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  1. since Shark went extra try-hard on y'all i'll give you some easier questions 1. Are there any teams (EFL or ECFA) you think could sneak up on the big names during the playoffs and maybe grab an upset win? If so, who and why? 2. Which award races (again, could be either league) do you think will be the closest and why? 3. Tac, are you ever planning to retire from ADing? If you do, would you look for a new challenge somewhere else? Thanks guys, these pods are some of the best
  2. still no Hades Creek vs. Grand Rapids box score?
  3. i'm sure all the Phalanx fans had their spears and shields on hand to help fend off the bear.
  4. Which EFCA team will score the most points in week 5? Hades Creek Which QB will have the most EFCA passing yards in week 5 - Riley Jay Braxton, Alex SonFire, or Cole Kelley? Riley Jay Braxton Which EFCA team will have the most rushing yards in week 5 - Death Valley Rangers, Anchorage Storm, or Hades Creek Phalanx? Hades Creek Will the total ECFA tackles for week 5 be - below 515, between and including 515 and 535, or over 535? Over Who wins the Generals vs Carnage game? Carnage Will an EFL player crack 400 yards passing in week 5? Yes Which EFL receiver w
  5. i'm sure this is enough for redemption
  6. K - DeShaun Marion @StackTheRacks12 idk if i'm supposed to pick bench players or anything like real fantasy football but my team is full now
  7. i'll take Frank Funk for my Flex and the NY Herd DEF please @StackTheRacks12 back to you
  8. RB Margaret McPoyle and WR Jeff Downey next up is @StackTheRacks12
  9. With the first pick in the fantasy draft, I select the Quarterback of the NY Herd, Omgits DaddyTurner. Please, everyone tell me how bad my picks are because I don't follow the EFL at all lol. Next up is @StackTheRacks12
  10. disclaimer: hard to read on dark theme Ewan MacAllister High School Review Ewan MacAllister grew up in the town of Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland. Growing up, he didn't play much American football, as it wasn't the most popular sport in his country. Instead, he played rugby, football (soccer) and a bit of golf when he was very young. His favorite of all of them though, was rugby. He was always a very tall person, reaching the height of 6’0 by the time he was in 7th grade. He also was never really thin, and by that same time he reached 6’0 tall, he was also 150 poun
  11. 1 - over 2 - Carson 3 - Hades Creek 4 - between 5 - Lasley 6 - over 7 - Cardwell 8 - Gunner 9 - better 10 - over
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