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  1. Week 2 of the ECFA regular season saw a prime-time match-up in which the 0-1 Anchorage Storm travelled to face the 1-0 Hades Creek Phalanx. In recent times, the Phalanx normally had the number of the Storm, however with a very high octane offensive structure, the Storm looked to rack up points in what would be a hot day in Hades Creek. On the micro side of the game though, the game had specific importance for two freshman players on both sides of the ball. For this would be the first time the McTominay brothers - Mathias and Steven - would do battle on the football field on opposite teams in t
  2. Miami: 1. Dianna Gunner 2. Gavin Rose 3. Calle Colt 4. Leo Baker 5. Brian Gesickt 6. Riley Carswell 7. Deiondre Colt 8. Patrick Kelley 9. Demetrius Sharkstrong 10. Brian Strong Memphis: 1. Dale Cooper 2. Jeffrey Beaumont 3. Vivian Allison 4. Mikey 2 Dope 5. Taktischer Vorschlaghammer 6. Antonio Gonzalez 7. Vince Carswell 8. Easton West 9. Hunter Higgins 10. Mr. Cornholio Wisconsin: 1. Goodall West 2. Noah Jacobs 3. Zane Montgomery 4. Teppi Renomitsu
  3. Dub season for my teams! Now all we need to do is carry that form over...
  4. So what I'm hearing is do hurt him
  5. Preseason Hype! Let's see what my boys in Anchorage and Hades Creek can do
  6. Username: Matty7478 QB: Alex SonFire ($4) RB: Schitt Brickhouse ($7) WR: Jakob Markstrom ($6) WR: Steven McTominay ($2) Flex: Calvin Zeus ($6) TE: Matthew Perry ($2) K: New Player ($2) DST: Storm ($1) Total: $30/$30
  7. EFL Predictions Champion: Wisconsin East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Memphis, Wisconsin): Wisconsin West Finalist: (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans): Seattle MVP: Teppei Renomitsu Offensive Player of the Year: Gavin Rose Defensive Player of the Year: Demetrius Sharkstrong GMotY: Seattle - MMFlex QBotY: Teppei Renomitsu RBotY: Reginald Sharkstrong FBotY: Thormond Jakobsen WRotY: Dewey Jackson TEotY: Kip Silver LBoftY: Demetrius Sharkstrong CBotY: Brian Strong SotY: Jean Christophe KoftY:
  8. Steven McTominay was born as the younger of two twins in Edinburgh, Scotland. Being the slightly younger and smaller framed of the two, Steven focused on playing faster in sports that they were a part of when they were younger during primary school. Once they got to America however, due to moving for a job opportunity for their parents, Steven would be introduced - along with his brother Mathias - to the sport of American Football. Unlike his brother who was instantly infatuated, Steven was slow to pick up the game at all. This changed, however, when he saw his brother having fun and gaining e
  9. Mathias McTominay spent the early part of his life in the suburbs of Edinburgh, Scotland. Because of this, for the longest time, he had no connection to American Football whatsoever. That all changed when his family moved to the East Coast to work in a new financial position. It was there that he was first introduced to the sport that would soon take over his life. Unlike his brother Steven, Mathias became fascinated instantly with the defensive part of the game, and chose to walk on for his local high school team. There, he took a place on the field as a LB due to his somewhat larger frame an
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