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  1. Will there be over or under 783.5 yards of offense in the EFL Championship Game? Over Which EFL defender will have the most tackles in the EFL Championship Game? Killowe In the EFL Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most receiving yards - Patrick Kelley, Calle Colt, Tyson Kelly? Kelley Which team will win the EFL Championship Game? Miami Which kicker will score the most points in the EFL Championship game? Bad
  2. Will there be over or under 40.5 points scored in the EFCA Championship Game? Over Which EFCA defender will have the most passes tackles in the EFCA Championship Game? Watt In the EFCA Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most rushing yards - Kamari Okonjo, Tomas Kacer, or Danny DeVinter? Kacer Which team will win the EFCA Championship Game? Trenton Will there be over or under 5.5 passes defended in the ECFA Championship Game? Under
  3. "So, regular season is over and we managed to sneak into the playoffs. Not in the position we wanted, that is for sure, because as we finished third, we now have to play vs second seed New Orleans Kraken, while last year we won the conference. Still, if you want to be the best, you can't be afraid to play any team, so we are looking forward to beat the Kraken in the "Big Easy". We did it once already in the regular season, so i feel like we are capable of doing it again. As for me, decent season i guess. I started pretty well, namely on the Interceptions stats, but then i was not able to pus
  4. Regular season over and the San Antonio Wolfpack managed to sneak into the playoff picture. After a very tough last week, they got to a 8 - 8 regular season record, earning them 3rd place in the Western Conference, 3 wins behind the winners Seattle Predators and 2 wins behind their first round playoff opponents, the New Orleans Kraken. Also on their conference board, the Predators will face the Los Angeles Reign, looking for a quick trip to the conference final. Looking at their games during the regular season, we can see that the Wolfpack beat the Kraken both games, and it was not even clos
  5. Coming into this season, we had nothing but things to be optimistic. We got a first round playoff bye, by winning the western conference, and even though we lost against the Seattle Predators in the conference final game, we felt like we could do even better this season. This meant that we had to be top of the conference again and, at least, make it to the championship game. So, things are going really the way we expected so far. We are barely in a playoff spot, 3 wins behind the leaders, so neverming winning the conference. Still, why not win everything without home field advantage? It has
  6. 12 matches played so far, so we are pretty close to the end of the regular season, and your San Antonio Wolfpack have a really below average record of 5 - 7. WIth both leaders of the Western Conference losing on Week 14, making their record 8 - 4, the Wolfpack sit where they were last time we reported, 3 wins from 1st place. With 4 games to go on the regular season, it is highly unlikely that the San Antonio team can aspire to anything else than 3rd place in the conference, and to sneak into the playoffs like that. The only problem with that is that the Denver Steam and the Los Angeles Reign a
  7. In the Rangers vs Phalanx game, which player will score the first rushing or receiving TD of the game? Honeycutt In week 14 how many ECFA rushing TDs will there be - Under 14, between and including 14 and 17, or over 17? Under Will Dewey Jackson have over/under 110.5 receiving yards in week 14? Under Which EFL passer will throw the most TDs in week 14 (if there is a tie, which of the tied players will have more yards) - Gavin Rose, Gustav ManCheetah, or Teppei Renomitsu? ManCheetah Which EFL team will have the most rushing yards in week 14? San Antonio
  8. It looks like i bring bad luck to the team. Every time i have a discrete game and can't really make important plays, the team gets loose and performs way better, getting wins and big stats. But when i finally manage to get some big plays, get some passes defensed and some interceptions, apparently the team gets blocked and we can't seem to win a game. Contrary to last season, i am now finally able to get some stats, as QBs seemingly seem to have no problems throwing my way, targeting the receiver i am covering. I can't even remember how many Passes defensed and interceptions i had for the
  9. Very tough week for the San Antonio Wolfpack. After a decent 3 - 2 start of the season, very close to first place, this last week went as bad as it could get, with 2 games and 2 very complicated losses for the Texan team. First, in front of their home fans, the team got destroyed by the Eastern Conference leaders, the Wisconsin Brigade, 44 - 20. In a game where soon they lost control of it, Ja LongArm was unable to get things going for their offense, and at half time they were already down, 31 - 10, making it extremely hard to come back in the second half. In a league where every win counts a
  10. In ECFA, will Samsung Galaxy have over or under 120.5 yards? Under Which ECFA passer will put up the most passing yards in week 9? LaVert In the Pirates vs Encounter game, will there be over or under 5.5 passes defended (PD)? Over Will the Wisconsin Badgers have multiple receivers eclipse 100 yards in week 9? No Which team will win the Wolfpack vs Neptune game? Wolfpack
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