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  1. Username: $Money$ Player 1 Name: Reggie Malone Position: WR Player 2 Name: N/A Position: N/A
  2. Name: Reggie Malone Team: Texas Longhorns Workout/Equipment Name: 1 TPE & 6 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): N/A Cost of Workout: 3,000,000 Cash you Have: 3,000,000 Cash Left: 0
  3. Malone playing football with Franklin Central High School in the last game of his senior year Reggie Malone, the young phenom from Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Showing up as one of the greatest athletes from that school, sitting alongside Jajuan Johnson who played two seasons in the NBA, I'm sure it's safe to say that Reggie will have a more successful career than Jajuan did in his desired profession. Overall in Malone's 4-year high school career, he caught for more than 5000 yards and caught more than 100 touchdowns in his time at Franklin Central. Many scouts were hyped up on this prospects ability to "maneuver around and through 4 defenders and still score" - Jackson Wallace of ESPN.com However, will Malone be able to battle through and succeed in the NCAA? Many teams were scouting him, including Miami, Oregon, and Notre Dame.. but he ultimately went with the Texas Longhorns. Upon being asked as to why he went with the Longhorns over his hometown Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he had this to say, " This team has manufactured successful wide receiver one after another, as well as their long-tenured success for the last five seasons, it just felt like the best move... not only for me but for the team. " As we watch Reggie Malone take the field as a backup receiver this year, be sure to keep your eye on this hardworking machine from Indiana.. his NFL comparison was Reggie Wayne and it's safe to say he achieved that in High School... but will he be able to keep that comparison thriving in college? All bark and no bite is what many players go into the NCAA level of play and fail to capitalize and feature among superstars that were below them in High School. Hard work is what's going to keep and raise Malone to the next level, but many wonders his lack of work ethic that might run in the family. Reggie's father, Jackson Malone, was a Quarterback for Saint Vincent-Saint Mary in Akron, Ohio and played with LeBron James. Jackson was a dominant high school quarterback, however, oftentimes struggled in the NCAA and only reached over 2000 yards once in his NCAA career, which was his freshman year. More to come on Reggie Malone and the massive successes that await him in the NCAA and with Texas! Go Longhorns!
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