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  1. 1st and Goal MICH - 6 Pass by Barnes, Q., complete to Radson, M. for 6 yds. Barnes and, Radson hook up in the end-zone yet again!
  2. After 5 weeks the Oregon Ducks have seemed unbeatable. While the running game is certainly a big part of their offense, we're going to take a look at those guys who track the ball downfield and snag it. Let's take a look at their receivers! Travis Choybuk Wide Reciever Senior TPE 260 5'10" 190 lbs 30 REC/491 YDS/16.3 AVG/2 TD Choybuk is having a magnificent year in his last season as a duck. This guy is known for two things, his speed, and vice grip like hands. Both are clearly showing because much like the ducks their WR1 is unstoppable. Himalaya Griffintown Tight End Junior TPE 316 6'4" 240 lbs 16 REC/156 YDS/9.7 AVG/1 TD This guy has been a great safety valve Barnes as you may see from his statistic. Along with that, he's played a big part in keeping his quarterback upright. Racking up 7 pancakes, and allowing 0 sacks. With this likely being his last season in the NCAA it is exciting to see how he will end the year! Ja Walker-Santos Wide Reciever Sophomore 175 TPE 6'4" 220 lbs 17 REC/299 YDS/17.3 AVG/1 TD Ja is hands down the fastest receiver on the team. Hell, he might even be the quickest player in Oregon period. On top of that, towers over his receiver peers by at least a solid 2 inches. He's racked up a lot of yardage in a small number of grabs. The young sophomore has plenty of time to grow. I wouldn't be surprised to see those stats doubled at this point next season when he takes the WR1 reigns. Apollo Cross Tight End Sophomore 139 TPE 6'2" 235 lbs 9 REC/57 YDS/6.3 AVG/1 TD This TE2 has a lot of competition in front of him, as do the rest of the players in this article, and as we can see from the stats. We have reached the guys who are mostly, if not all potential and, little on-field substance as of yet. With that being said, even with the small sample size. Cross is looking pretty solid, and if he continues to improve he may be able to handle Griffintowns spot next season. Damien Wolfe Wide Reciever Sophomore 135 TPE 6'2" 170 LBS 1 REC/8 YDS/8 AVG/0 TD It has not been an ideal season for Damien. The 6'2" WR has only caught the ball once in 5 games. There are certainly a lot of bodies in front of him on the depth chart, but, something like this either has to be horrible luck or..something worse. Luckily for him, things open up quite a bit next season, and he should be able to find a lot more work! Mark Radson Wide Receiver Freshman 70 TPE 6'0" 210 lbs 8 REC/77 YDS/0 AVG/2 TD Radson has seen more success than you would expect from a last-minute freshman signing. Though he is not on the field often, he has been a reliable target for Barnes, especially in the end zone. He is nowhere near his ceiling, and I'd expect to see big things next year, and especially his junior year. It will be interesting to see if any teams will be able to slow this squad down as the season continues, but as of now. I don't see how anyone can stop them.
  3. 2nd and Goal USC - 3 | Pass by Barnes, Q., complete to Radson, M. for 3 yds. Radsons first NCAA Career Touchdown!
  4. Week 3 Miami v Alabama LSU v Michigan Texas v USC Notre Dame v Oregon Week 4 Alabama v Michigan Miami v USC Oregon v LSU Notre Dame v Texas Week 5 USC v Alabama Michigan v Oregon Miami v Notre Dame LSU v Texas
  5. Just wanna make a quick post for future updates. If you cant see gifs up there^ or down below, its either a website issue or, an issue on your end because they show up like this for me. I recommend another browser, or if you're on your phone,.....well get off it and look with a real device lol. Jk no idea what the issue is, but its not on my end for sure. Also if you'd like I can send you the gifs through email if you really want to see them lol. Just let me know! Sorry for any bs lol.
  6. o wow we're gonna want to uh tighten up that secondary boiz. oh and the front seven.
