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  1. That's some old man strength, LFG NY!
  2. with all due respect, present the game before you get called away to watch the rain fall
  3. New month, new player brand. New York has been quite fun, moreso in regards to the on-field component than anything else, but that's mainly due to how little time I spend around the EFL. I'm still a bit low on motivation to update, but I'll probably get a nice back claim in before rollover. That being said though, it is nice to share a locker room with folks I met back when I first joined the league, in Dan, Zeke, Stacks, Flex, amongst others. The people aside though, I joined to get results and become a favorite for the playoffs, and we're certainly on the right track in that regards. The Herd are 7-2 as of today, and truthfully I'm not sure how our conference looks since the index hasn't been updated in a few games now. But I'd assume we're top 2 since I've seen Miami and Memphis drop games recently, Wisconsin still a #1 by a game. Personally, Markstrom had a bit of a slow start but is at around 12 TD's after 9 games, and I think around 900 yards. Should have a respectable average as well. Our game against the Kraken was truly spectacular, with Markstrom catching 5 TD's on 7 receptions. Pretty nuts to see, and really lucky that it happened with the caps within the sim for yards and all that. Watt is also having a nice season, top 5 for tackles and actually notching some sacks and miscellaneous stats that could help for a LBotY nod down the line. Nice to see everything coming together for the players and the team, so hopefully the next player brand will be about winning a chip!
  4. Truthfully, I doubt it's something you'd be allowed to use elsewhere since the EFL owns the rights to the logo. If the ECFA was approaching a state where more teams would be viable, Grand Rapids could be one of the first teams to come back because despite it being one of the worst teams in the league's history, it did have a somewhat strong following. Best way to bring it back would be to get on that recruiting grind
  5. This is why you do 3rd quarter scores bozo
  6. Spartan


    Well let's go! Glad to head to my top destination and appreciative to @oilmandan for getting a more than fair sign and trade done. @AW13 Words can't express how much I've appreciated spending the majority of my EFL career with both players on San Antonio and I'm glad I was able to be part of our championship win to break the draught. We had some fantastic times and I can't wait to see how you turn around the Wolfgang in the seasons to come
  7. No stress man, wasn't shade. Gotta do what you need to do. If you wanted to compete, I'm sure you'd go for a 800 TPA WR in the short term over relying on a rookie WR, but building a young core helps you dominate down the line.
  8. Woo rankings, woo FA, woo decisions. I hate it all. Jk, the FA stuff is actually kinda fun when I'm in the mood to be going back and forth with like 5+ people at the same time. It's my first time hitting true FA with any sim league player, so it's a new experience and one I wish I could have had when my players were in their prime. That being said, I need TPE to fight regression so lets do those rankings. THIS IS NOT A DECLARATION Teams Not Interested Wisconsin, Memphis, San Francisco, Minnesota, Miami, Seattle, Toronto @rest of y'all bums Well I suppose it's not difficult to understand why more than half the league isn't interested in two aging players, but truthfully some of these teams are surprising. Markstrom just got a nice ratings boost from my existing banked TPE, and Watt got a little buff up as well. Wisconsin seems generally set so I didn't expect any contact there, and I think Minnesota and Miami are rebuilding so I don't expect for them to want either of my guys. But Memphis and San Fran seem like teams who want to make the leap to the next level, so it's surprising that they don't want a WR2 at the least. I have no clue what Seattle and Toronto look like, but I know if Lefty wanted my guys he'd have been after them by now so I'll trust they have other plans. 5. LA Reign @TheCheese It's very difficult to put the Reign at 5 because I know they'd have been #1 if I hadn't screwed the pooch. The core would have been Khan, Olaf, Markstrom, DeVinter, Cunningham and Finstone on offense, and West, Megas, Kelley, Piccard, Watt and Phoenix on defense. Yeah. I fucked up big time by going IA. Sorry Cheese. But they're going back into a bit of a retool and since I want a one year deal for now to ensure I'm only playing for as long as I'm effective, I don't think this is a year to join LA just yet. 4. Denver Steam @LittleRiDog Denver had a nice run of strong play over the past few seasons and was San Antonio's main competition in the west. They will still have a pretty good defense next season, which is why I don' think they were interested in Watt. Keeping the two together was something I wanted to do, and I don't think Denver is prepared to do that which is fair. I also am not overly thrilled with a QB reset for the reasons I mentioned earlier, that it'd be a one year deal and I don't want to waste a season on a team with a rookie QB, even with carryover. Decent team with success, but just not the right fit as of now. 3. New Orleans Kraken @Latti Latti and his team had a pretty good pitch, and it's a team set up to potentially push hard to