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  1. The Tripp Brothers will both be retiring. They've truly enjoyed their time in Manchester and Death Valley, and they can't thank their ADs enough. @Siddhus and @TacticalHammer, you guys have been wonderful coaches and I really appreciate everything you both do. Personally, with school starting back up I won't have the time to commit to this league, and I don't want to have the urge to come back to my players. Thanks everyone who makes this league run as well! Peace EFL!
  2. EYYYYYYYYYYYYY LFG TRIPP!!!! go out there and get some more of those!!!
  3. yea between 2 leagues I've already experienced a lot of the BS that this sim has to offer lol
  4. ngl I don't pay enough attention to other players/teams to have known that but that's pretty cool. My point was that the sim likes to pile everything into one game. So like this game the ST have been all over the place. How many games in the NFL have had 3 missed FGs, a blocked punt and a PR TD all in the same game? I wouldn't be surprised if it's never happened before.
  5. And now a punt return TD as well... this sim is so dumb sometimes
  6. Kinnick doin his thing! LFG Lookout! great drive there
  7. oh god it's one of those HFA days isn't it...
  8. man, probably the best game in Tyson's career too.
  9. wait all I had to do was ask for reactions this whole time? gib pls
  10. Growing up was tough for the Tripp Brothers and as they bounced around from one foster home to the next, they didn’t have many constants in their life besides 2 things, football and television. While they loved to play football and watch the games, they would often watch game shows on television to pass the time. Their two favorites were Deal or No Deal and Who’s Line is it Anyway. Trevor has always loved to laugh, so Who’s Line was his go to show. Watching the way the cast interacted filled him with joy, their constant bickering and jokes were incredibly entertaining. It was a show where the
  11. First Deal or No Deal and now Who's Line? All my favorite shows making an appearance tonight! I wish Manchester or Death Valley had shown up
  12. Yea! I think a year or so ago they came out with new episodes again
  13. What the... I was watching deal or no deal earlier today lol
  14. well this is new but I'm so down! LFG Rangers!!!
  15. I'm a bit late here but HELL YEA TRIPP!!! THAT'S WHAT I LIKE TO SEE
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