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  1. Another INT for Cue. Take a look scouts.
  2. Cue starting to get some stats
  4. "My season numbers really suck so far. 5 games in and i only have 16 tackles total, 0 of those for a loss. Zero. Unbelievable. After that, 1 QB sack, 1 Interception and 1 pass defensed. I have seen benched and players being released with better stats than the ones i have. It is hard not to get discouraged when you see pretty much everyone get way more tackles, sacks and INTs than me, but i honestly just try to stick to the game plan i have been given. Results are not going the way we all hoped, but to be honest, nothing in this league is gifted. We are still 1 win away from the second spot in the Eastern Conference East, and as long as we can get there, that is what we are aiming for. After that horrible week 1 game, defense is getting better and better and we finally are able to get some stops. Things are definitely shaping up, we just need for some results to go our way to show exactly that. Other teams are now looking deeper into our team after we beat the LSU Tigers, so the times when Bama was a walk off win are over." (205 words)
  5. Tough week has gone by for the Alabama Crimson Tide and Jay Cue. The season was predicted to be hard way before it really started, but now doom of another season with only a couple of wins is looming in. The team continues to work hard, but we can feel that when experience needs to set in on games to help them secure a win, the players lack that experience that only comes with playing games. Still, Cue remains active and in good spirit. He knew when he committed to Bama that they would have a couple of difficult seasons ahead, but hard work will pay off. The objective is to help the team grow to become at least a challenger to the post season and to be drafted high into the EFL for that big paycheck. Jay knows he is not performing near the top of his position, but as weeks go by, that will eventually change. Coming into the league as an unknown guy, he knows how much harder he is going to have to work to get the scouts attention and get those sweet invites to visit EFL teams facilities. The combine is also completely out of the books so far, as a low profile player. That is why he gets into the gym every day before sunrise and works on his agility and strength with the athletic department. He gets to every class on time and gets credit from the teachers because of his work ethic. Course work is delivered on time and he also helps his teammates with that, because if they do not need to worry with failing classes, they can focus on working their game and improve the team. The last games were hard on Cue, getting only 1 tackle versus the Michigan Wolverines and 3 against the USC Trojans. Numbers are pretty low, as he still struggles to be able to read the opponents game quickly enough to be able to make a play. But his stats are evolving, slowly, but evolving as every game passes. Bama coaches already know they can count on him for everything, so they rely on him to pass information to the rest of the defense. He is one of the top CB rookies in the country so he knows what kind of pressure is on his shoulders. He also tries to get pointers on the best plays he can make as a CB from the rest of the team, making this a very friendly environment, as every player is there to fight for their right to get playing time, but at the same time they assimilated the idea that if everyone gets better, the team will play better and everyone will be happier. Still early days on the NCAA, Bama is struggling but not in an unexpected way to be honest. Hard work pays off and the Bama fans, as unforgiving they can be when things go south, know that titles do not come to your town in a couple of days. (506 words)
  6. "First couple of games done and dusted and i am completely beat. I thought that preseason games were pretty fast and furious, but regular season games kick it up a notch. Players are faster than i am, more agile, stronger, more experienced... I have to be on top of my game every time i set foot on that field. First game i got owned so many times by their offense, i honestly got to a point that i thought i was seeing ghosts. Got the occasional tackle here and there, but they would manage to trump us every single time. Coming into the second game i was confident i had learned something after the first one, so i tried to play it smart: Don't fly into tackles just because you think you can get there, read the game, follow the QB eyes, be quick to act on the routes. And it paid off, I managed to get a pass defense, a sack and also an Interception. Things are shaping up for me and for the team, heard rumors about scouts starting to get some info on me looking into the following seasons. I am just here trying to improve and to help the team to a successful season." (208 words)
  7. Jay Cue

    Bama surprise

    Finally we got to see Jay Cue on the field, playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The very much anticipated debut of the "Portuguese Phenom" did not go exactly how many expected, with Alabama getting completely destroyed by the Texas Longhorns, 61-0. While we can say that the 2 teams that faced each other on the field are on the polar opposite regarding season expectations and objectives, with the Longhorns looking into postseason wins, while Bama only wants to get some wins on the regular season, I do not think many expected this kind of 1 sided affair. The Crimson Tide was absolutely ran over by the Longhorns, who got to half time already 38-0 up, and managed to slow down the game on the second half and still improve until the final 61-0. Nothing worked for Bama, the offense could not get it going during the 60 minutes and the defense was on the field most of the time, allowing for 527 yards, 303 of those on passing by LongArm. Still, we can find some positives for Cue's game. He racked up 7 tackles, pretty much leading the team defensively, along with Anigbogu and Roccograndi. Things are fast and strong in the NCAA, and Cue knows that now for sure. The next game was against the division rivals LSU Tigers, fresh of a win against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on the first match. I guess not many fans were expecting a surprise here, but the fact is that it really happened: Bama managed to snag a victory, 38-23. The Tigers were stunned and their only lead on the game was early on the second quarter, 16-14. After that, Bama scored an amazing 24 unanswered points, creating havoc in the stands, where some fights erupted while the fans watched in disbelief the Tigers losing after being predicted for an easy win. Regarding Jay Cue, he was not so strong on tackles like in the first game, but he managed to be a game changer on other stats: adding to his mere 2 (9 for the season now) tackles, he got an important sack, a pass defensed and most importantly, an Interception, the first of his career. This Bama team is growing steadily on the league and even though it is safe to assume that they will not have a chance on sneaking into the playoffs, they are no longer strange with causing game surprises. Teams will be be more careful when facing the Crimson Tide, not looking into it as an easy W. And as every week goes by, be sure that the team is improving. Lots of big prospects on the roster, willing to make an impact in the NCAA and in a few seasons on the EFL. Scouts are already making travel plans to Tuscaloosa to see them face the Miami Hurricanes on week 3 of the season. Cue continues to impress at this rate and he will have a bright future ahead of him. Let's see where he lands. (503 words)
  8. Bama for another big loss, less than 50 is pretty much a win.
  9. Jay Cue

    Super Secret Post

    Feb 11th Detroit vs Buffalo Arizona vs Toronto Florida vs New Jersey Philadelphia vs NY Islanders Tampa Bay vs Pittsburgh Vegas vs Minnesota NY Rangers vs Winnipeg Carolina vs Dallas Ottawa vs Colorado Chicago vs Edmonton St. Louis vs Anaheim Feb 12th Montreal vs Boston Calgary vs Los Angeles Chicago vs Vancouver Tie breaker Calgary vs Los Angeles 5-2 St. Louis vs Anaheim 3-2
  10. Week 3 Miami v Alabama LSU v Michigan Texas v USC Notre Dame v Oregon Week 4 Alabama v Michigan Miami v USC Oregon v LSU Notre Dame v Texas Week 5 USC v Alabama Michigan v Oregon Miami v Notre Dame LSU v Texas
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