compete for the top spot in the west. They have a young team all around with some rising star players, which made sending both players here pretty appealing. Granted, I don't know if they're ready just yet to compete with Denver and San Antonio since AW never wants to rebuild, and he's taking steps to avoid a rebuild next season. Maybe next FA if I don't retire Markstrom or Watt, they'd be a top destination to be. 2. San Antonio Wolfpack @AW13 It's pretty easy to come back home where AW has been the best GM I've ever had. The QB turnover is scary, as is the retirement of Killowe on defense, but AW always has a plan. A combination of FA acquisitions could prop up either a young QB or a veteran QB, but it'd require a lot of dominos to fall and I'm just not sure if it's completely possible. Another situation where in a season, they could be more appealing but I just don't think they can win a title this season. 1. New York Herd @oilmandan New York is starting to run away as the favorite unless other teams can step up and improve their pitch/plan for the season significantly. New York has room for both Markstrom and Watt, and already boasts a strong roster. Adding Markstrom would complement Robert Joseph nicely, and Watt would partner with Clinton King very nicely as well. They already have a strong secondary which many teams lack, and adding Watt could shore up their defense completely. Add in one of the top QB's in the league in Alex SonFire, and they're prime to be a favorite for the championship and to dethrone Wisconsin.
  9. It seems that a championship pursuit can wake me from my slumber a bit, so I've been around the EFL more over the past couple weeks. Even some engagement from @oilmandan on these player brands was nice to see after a while even if this newfangled forum badge shit is not. How do I have 2.7k rep and the badge is showing that I'm a newbie??? Anyways, San Antonio got a bit spanked in the conference finals, but Denver is a very good team and I think we can finally acknowledge that they were our rival for the past few seasons. Granted we had no other competition in the West since Seattle started rebuilding and the other 3 teams perpetually rebuilding, but they gave us good fights as our core went through the fountain of youth season after season. With Longarm retiring, Killowe retiring and Shark likely to go to some frontrunning team, it's time for me to finally hit unrestricted free agency for the first time in my sim league career. It's crazy how I've never hit or tested FA anywhere else before, but I am a bit disappointed that I'm hitting FA as a formerly IA player and not the max earning behemoth that I used to be. Either way, I think there could be decent interest in Watt and Markstrom as they'll both have like 90-130 TPE banked for this season which should help fight regression a bit. Will also be a bit more consistent in my updating this next season (brand/affiliate PT) as I'd like to not be dead weight/depth. Let's see how this goes!
  10. Right back at it for another affiliate check player brand, woo! Just going to touch on a few topics I've seen when lurking back in the main server and then also on stats from the index. - Markstrom might have another chance for WRotY if he can edge ahead of JFH in TD's and in YPC. While the Neptune star leads in yards and receptions, he has only 1 more TD than Markstrom and .1 more YPC. With two games left in the season for San Antonio, it's possible that Markstrom could pad his YPC a little bit and match JFH in TD's. It'll probably come down to drops and the 1st down data to see who wins it. It's funny to think about this competition considering JFH was drafted by the Frenzy to replace Markstrom, and now like 3-4 seasons in the future, they're competing for WRotY while neither are on SFF. - Watt's also got a nice season going on, albeit leaving most of the tackles to Killowe as we watch him chase records in the all-time tackles book. He's made up for his lack of tackle domination with 8 sacks on the season, something he never really flashed potential for. Add in 2 picks, 19 PD's and a FF, he could make a run at LBotY for once now that he has stats other than tackles galore. - The Discord still seems quiet, and largely the same faces. Maybe this league is facing a similar path as the SHL/ISFL where most activity occurs in locker rooms, but I feel that's a bit of a reach for here. Hopefully more recruitment plans are in the works, but also that they're due to be executed soon.
  11. All is well, just getting through long days of work and then other responsibilities now that I have to be an adult. I've tried to avoid losing activity in the VHL, so I'm still pretty active over there. My spare time goes to the VHL, Netflix on the couch and some gaming with VHL folks. Come hang out
  12. Once upon a time I'd have been the first person to jump into this topic to try and assist, but I just feel too spread thin to be able to positively contribute. I know plenty of people have provided ideas, and I think time will tell how those ideas work out. Being more visible with other sim leagues is great, but I think other experiences have shown how important it is to have a userbase that considers the EFL their main league. If I can just get life together, maybe I'll try to be a bit more active as just a player in the league and support San Antonio as much as possible.
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