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  1. 1. I expect us to wholeheartedly continue to get better and better. We've got a goal in mind, and I believe we're on pace to execute it. 2. On any given day -- The better team wins. Anything in this game is possible. Remember that one, folks. 3. Let's go with Staubach, so far. 4. I'm not a personal records guy, I wanna help the team. But if I had to choose -- I'd love to go out with the most sacks in a career. 5. Just being an overall great team mate. I wanna be there for those around me. Unity is the strongest form of work! 6. Why do we love life at times, and hate it at others? Open your mind to that one. 7. "It's nice to be important but more important to be nice." Always treat others with respect, and be nice. Life is to short to be hateful. 8. Someone with integrity, and respect. That alone is more valuable than any talent asset. 1.Apollo. No questions asked. A mixed bag, with goods and bad to him. Much like the world we live in. 2. I did actually. Ironically, it was either that or Mathematics that were going to be my major. (Before I dropped out IRL to focus on the liquor business.) 3.I would actually. Simply put, the name has a nice sound to it, and deep meaning; I'd be all on board for it. Simple answer is simple. 4. Probably Zeus or Hades. The differences between them is canny. But the light and darkness aspect to both in a way intrigues me.
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