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  1. 1. I haven't had much playing time as a freshman in the ECFA, just one/two games each. Getting some scores and turnovers, so not bad. 2. Well, Raayu was MIA one game and Burger threw a pick in a bad loss. So want to improve on those. 3. Roswell has been doing well, sitting at 3-1. Definitely where we want to be. HCP has had some struggles as the team adjusts to a completely new style and roster. 4. I would just like for Roswell to make a playoff run and HCP to develop some chemistry in the LR with all the new faces. 5. I think Roswell could have a shot at least, but undefeated teams are tough. I wish them luck, someone will just have to play a mistake-free game. 6. NY could probably play spoiler since they took down Wisconsin, but it'll be tough. 7. I think it's hard to be the best consistently, Wisconsin is take some knocks after a long tier of success. 8. HCP for sure, our AD has been out of town for a bit and our strats weren't applied until game 4. Can't adjust when the first 3 games were just kinda lost automatically. 9. I don't know who will be the best, but it'll be a fun competition to keep watching. It's just 3 games so far though, so we'll see. 10. Pretty hard to contest Isaac II, I also think he's going to take it this season unless someone makes a dark horse run. Maybe it'll be me! 11. Probably pass offense for HCP. We're just so young and new, it's hard to adjust right now. Roswell is probably consistency, but we'll work on that. 12. Not sure what draft we have in mind, as I haven't followed any of the recent ones. I don't even remember the numbers of the ones I was involved in lol. I'd still take myself 1oa both times though
  2. Spartan

    Random Sig PT

    I don't do sigs, but I felt it was easier to waste 20 minutes on this instead of figuring out what to write/talk about
  3. I would probably be most interested in seeing a Pro Bowl sim, especially since we specifically vote on those rosters in the award committee. Maybe even an All-American sim, but those would have to factor in the understanding that sometimes the backups at positions may not get many minutes just because of how the sim works. Unlike Madden, you can't just do a wholesale depth chart swap mid-sim.
  4. I used to do a bunch of podcasts in the VHL on my drive to/from work, so figured I could repurpose it into a podcast about my two new players - Big Ben Burger and Raaja Rayu!
  5. We love you Chef, hope someone in your life can also give you the support you need. Reach out if you need anything
  6. That's all good dude, I am a recruit magnet of course. You get a free AAD basically! But jokes aside, as long as you put in some effort and ask for help when needed, I think the fit is fine.
  7. Shit, which name does he go by? I can never keep track.
  8. It's been quite a long time since I last played in the ECFA with non-fillers. I joined the EFL right in the NCAA rebrand and expansion into the ECFA, so it was a real whirlwind of a time. While a few of the teams that existed during my entrance to sim leagues and my prime no longer exist, there are still plenty of teams remaining that I could still discuss for a ranking. I will drop a disclaimer here that I don't really know how I'll be ranking teams. I don't particularly want to dive into rosters on mobile since EFLO is blocked on this work laptop. It'll partially be off of team AD, my history with each organization, and a brief glance at roster compositions. I don't really expect it to be rational, and I could even go to the team I rate in last place - this is for TPE and also to get that glorious FORUM CONTENT. I hope people get mad. Feeling things is good, EFL. 8. Trenton Generals - @BeastTakeover Trenton is dead last because of just, disappointment I suppose. Trenton over the past few seasons appeared to be one of the strongest teams in terms of recruiting users and getting them to sign, as I saw a steady flow of users into the LR. However they just haven't been able to put it together and develop talent, and Trenton sports a 1-7 record with one of the worst point differentials in the league. I'd love to come back to Trenton, but there just isn't a pulse on the team right now. If they can show signs of life and a path to improving, I'd happily play for Trenton. 7. Savage City Wraiths - @oilmandan I love OMD, he's got no part in why SCW is so low. I just remember dunking on them every season as Trenton's AD and I would like to keep them as the team I dunk on consistently in the EFL/ECFA. They've also got one of the older rosters in the league with a lot of Y3/Y4 players that aren't even capped out, so I'm concerned if the team has much of a future. 6. Manchester Lookout - @MMFLEX Pretty simple here, Manchester already has a Y1 QB, and a few Y1/Y2 Safeties/CB's. Honestly a lack of space for my QB is a bit more punishing here in the rankings, as I'm a bit miffed at how few teams have QB spots while WR's are nearly nonexistent. My safety could definitely find a home here, but the QB situation annoys me so Manchester can feel my wrath. 5. Biscayne Bay Pirates - @AW13 Kind of a similar note here, BBP looks like they have a Y1 QB (that I could easily beat out but I know AW wouldn't shaft a user like that) and would have space for my safety, but the team is pretty low TPE and I don't know how their earning is. I'd love to play for AW again, especially if he can get weapons for a QB on offense, and work some magic there. But if the spot isn't open, then maybe it'll just have to be a defensive player going to BBP at best. Still annoyed at the lack of QB spots and the lack of WR's in the league. 4. Athens Carnage - @McWolf They have a fucking Y3 capped QB and a Y1 182 TPE QB. I'm shit out of luck here on offense, but I think they'd have a great defense if I joined with my safety. I like McWolf a lot - he was the one who really welcomed me to the EFL along with Stacks, Lefty and Hussy/Blade/Kait, so I've got a soft spot for him and I don't think I've ever played for him in sim leagues. It'd be nice to play for him now and create one of the best defenses in the league. Plus they're the top team in the Heroes which bodes well for my award/Natty pursuit. 3. Roswell Encounter - @Adrest245 I like Adrest! Roswell has some QB's on their roster, but a 96 TPE Y2 and a 90 TPE Y1 who is marked as IA. I'm not going into his earning history, but just off the IA designation, I think this is the first team where there's even a sliver of a chance for my QB to land. I like that they have a few Y2/Y3 skill position players, so I would have some nice weapons as well. Defensively, they're a bit on the older side with an uncap, but Adrest is in the VHL and SBA, so I know he could recruit some affiliate users to help keep the team alive. 2. Hades Creek Phalanx - @NotSoGood88 Hades Creek has a few capped Y2 players and some decent Y3's as well, so the timing for their team looks good in some areas. In addition, their QB is a Y3 at only 170 TPE so I think I could be the starter here very soon. Defensively, I think the fit is fine as it is in most places, so I'd slide in well. I also think NSG has really improved from the time he first started in EFL team management, so I'd like to play for him for once. It's been a long time since he was just the fresh faced noob taking over one of the most prestigious programs in the ECFA, and he struggled with it. I've seen him grow in that role, and also as a user in the EFL and in other leagues as well. I respect the grind to get better and am pretty happy to see how he's grown as a dude. Just for that, Hades Creek moves up in my list. 1. Death Valley Rangers - @TacticalHammer I swear, this isn't jumping on the bandwagon, especially with the optics of putting a perennial title favorite at the top of my rankings. Ideally, I'd like to play for a team that I haven't played for before, but there are some solid factors at play here. First, DVR has a capped QB in his Junior year, so as a redshirt QB this season, DVR could be the perfect spot for my QB by the time I'm a redshirt Sophomore. Plus I also owe Tac for transferring my TE turned WR to Trenton, so there is a bit of making up with this move. I am a little concerned with how old the team is, but I expect that Tac being the veteran AD he is would be able to replenish the roster pretty easily. Ok so the rankings were heavily skewed by a spot for my QB, what's new. I bet I'll end up rerolling to WR or TE before I uncap anyways. We need more receivers in the league, maybe I'll have to go and recruit a bunch of people to whatever team my QB ends up on.
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