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  1. man rookie seasons are rough
  2. How are the EFL Rookies doing? It has been some weeks since the EFL Season 21 draft and rookies are now getting their averages established with the teams that drafted them. Let us examine today how they have been doing and if they are contributing towards team success. Pick #1 Margaret McPoyle WR Seattle Predators The #1 pick of the Season 21 EFL Draft that included an expansion of four teams sees McPoyle topping the charts in average yardage with 21.2 yards per reception. However, they have only been targeted 13 times for 275 yards and only contributed towards 1 touchdown. Their longest reception of the season was 62 yards possibly skewing this data. The Seattle Predators sit comfortably at a 4-1 record right now in a very competitive top heavy conference in the West. Pick #2 Gustav ManCheetah QB Seattle Predators The #2 pick of the draft is perhaps the Batman to the Robin that would be McPoyle. Seattle decided to build the future of their franchise around ManCheetah and so far he has not disappointed. ManCheetah currently sits at a Quarter back rating of 93.9 with a completion rate of almost 60% for 9 touchdowns over five games played. Although, these stats may be skewed as he is being used in a limited capacity, averaging only about 26 attempts per game (average of 16 completions a game) for 1009 yards over five games. He did have some issues in the ECFL with interceptions and has seen some improvement here but has still thrown four interceptions despite the low amounts of attempts. Pick #3 Jarvis Taylor LB Memphis Mambas The third pick who plays for the Memphis Mambas has recorded 5 tackles a game so far with 1 tackle for loss. He seems to be used more so as a coverage linebacker so far for the Mamba’s as he has already recorded two interceptions and 4 pass deflections across 5 games. The Mamba’s remain the only undefeated team in the EFL sitting pretty at a 5-0 record and they can claim the best defense in the league with only 73 points against them. Perhaps Taylor is making a massive contribution towards their stellar defense. Pick #4 Jaxon Saxon LB New Orleans Kraken The #4 pick in the draft, Jaxon Saxon who went to the New Orleans Kraken is being used as their 3rd string linebacker and so far has contributed somewhat as a pass rusher and a run stopper. Saxon is averaging about four tackles a game and has 2 tackles for a loss, a forced fumble and one sack on the season. It will be interesting to see if Saxon can increase his sack rate and live up to the hype of being drafted at #4. The Kraken sit comfortably at a 4-1 record so far on the season and are the second best defense in the EFL. Pick #5 James Boxman FS Miami Neptune The #5 pick in the draft, a solid tackler has been working hard for his team this season with 34 tackles across five games. Although, some could argue that Boxman has had more attempts at tackles considering the Neptune have the worst defense in the EFL outside of expansion teams. Nevertheless, with the Neptune working on improving their team for the future, it is great to have James Boxman here as the last line of defense for the team. Pick #6 Schitt Brickhouse RB Denver Stream The first expansion team selection in the draft, Schitt Brickhouse was selected by the Denver Steam to build their offense around. The Denver Steam have the 2nd best offense out of the expansion teams but Brickhouse’s performance leaves much to be desired as their sole Primary workhorse. He has 123 attempts on the season for 472 yards averaging just 3.8 yards a carry. He has also only scored about 4 touchdowns so far on the season. The Denver Steam sit at 1-4, tied with other expansion franchises and will look to build the team around Brickhouse next season. Some believe that Brickhouse was chosen over Will Hemakeit due to a higher overall work ethnic and higher long-term development. We’ll have to see if this pays off for them in the future. Pick #7 Will Hemakeit RB San Francisco Frenzy The San Francisco Frenzy, another expansion team decided that they wanted to build their first seasons offense around the speed running back, Will Hemakeit. Will Hemakeit relies off of pure speed for his offense and so far it seems to be working for the Frenzy team. He is outperforming Schitt Brickhouse on the season running for 498 yards with 117 attempts so far on the season for an average of 4.3 yards per carry. He currently has 7 touchdowns across just five games so far on the season. The future is exciting for the competitive rivalry here of these two running backs. I hope you enjoyed reading and we will be back next week with another article on other draft picks.
