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  1. Well Miami is doing a bit of curbstomping
  2. Starting off Rayu's career facing my other player, sad! Hope both teams play well with lots of receiving touchdowns and interceptions lol
  3. Jeez, every game is close. Now I'm scared for this one.
  4. Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote a player brand for either of my players. I've been slacking off, but at least I have large news to discuss this go around! Some may remember a controversial statistic from my initial players, where I was the first user to have both players go 1oa. The controversy at that time was due to a GM player falling to 2oa due to GM pick rules. However, this go around, both of my players have gone 1oa respectively, which is a truly absurd statistic. I didn't expect either player to go 1st overall, thinking other users such as Renomitsu and Gustav would have had their players ranked higher than mine. I certainly would have picked either of those two users' players over mine if I was a GM. But since I have been selected at these reputable draft spots, I suppose I have a legacy to uphold. Jakob Markstrom won two championships and (briefly) set the EFL record for career TD receptions. Caleb Watt also won 2 rings. With Big Chest Brown, there's a lot of excitement in LA over their offense with a lot of young players and the recent addition of WR and RB talent from trades and draft picks. A league worst offense looks prime to make a massive turnaround led by QB Rex Rider. In Miami, Raaja Rayu will have much lower expectations surrounded by two CB's who have won CBotY, so his focus will be primarily on shoring up the back end and developing as much as possible to become a consistent EFL player. Both players are not yet expected to be top leaders on their team, but their development and contributions could certainly play a large role in each of their teams' hopes for a championship win this season.
  5. Below is an excerpt of an interview with Big Chest Brown, rookie WR for the Los Angeles Reign: Q: "Big Chest, congratulations on finishing your first full EFL season with the Reign. How do you think it went?" A: "Business was boomin' man. Or well not really boomin' but it was still pretty good. Was pretty nice playing alongside an established WR in Harrison Meyer and getting some chemistry with Rex Rider. That kid's pretty talented, watch out for him in the next few seasons. But it was just a good season to get used to the talent in the league, get a feel for the secondary players on other teams and work on my game. That's what I was really trying to do this season." Q: "That's true, and you had a great rookie season in terms of yardage, just coming up shy of a 1k yard season. However, you only had 3 touchdowns. Is that something you think you can improve on?" A: "Well of course I'd like to be scoring more touchdowns, but it's just a matter of the scheme and what sort of game we're trying to play. We can't have two 1k yard receivers and yet be the worst offense in the league. So that's got to change, and we've got our own roles to play. Extending plays, making more catches, eliminating drops. Doing all those small things will get us more touchdowns in the long run as a team. I'll get my fair share in due time." Q: "Wise answer, but do you feel like you're throwing management and coaching under the bus there? Saying the scheme is at fault?" A: "Not calling anyone out, just tossing out some truths. While I'm at it, I'll just say we need more talent on the offensive side ball. I'm happy to be the main guy, I'll go against anyone. But you get other teams double, triple covering me. It just won't work. So we'll see who the team brings in this next season. Seems like the team just snagged DeMelton from New York, and they got more draft capital from trading with Miami earlier. There's free agency and all that too. We just need more talent here and we'll win games." Q: "Bold statements there, so let's keep going with that theme. Any bold predictions for your sophomore year?" A: "1.5k receiving yards, 10 touchdowns. It's going to be that simple. Rider and me man, we're meshing, we're on the same page. We've been putting in the work as well and we're going to have a big season next year. Keep an eye out." Q: "Thanks Big Chest, good luck next season"
  6. K no that's not what I wanted it to do lol
  7. Dear Roswell, I entered the Encounter program 4 seasons ago with low expectations and just a dream to be able to play the sport I love at a high level. Over those four seasons, I had the chance to meet some fantastic players, coaches, and people as we played some great football and stayed competitive in the always difficult Legends Conference. Looking back now, those seasons seem to have flown by in a flash, and I've just gotten a chance to sit down after being drafted first overall to the Miami Neptune. Playing in the EFL has always been a dream. Ever since high school when I was a multi-positional player on the defense, people always told me that I'd be able to make it big, that I was just a talented athlete who was just genetically great. Coming to Roswell gave me a big wake-up call, that simply coasting on talent wasn't possible. Everyone around me was talented, and just simply better. Roswell taught me technique, study habits, film skills, and just improved my all-around game. From my position at Strong Safety, I was given the ability to diagnose and make my own reads, playing a more hybrid and flexible position on the field. While I know I have a lot of work left to do to truly be an elite player in the EFL, I'm glad to have finished my Roswell career with 393 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 3 forced fumbles, 7 sacks, 3 interceptions and 4 passes defended. I've been effective against the run in the run-oriented ECFA, and now I'm excited to build upon my coverage skills and turnover ability in the pass-heavy EFL. Roswell, thank you for your love, support, and teachings. I wish everyone there the best and hope to see my teammates in the EFL soon. Miami, I'm excited to get to work! The EFL has been my dream, but now that I'm here - the goal is to win everything. I improved by playing against the best the ECFA had to offer, and now I plan to do the same in the EFL. The sky is the limit and I'm going to rise to the challenge. I'll see you all in the EFL! Love, Raaja
  8. Wow, that's out of left field. Thank you @Wheaties for the opportunity! Glad to be back in Miami!
  9. Carryover: 1310 x 0.07 (Had 13 mil in bank so OMG approved a delayed FAT purchase) = 91.7-> 91
  10. Well I'm going to have to invest a lot into hands eh?
  11. Rider's going to need a lot of drinks after this game lmao
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