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  1. Let's go MIN/Jaxon Saxon. Keep up the Defense.
  2. 1) I haven't paid a ton of attention but it seems to be suffering from declining membership. 2) There is probably a lot of things, such as moving to a new sim engine, or making this sim league's experience more fun/less work. 3) It's too hard to earn TPE. There are people who will look at this point and scoff at it but when you realize that there are dozens of other sim leagues out there offering live games with Madden/Other sim engines, the last thing people probably want is a high effort league for box scores. 4) I think with the pandemic being over, the EFL will need to be an agent of change as it adapts to compete with other sim leagues that are currently growing strongly in memberships. 5) I am honestly not too sure, I think the staff seems good. In terms of what can make the league more enjoyable, I don't know but the discord activity could be improved if the chat wasn't as fractured. Sure, it's nice to be able to keep conversations organized and on topic in different channels but from how many leagues I am in, I can tell that it definitely reduces discord chat activity when it is setup like that. 6) I wasn't around for that, I still like this league, I just don't have the time to spend on tasks when I can be doing much easier tasks in other leagues. Luckily, I got enough TPE where I can cruise on my player and watch him decline but I can't imagine having to grind as hard as I did to get here comparatively to how much work I do in other leagues.
  3. Which team's loss will promote the meme economy more?
  4. ngl, if anyone should feel cheated it should probably be the Toronto Skyhawks
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