  3. Some decent performances here.
  4. Nice balanced offense from Phalanx
  5. Dam, my players play each other today
  6. Steam 35 Frenzy 14
  7. Happy Canada day everyone
  8. Was a pretty fun draft but confusing.
  9. The Grit and Grind brothers have finally finished their college careers and now they simply wait for their drafting to be finalized as teams have already conceptually pre-drafted players. The ‘brothers’ came into the league at quite a tumultuous time during transformative years and although they accomplished much, neither of them could walk away with a natty. Schitt Brickhouse was going to take a year off after high school but was pushed by friends and family to pursue a college to show case his skills. Surprisingly, despite several schools now struggling to fill their rosters and give out spots. Schitt Brickhouse and Jaxon Saxon joined the league in the final running season of what was known and loved as the NCAA. But because of the league not being the actual official NCAA, they made the changes to make themselves bulletproof against any sort of legal claim. None of the schools wanted a running back, or rather most of the schools couldn’t be bothered at the time. Schitt Brickhouse finally got a hold of a school, and unbeknownst to him at the time, no one had wanted to go there so it was no surprise they had given him an offer. The Alabama Crimson Tide gave Brickhouse a roster spot behind the Primary running back at the time Zeus. Brickhouse fought for carries and continued to prove himself against a ‘carry’ hungry Calvin Zeus. But it was completely demoralizing playing at Alabama as the coaches frequently didn’t show up or submit any strategies and would go missing for weeks at a time (something that apparently still happened even after Brickhouses departure). Brickhouse asked for a release and was denied, so he transferred under the league mechanisms as the athletic director was happy having Calvin Zeus. Brickhouse had the last laugh though as Zeus regressed (went inactive) and didn’t even get drafted into the league. Brickhouse then spent his next two seasons with the Death Valley Rangers. He enjoyed the team a lot, but he came up short of his goals and had a performance in his 3rd year, worse than his performance in his second year. Most have speculated this was because the freshman quarterback had nudes of the athletic director in question. Brickhouse looks forward to finally getting a chance to prove himself in the EFL after having spent a year on an inactive team and then two years on a team playing an extremely minor role. Jaxon Saxon was immediately recruited despite also deciding to go to college rather late like Brickhouse. He was picked up by the friendly and cheerful Sharkstrong in the USC program. He gained strength, weight and even pass coverage skills at the school. In the second and third years of the program the school had become known as the Hades Creek Phalanx. Jaxon Saxon had quite an interesting development with his school and also a conflicted rivalry with not only the rival school of the Hades Creek Phalanx, the Death Valley Rangers but also his former high school teammate. He frequently battled Schitt Brickhouse on the field when their two schools played against each other but they still retained their friendship all throughout. One thing that Jaxon Saxon was proud of was the fact that Hades Creek Phalanx was always known as a legendary defensive school and he could proudly say that HCP had a fantastic defense for all three seasons he was there. He was a terrifying foe for quarterbacks in his first and second season and in his 3rd season, although he did not record a sack due to his new role in the team, he completely destroyed opposing running backs as he lead the league in tackles for losses. He even had some fantastic highlight plays as he ended up with several forced and recovered fumbles as well as two pick six’s in his college career. Those were probably the most exciting plays for him out of all of them. He enjoyed it the most whenever he made a massive stop for his team which happened quite frequently in the playoffs over three years. Jaxon Saxon hopes to strive towards his goal in the future of being a terrifying force both for quarterbacks and for running backs. He will have to discover what weight he will have to change to so that he may specialize for both, as he may have been a little too heavy to catch quarterbacks this past season. All in all though, Jaxon Saxon had quite a happy career with Hades Creek Phalanx despite the lack of a natty.
  10. Sorry, forgot to amalgamate this post to include "I Love Sacks" now known as Jaxon Saxon's March madness money.
  11. I saw someone else do this last season I believe and I thought to myself "that's a pretty cool idea" because I literally know absolutely nothing about the EFL since my world has revolved around the ECFA for the last three seasons. I don't know who is the champion, I don't know who is a contender, I don't know who is in rebuild mode and I also don't know what team is an absolute dumpster fire. After looking at all of the recent logos that have come out of expansion, I have to admit, ranking them here would be completely unfair because all of them are absolutely great logos. But all of those logos have had the opportunity of being updated to a higher degree of standard than older teams that may have had someone quickly scribble a Logo together back when the EFL began. So I will be ranking the logos I think look the worst to the best with absolutely no knowledge of their teams. Prepare to be judged. 8th I am not saying this team is bad or good, they clearly have some active members who embrace the "black snake (mamba?)" mentality and frequently post gifs relating to their logo. I only know this because I have sometimes stolen a sim attendance from the EFL while having no idea what's going on in the thread. The logo just seems outdated and could need updating to the higher standard that is now held around the league. To me this is the kind of logo an amusement park would use outside of an older wooden ride called "The Raddler". 7th This logo has slightly more effort but also follows the same theme of being a little dated. I am guessing this is supposed to be a dead army dude with a helmet on. My question is though, why does it look like the skull has a nose? Did he retain his nose but lose the rest of his skull? Or is the lightning just not clear here? The name Brigade seems cool, but I think it needs an updated logo to reflect the name. 6th There are four logos that follow the same kind of scheme and shape of this logo so I am going to guess that all of these logos were made around the same time in the EFL. However, out of the four logos, I believe this one needs the most cleaning up. The colours seem more bland than supportive and you can't even see that a football exists when the icon is smaller. This teams logo is in the same situation as the Brigade where they could use an improvement. 5th This looks like a much newer logo and it has had a lot more effort put into it. I am going to guess this is some kind of panther or something? I am just a little confused about the shape choices behind the 'panthers' face. Is this not a panther? Is this a panther that is crossbred with a Zergling out of Starcraft? The logo itself isn't bad at this size, but when it get smaller it easily blends together losing a lot of the details of the logo. 4th I like this logo, but we have reached the point in the rankings where even good logos have to be ranked. It appears to follow the same pattern of logo as the Panther or was made around the same time possibly. A ton of the tiny details are lost when this logo is smaller, it can also be hard to use red and white as contrasts sometimes. 3rd This logo appears to come from the same family as the 'Buffalo' one but I think it's a lot cleaner, the colours are perfectly put apart and it seems very British or regal. While, I agree that it is a good logo and serves it's purpose, I feel like it lacks overall originality as it appears closer to a coat of arms. 1st Maybe I am biased because wolves are cool, but I like the details on this logo, I like how the logo was made to be slightly more aggressive and I like the original use of colours that most people would never even dare go near such as orange. This logo was probably made around the same time as the Lion and Buffalo Logo as they are similar in quality. 1st It's honestly a super hard choice between this logo and the prior one, if I could, I would just tie them for first place. Why is this logo at the top? To me this logo is completely original, it has a lot of details and it still works despite the heavy use of darker colours which is something that is usually harder to look good I think in my opinion in a logo. If I had to guess, this logo was also made around the same time as the wolf one, the lion one and the buffalo one.
  12. Ugh, I felt good about this article until I saw that glitch after you said that.
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