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  1. Hello, I'm Alessandro Rossi and this space will be where my twin brother and I will share our experience at LSU. We will likely take turn sharing stories of our time here, that's the plan right now anyway. I am extremely excited to start my LSU career. LSU has an excellent program and I've dreamed of playing for the tigers all my life. Growing up in Toronto there wasn't a local school to gravitate towards and I didn't parents who were alumni at a particular school. This meant that I was free to choose a team and I fell in love with the tigers. They have had some great teams over the years and I can't wait to step on to the field. I just recently moved into my dorm. As a Torontonian it's a big adjustment to be living in the south but I'm fortunate to have my twin brother here with me as well. As Toronto is a large city we have the chance to experience food from around the world and when I tasted Cajun food it was amazing. I can't wait to experience all the amazing food here. Im open to suggestions on great restaurants this city has to offer, if you have any recommendations hit me up. My brother and I dreamed of this day for so long and we can't believe it's here and get wait to get some wins for you guys.
  2. Welcome to the EFL Leafsman! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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