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  1. The Berck and Alastair Lynch have taken Toronto by storm! The two newly drafted rookies from Australia have started to bring an Australian side to the Canadian team. The first implementation they had was to introduce the stadium to incredible Australian Cuisine of the Meat Pie. “Four N Twenty” have sponsored the two Australians and are now selling their famous meat pies in the Toronto stadium at all their home games. The GM recently recorded by Lynch tried to eat a Meat Pie with a knife and fork. This has caused a media frenzy back home as all the big outlets are taking turns to rip into
  2. Sorry I've been busy I'll catch up on thread later tonight. I just wanted to post so I didn't get modkilled sorry town. Let's get that Mafia scum
  3. I will be alert tonight do not transport me.
  4. I can vote either way but a confirmed executioner also confirms another townie
  5. Why were you visiting me and what were your results that night then that you survived veteran
  6. I didn't receive a notification
  7. Could possibly be a witch as first attack they are immune to?
  8. So I am Veteran and I got a notification I attacked two people. So someone with defence attacked me also I guess. I would like to know people's thoughts. Also @KevinDurantsDoc please explain yourself. VOTE KEVINDURANTSDOC
  9. Vet is in interesting claim, no reason to claim early a bit suspicious in my eyes
  10. Interesting nothing happened. Okay town let's go, who found out what who's ready to spill the beans
  11. Toronto, is the home of both of the Berocka Agency EFL recruits. This is a great result for both the Australians as they have always had a fierce rivalry on the field and this should be able to push both to better themselves. When asked The Berck had this too say about his draft postion. When we asked Lynch the same question he had this to say.
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