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  1. @MMFLEX Holy shit you did it. We did it. Macaroni Salad is currently the better salad.
  2. Can I not have such a terrible championship record?
  3. Let's GO, Lookout! That's the good shit.
  4. The Salad Bowl has determined that, for now, Macaroni Salad is better.
  5. I absolutely adore the concept that you guys think @Caboose30 got any sort of physical training in his short Navy boot adventure. They barely teach you how to fire a pistol down range, let alone any CQC.
  6. Rand Al'Thor (QB, Wraiths) Matrim Cauthon (CB, Wraiths) Announce intention to transfer.
  7. Kelsier


    The season is underway. It's not longer High School Football. I'm no longer the best player my team has ever had. I'm not bigger, faster, smarter, than everyone else. I've never, in my life, had to sit behind someone else. But here I am, in Savage City...I haven't even put my helmet on in a game. I don't get many reps. But...I'm supposed to be the leader of the team soon? I've always been taught to lead by example, and to do the right thing. That's what makes a true leader. But how do you lead from the sideline? What coach is asking me to do is...difficul
  8. So odd to be back again. For the...third? Fourth? Time. I'm just going to write this piece candidly, as I honestly don't have a topic to portray or use in character. So I'm going to talk about a few things regarding myself, as a member, and my players and teams. For those who do not know me, I'm Kelsier, affectionately known as Kel or Breeze in the SBA. I've been a member of sim leagues for about 5 months. I joined the SBA in March and fell in love with it. Basketball, roleplay, create a player, college style pitching and recruiting, the whole damn package is great. A
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