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  1. #FireTheCannon It's a Trenton W!!!! Take that New Vegas rat things @Turner
  2. @Rory coming clutch to force Athens to have to score a TD!!!
  3. @Pavement holy shit I love you!!!!!
  4. big play alert my ass smh, i'm filing to copyright that from y'all frauds
  5. as the great @TacticalHammer once said, it's cruel if the big play is a touchdown when they're on the 4 yard line.....
  6. 7:442nd and GoalATH - 2Rush by Kamari Okonjo for 2 yds. 7:30TOUCHDOWN! (Buress kick good) The Generals capitalize on the great field position and take an early lead. 0 7 @Pavement!!!!!!!!
  7. @DilIsPickle @jeffie43 @-TheGodFather- @fishy @bigAL @Yeahnoiii @Pavement @Asalpha @Latti @ngine4 Our first Game of the Week! Let's compete as hard as we can against a top divisional opponent, and try to pull out the W. I have faith! (get hype and post for sim attendance too loves )
  8. I'll tell you I'm RT for now, should be able to reveal tomorrow. So is the final plan to have you on tac, wheaties on you, ptyrell checking out wheaties?
  9. I think we should stay on Nyko, and instead let tonight decide if Wheaties is good or not since tac is going to check him out.
  10. Great presentation @Turts, massive improvement from last week! Love the work you put in for this one
  11. Ah, thanks @Caboose30. Always a voice of reason Vote Nyko
  12. I guarantee you he's doc. I believe him more than Beo/Wheaties, since I was literally attacked and healed n1.
  13. Simply because there are no other doc claims who healed me, I think we can put nyko on the backburner for now. Push KDD for his night actions imo
  14. Unvote Nyko @KevinDurantsDoc if you're not going to claim a role, at least say what you did last night, aka visited someone or stayed at home.
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