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  1. J0EB

    S21 ECFA Week Five

    Wow down 7 in both of our games, let's pick this up Rangers and Lookout and get back on track! We gotta score some points!
  2. J0EB

    S21 ECFA Week Four

    LFG Rangers!!! Game of the Week let's make a statement today!
  3. Will the Carnage vs Generals game have over or under 691 yards of total offense? Over Which running back will have the most EFCA rushin yards in week 5 - Fred Flinstone, Khalil Carson, or Levi Lattimore? Khalil Carson Which EFCA team will score the most points in week 5? Anchorage Will the total ECFA passing yards for week 5 be - below 2,050 yards, between and including 2,050 and 2,250 yards, or over 2,250 yards? Below 2,050 What ECFA receiver will lead the country for the season in receiving after week 5? Lasley Will there be over or under 283 points scored in week 5 of the EFL? over Which EFL passer will put up the most passing yards in week 5 of the EFL? Teppei Renomitsu In the Kracken vs Wolfpack game, which player of these 3 will have the most tackles - Amina Gunner, Baker Blade, or Mum-O Killowe? Amina Gunner Will the Miami Neptune have a better, worse, or the same record as the San Francisco Frenzy at the end of week 5? same Will Johnny Gregg make over or unerd 2 field goals in Wisconsin's week 5 game vs Toronto? over
  4. J0EB

    S21 ECFA Week 3

    Come on Rangers! you're better than just a FG and keep it up Lookout!
  5. 1. This team feels strong. Starting out 2-0, while we may have only played against the Growlers and Mammoths, this team came out and had dominant performances. Rookie running back Honeycutt looks especially dangerous. 3. On the offense, Sonfire really looks to have improved a lot over the offseason, he's had two very great performances so far, and he's gonna keep getting better as the year goes by too. On Defense, while I hate to say this, I've got to go with myself. I've started out this year hot, and I'm gonna keep these big plays coming. 4. Since this is my 3rd year here now, and previously having lived in Arizona, I've always been used to the heat. It's really great for our home field advantage though, because you can tell it affects some of our visitors. 6. I always love playing Manchester. My brother Tyson is on the Lookout and matching up against him is always so much fun. We always meet up after the games to hang out for a little while and catch up too.
  6. Week 2 against the Mammoths, the Death Valley Rangers absolutely crushed it on the field, winning 48-3. With a huge presence on the defensive side of the ball, Junior Linebacker Trevor Tripp had the best game of his still young career, notably getting 2 interceptions. We’re stepping in to listen to the post game interview with Tripp, hope you enjoy! Q. You had a seriously dominant game out there today, with a total of 10 tackles, 2 tackles for a loss, and 2 interceptions. How do you feel right now? A. Aww man I’m so hyped up right now. I was hot out there today and it just felt so right, so good. I felt so much stronger and faster than I ever have before honestly, everything was just perfect. Q. How much of your success out there today would you attribute to your offseason preparations and training? A. A lot of it, I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity I had to train over the summer back home. Working out with the Arizona Cardinals organization and one on one with Chandler Jones really improved my physicality, my quickness, and my overall skill set. Some of those special moves Jones showed me I put in use out there today and I got in the backfield twice with them which was incredible. And when I dropped back into coverage, I was able to make plays on the ball because of my improved speed too. Q. You mentioned working out one on one with Chandler Jones, what was your favorite part about training with him? A. I was able to learn a lot of skills from him and improve my own techniques and I’m incredibly thankful for that, and I absolutely loved learning from him, but my favorite part was how fun it was. We talked a lot and got to know each other pretty well so we’d shoot the shit and all that. And Jones, he’s hilarious. Without a doubt one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. We would be pretty serious while training and practicing, but after the sessions we would hang out and it was such a blast. Q. You had a lot of great plays today, but which one was your favorite? A. Aw that’s a tough one. That first interception was so incredible. Middle of the second quarter, our team is already up 24-0 but the defense knows we can’t relax. I’m reminding the guys on the sidelines that just because we have a lead we can’t give it away, we have to stay disciplined and play strong. Setting a great example for some of the rookies and getting my first interception of the year, and at the opponents 28 yard line, was such a great feeling. The second one at the end of the 3rd quarter was more like icing on the cake, Lincoln was playin sloppy so it got easier to read their QB and I just went and made another play. Q. Should we expect to see more of this new and improved Trevor Tripp throughout the year? A. Absolutely. I’ve never been a better athlete than I am right now, and I’m only gonna continue pushing myself to go out there and make big plays every game for my team. I want to go out there and win so I’m gonna do everything in my power to make that happen. Q. Are there any goals you’re chasing this season? You currently hold the school record for Tackles and Tackles for a Loss at 117 and 6 respectively, are you keeping track of those each game and your progress towards those? A. Admittedly yea I am, I’ve got my eyes set on a few. I’m honored to hold those two records, but I want to demolish them this year. I have 4 TFL’s right now and we’re only 2 games into the season so I think that’s one that I can really blow out of the water. As far as tackles I have 17 on the season right now so I’ve got 100 to go! Aside from those two, I’d love to break the single season sack and forced fumbles records which are set at 5 and 2 if I recall correctly. Those are a bit harder to achieve obviously, but I feel like they’re definitely within reach.
  7. J0EB

