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  1. In the Mists with Twists Vol. 3 MADISON, Wisconsin - Hello and welcome back to volume 3 of In the Mists with Twists about your favorite Wisconsin Brigade. I can't wait to talk about everything Wisconsin, so let's see what we have on our platter today. This week we week 3, 4, 5, and 6 to discuss! We'll divide this article up into four separate parts, to easily divide the games up! Week 3 was a tough week for our Brigade. They played the championship favorites, the Mambas, and got destroyed 19 - 44. This came as a surprise for me. Wisconsin certainly had the players, they had the TPE, and they had the history of winning, so what happened? I chalk this game up to poor coaching. I think @Nykonax really let the team down with his poor planning and play calling this game. This Wisconsin team no doubt has the ability to beat Memphis, and both the players and fans deserved better than a blowout this week. Picture of Wisconsin GM Nykonax, who would trust this guy? Week 4 the Brigade went back to business as usual. Wisconsin shutout Minnesota 42 - 0. Trap continues to dominate as Wisconsin's star running back gaining almost 150 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns, 51 receiving yards, and a receiving touchdown. He was also the Offensive Player of the Game. Zane Montgomery was the Defensive Player of the Game with 9 tackles, 2 PDs, and 1 interception. This game did bring up an interesting question of whether or not @Renomitsu had thrown the game or not. Rumor had it he had millions on Wisconsin instead of his own team Minnesota. Just some food for thought. Trap in action during week 4 Week 5 the Brigade also had another stellar showing. They beat Toronto 45 - 10. This week Renomitsu was unstoppable throwing for over 300 yards, 4 touchdowns and a QB rating of 115.4. However, there is something incredible that happened this week that might just take the MVP away from Renomitsu. You may notice that Stephen Hawking has made an appearance on the stat sheet. Not only that, but he scored a touchdown! I'm honestly shocked and not sure how this is possible. Perhaps a coach just kind of gave him a good shove out of his chair and he managed to catch a pass from Renomitsu. Regardless, Hawking was the true MVP this week. Oh, I guess McCorn did okay getting 5 tackles, 3 interceptions and a defensive touchdown. Stephen Hawking after his interview for MVP of Week 5 Week 6 was an incredibly close game with San Antonio. Luckily our boys in the Brigade won it in the end 36 - 31. Trap was at it again this week with his incredible running game rushing for over 100 yards and a touchdown. He also managed to haul down 86 yards of receiving for the Brigade and took the Offensive Player of the Game title home. Renomitsu had a bit of a rough day, so it was a good thing Trap was there to back him up. This game was not a great game to analyze, but in the end Wisconsin took it home and that's really what matters. Renomitsu during week 6 That's all I've got this week, be sure to check in next week for more In the Mists with Twists! Players Mentioned: @Cornholio @Beowoof @Stephenhawking
  2. Hey we're playing a team with a worse record than us. We might win!
  3. Let's go pirates, keep up the pressure!
  4. yo uh lefty am i gonna regret picking you in my predictions
  5. warms up kicking leg LET'S GO PIRATES!
  6. Just wait for the 6 hail marys
  7. you seem to have problems with your roster......first update denial now this?
  8. I feel like there's something missing here...
  9. I saw u trying to bamboozle me into presenting mister
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