  7. With the start of the NCAA season upon us, now is a good time to take a look into some of the squads. Specifically the Crimson Tides Secondary Position group. A group of mostly freshman with on "Veteran" sophomore to lead the way. These kids have a lot of weight on their shoulders. Soon we will see whether or, not they can rise to the occasion, or be crushed by the pressure. We're gonna start with the most experienced player in the defensive backfield. 6'1, 210 lbs Free Safety Mizzed Tackle. Tackle had a pretty successful rookie campaign given the Crimson Tides woes throughout the year. He ended the year with 70 Tackles, a Fumble Recovery, 4 Ints, and 4 Pass Deflections. For a young kid thrown right into the fire, you cant ask for much more! Now he's had over a full year is this scheme, along with some fresh bodies to grow, and learn with over the next year or so. I'd expect to see Tackle leading the way by example for these young freshman. On to the first Freshman of the crop. 6'0, 195 lbs Cornerback Jay Cue. Pictured above is the pick six he returned against Oregon last night in their preseason losing effort. Let me tell you, this kid is QUICK. Once he had the ball he was all but gone. Along with that he ended the game with 3 tackles, and a pass deflection. Safe it say he was doing it all on defense. If he can keep this pace up into the regular season, I think he can make some waves. Next we have the last of the safety position for Alabama. 6'0" 210 lbs Strong Safety Mark Radson. The big hitter out of Chicago, IL had a one note game in the preseason. He racked in 8 tackles, and nothing else. However, it was enough to tie Mizzed Tackles for most tackles on the team for that scrimmage. He was all over the run game, but it seems like he couldn't do to much coverage wise. The kids got good speed, great hands, and he knows how to use his size. We'll see what happens come the regular season. Last but, certainty not least. 6'2" 210 lbs CB Kam Bam Chancellor. Who is, surprisingly to me. Playing Corner back. This guy might be the hardest hitter on the team though we did not get to see much of that in the preseason, with Chancellor only bringing in one tackle, but on top of that he showed he knows how to get it down in coverage to with a pass deflection. He's got a lot of raw talent, but he does not seem to be progressing as quickly as his peers. This can of course easily change, or it could be that he just hasn't put on the after burners yet. I'm sure we will know once the real games start. As we can see, we've got a young crop of players here. Its unlikely they go off in their Freshman/Sophomore season, however the potential for a shut down secondary is there. These guys all have the ceiling to be something special. Of course this will really come down to a lot of variables. It will be interesting to see which way they lean when this season is done!
  8. Shit I barely want two players. Its weird that everyone in this league has a brother who is just as talented as the other hahaha I can see why people are upset tho. Hope you guys can figure it out
  10. come onnn people nowwww smile on your brother everybody get together try to love one anotherrr right nowwwwww
  11. Mattison Roccograndi is a 6'0 210 Strong Safety out of East St Louis High School in Chicago, IL, Though he didn't always play that position. In fact for a long while he played snaps at both Running Back and Tight End. He was a solid player on the offensive side of the ball, but by no means a world beater. During a tryout for the Varsity team, Roccograndi was asked to run some drills with the secondary positions. Something clicked, and he seem to take quickly to pass coverage. Tackling took a bit more time, but once he put on a bit more size he quickly became one of the hardest hitting players on the team! Though he had to come off of the bench his sophomore year in high school he put up some respectable stats. Including 6 interceptions, 13 passes deflected, and 42 tackles including a sack. It was clear to anyone that cared, he was ready to take the next step and start getting some real work. His junior and senior years put him on the map, all together in those two seasons he had 403 tackles, 14 sacks, 27 interceptions, 60 passes deflected, 7 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries along with 2 defensive touchdowns. Though his team did not see any deep play off success, they accomplished more than they have in years by winning a playoff game. One they were favored to lose at that. Roccograndi showed up big for the first post season game of his young career, racking up 9 tackles, a forced fumble, and a late game interception which some say was the dagger in the hearts of his opponents. However in the next game, Roccograndi and his peers on defense could not keep up with the #1 seed in the state, who had one of the top ranked quarter backs at their disposal. It was a bad night out for East St Louis, and Mattison himself. They would go on to lose the game 35-28. Though his team may not have seen sustain success with Roccograndi on board the player himself went on to blow expectations out of the water, and he broke the record for the school for the most interceptions in a season (32). Its safe to say the kid should have a bright future in the NCAA and onward in his career!
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