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  1. Both EFL and SBA no longer require having a job to achieve 12, so really it's a matter of sim attendance or press conferences to hit that 12. The honoring of Job Pay across leagues is a bit more contended than this idea was, but it's been floated a couple times, and I personally believe it'll happen one day.
  2. Minny has single handidly eliminated the all important Salad Bowl.
  3. "Oh, you're blacklisting me out of the SBDL by forcing coached not to sign me!" Yet here we are, you're doing the same tired shtick and not getting signed. You've about burned every bridge you can do far because you're so inconsistent. Stop these shenanigans, please. Make your player, stick with it, and maybe actually go pro and play a career for once instead of flopping around in a development league that you should've been out of months ago.
  4. He'd decided to play with the only team that'll actually sign him because he's going to retire in a couple days anyway!
  5. Potato really is the worst. Macaroni never lost a final.
  6. Smh Athens, just give the ball the Potato. He's the fastest Salad on the field.
  7. I'll say it here and now and proud: If we end up on the same team, I will do anything in my power to remedy that. Whether that's demanding a trade, or leaving ASAP, I'll do what I need to.
  8. See you at practice. Macaroni Salad allows nothing deep.
  9. Player name: Macaroni Salad Current TPE: 194 Combine TPE: 199 (5 TPE)
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