    S21 ECFA Week 2

    that's more like it! more point! gimme a TD!
  8. J0EB

    S21 ECFA Week 2

    up 14-0 woohoo! Hope I make some plays Let's go Lookout, go score some point! lol right as I post this the new quarter comes out
  9. J0EB

    S21 Survivor Game 1

    Monday ECFA Week 3 Mammoths @ Pirates Tuesday EFL Week 3 Steam @ Kraken Wednesday ECFA Week 4 Mammoths @ Growlers Thursday EFL Week 4 Herd @ Mambas Friday ECFA Week 5 Phalanx @ Growlers Friday EFL Week 5 Skyhawks @ Brigade
  10. J0EB


    I love how epic that ref looks, he made it dramatic on purpose lol
  11. J0EB


    Manchester's runnin it real well rn, which is great to see
  12. EFL Predictions Champion: Miami East Finalist: Miami West Finalist: Seattle MVP: Tugg Bote Award: Teppei Renomitsu OPotY: Trey Masters Award: Patrick Kelley DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: Thorn Forg QB: Martin Isaac Award: Teppei Renomitsu RB: Marcus Johnson Award: Oscar Jebaseelan FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: Thormund Jakobson WR: Colt Cream Award: Patrick Kelley TE: Joplo Crittenden Award: Himalya Griffintown LB: Marcus Holloway Award: LaVar Jebaseelan CB: Ivan Zamora Award: Hiroki Renomitsu S: Ray Ray Foster Award: Dee Fence K: Bryce Larkin Award: Diana Gunner KR: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Award: Amina Gunner Off Rookie: Hunter Slade Award: Will Hemakeit Def Rookie: Ben Faeger Award: James Boxman GM: Wheaties Memorial: oilmandan ECFA Predictions Champion: Hades Creek Phalanx Heroes Finalist: Sacremento Venom Legends Finalist: Hades Creek Phalanx Heisman Trophy - MVP: Khalil Carson Leonard Lawson Award - Defensive Player OTY: Stephan Gunnar Drew McPewPewPew Award - Offensive Player OTY: Randall Staubach Lance Swift IV Award - Top Offensive Freshman: Lucas Brandt Shaka Lawal Award - Top Defensive Freshman: Kasey Tamm QB: Teppei Renomitsu Award: Randall Staubach RB: Gale Grey Award: Khalil Carson WR: Patrick Kelley Award: Jakob Markstrom TE: Fahk-Nahd Memorial Award: Tyson Tripp FB: Thormund Jakobsen Award: Nick Jetson LB: Clinton King Award: Trevor Tripp CB: Lester McCorn Award: Masood McCauley S: Noah Jacobs Award: David LeBlanc K: Dianna Gunner Award: New Player KR: Nydroj-Abbot Award: Khalil Carson Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service: Tactical Hammer Coach of the Year Award - AD: siddhus
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