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  1. Let's break this down a little bit, by paragraph: 1. I hold no grudge against you for rooting against us, as I'll explain in point 2. 2. I apologize for jumping to conclusions and the harsh retort, it's why I deleted it in hopes that it was unseen. I made the mistake of assuming why you were rooting for Trenton, and I apologize for it. I'm also sorry that you get shit on by others for supporting friends, that's really not what should be happening. 3. I like to think that I am not either of those things in real life, so being called those even in a sim league
  2. DDSPF does what it does best - the stupidest shit.
  3. This is a tad bit dramatic, DM me and we can clear this up
  4. You're talking an awful lot for someone who didn't want to keep it going. And for someone who said they didn't like the "personal attacks," you've dropped quite a few over one sentence.
  5. are you even on the pirates? you're openly rooting against the team you once called home, for what reason?
  6. New press conference bc all you bums kept griping for one 1. We've had some tremendous contributions from rookies on both sides of the ball this season. Who has really stood out to you? 2. Trenton currently has the #1 pass offense in the ECFA, as well as the #1 pass defense. How have we turned the corner on a unit that hasn't performed this well in the past few seasons? 3. We're slightly underperforming compared to expectations, as we just can't get points on the board consistently. What do we have to do to fix it? 4. Reflect on your individual performance so far. H
  7. One small note to point out here is that Stein has played in I believe 2 or 3 fewer games than the rest of the rookies, since he was signed after the season already started. Could be a nice boost for his candidacy! Otherwise, you continue to do amazing work man, keep it up! I love reading these
  8. Spartan


    Oh don't worry lol, I don't label or coin phrases for what I do. Just saw someone else call it that, commented since it amused me. Best of luck with the moves, hope they pay off.
  9. Spartan


    Let's wait and see how high these picks end up, but I'm intrigued by the moves. Imitation really is the best form of flattery eh? Interested to see how these trades play out.
  10. Rip to my replacements, I will miss them. But that's the challenge we face, I'm happy to see other teams who need the help badly get strong candidates. Already seeing good things in Grand Rapids, which you love to see. I've also capped myself to only being GM in the EFL and VHL, I stress tested my limitations and have found out that managing more than 2 teams leads to a drop-off in my ability to properly engage the players on each team. 2 teams will likely be my cap moving forward. Overall, really nice article, touching on almost all the major changes/storylines of the season. Look
  11. trenton score pls and I won't spam your dms to update in the vhl
  12. well hello there LA
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