CB - @KCapA_Lot Sandeep Venigandla - WR - @Sandeep_30 Ryuji Sakamoto - LB - @duckberg Owen Taylor - CB - @Owenthegoon Charles Allan - RB - @Wally
  3. Can I get a Paris team? Not really a football place but seems cool lol
  4. Tonic every day of the week. Would be even 100% if he had more carries
  5. Hello. Never done one of these before but I want to get TPE and also make people happy they are on here. If you aren't on here, I still like you but you aren't top 10 I love a lot of people in this league so I'm sorry if you don't make it. 10. @Siddhus I like Sid in general but he is mostly on here for showing me the league like a year ago. He probably doesn't even remember it but we were talking about it ISFL and I decided to join because of that. Mostly on here as a thank you for that. Also does a ton for the league. 9. @AW13 The guy that got me into leagues in general. I was drafted by his team in PBE and made my time great in my first league and if it weren't for that I wouldn't have even joined anything past PBE. Thank you man so glad you got me in to these. 8. @TheCheese Ok past the people that helped me with leagues we get to Cheese. I know him irl so im probably biased but he helped me a ton when I couldnt do strats a couple times and he's just a pretty nice person irl. 7. @HuddleHussy A great member of the community for a long time. I've talked with her a few times and she is nice. Also very good at Jackbox drawing games 6. @Sharkstrong He introduced me to actually being in the ECFA and probably kept me from going IA like 50 times. He does a ton as a mod and was a great AD to me when I started the league. He is also very nice. Plus bonus points for nami 5. @Lefty_S Hi Lefty. I hope you are having a good day. You are also top 5 on my favorite people list. You are nice and funny which is gonna be like the whole top 5. He also made the new card bots with shark which are looking really cool right now. 4. @Renomitsu I feel like this is the biggest surprise to me once I thought about who my favorite people where. I dont ever see him being mean or anything. He just usally stays positive and is a very nice person. I dont talk to him as much as most of everyone else on this list but it goes to show how nice he is. 3. @Wally I know Wally is disliked by some people for his strats when he was AD and I get that but I think past that almost everyone can respect Wally. He's nice and I've had some good conversations with him. Seriously one of my favorite people in this league. 2. @Eagle Eye EE is someone who I would consider one of my best friends in EFL and it's not too hard to figure out why. He's funny, he's nice and he just brings the mood up when he starts talking in main. He's also been a great AD so far. Thank you all for reading. Again I'm sorry if you all really wanted to be on here and you weren't. I'd do honorable mentions but it's midnight and I just want to get this done. If you read this you are at least in my top 30. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'm going to bed.
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