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  1. Let us recap Don Keigh’s stats and let me see if I can figure out what it all means Name Pos Team G XPM XPA XP% FGM FGA FG% <20 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Lng Keigh, D. K MAN 14 38 40 95 9 20 45 1/1 0/0 4/10 4/6 0/3 47 So, the easy ones are His name is Don Keigh, he is a kicker for Manchester has played 14 games. In those 14 games I think he has made 38/40 extra point attempts which results in a 95% success rate. He has also attempted to kick 20 field goals and only made 9 for a percentage of 45%. In those 20 attempts there was 1 less than 20 yards which he made. 4 from 10 between 30-39 yards, 4 from 6 at 40-49 yards and missed all three at greater than 50 yards. With the longest kick being 47 yards. So what is surprising to me is that I am rubbish between 30-39 but not too shabby between 40-49 yards. I never understood why American football you get to kick straight in front like there is no aiming it is just boot the ball in a straight line and hope that it goes between the uprights. There is also all my punting stats as well but I will probably look at them next week and see what I am doing in that area. Anyway that is my Player Brand for the week.
  2. If we have surv it's 2v1 Also you trans someone with NSG if he vests high chance we survive
  3. @DonCutta190vote eagles or you lose
  4. Enough is never enough
  5. @DonCutta190 there is your proof mate vote Eagles
  6. No one here has provided any evidence except for me. Vote eagles and let's get this done
  7. Why haven't you shot anyone yet. And why did you visit jailor. Come on spin your lies
  8. @DonCutta190 @NotSoGood88 please vote eagles this once and trust me. I won't let you down
  9. And just like every other game eagles pulls the wool over your eyes @Eaglesfan036what's your will and role again?
  10. I was transd and eagles visited the jailor VOTE EAGLES
  11. So the maf have majority don't they...
  12. Will Berocka the lookout N1 - Lookout flex - Roleblocked N2 - Lookout flex - Roleblocked N3 - Lookout flex - Roleblocked N4 - Lookout flex - transported - GoodLeftUndone visited I've been fn useless due to the rb
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