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  1. 1. How is the locker room 2. Favorite team mate 3. Favorite team in EFL 4. Can lookout break playoff curse 5. Favorite filler 6. Who is the best player on the team
  2. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/17062-incoming-draftee-ajay-krishna/&do=findComment&comment=259268
  3. This looks really cool! Text part is also! Loved the colors you used. overall its fire bro pass
  4. Hooperorama

    Big Z

    Render is good ( ik you used that distort shit). Background is kinda blurry, but okay loved the text part a lot, looks really good pass
  5. Nice Finals Banner! Obvio the pirates part was goated, cus we are goated overall, unique and amazing idea! pass
  6. Goated work like always! Amazing colors used. No major mistake Loved it alot pass
  7. Looks like a Tri work, always the best!! Everything is right abt it. I loved it a lot , the colors are amazing tooo!!! pass
  8. Even though i am playin trash ( like usual) WE ARE WINNING
  9. Ranking top eight Point Tasks ( no job pay or uncapped tpe) Hello guys, I am Hooperorama, and today I am doing a ranking article about some random topic. I will not entertain any feedback, because this will be the last time i’ll write 8. Articles -6 7. Player Brands--3 6.Press conferences-2 5.. Graphics- 6 tpe 4.Podcasts - 6 TPE 3.Sim attendances - 3 tpe each 2. Affiliates -6 1. Presentation -9 8. Articles ( 6 capped tpe) If you're the dude who likes writing, you suck ( nah i am just cappin). Articles are worth 6 tpe, but you have to write 500 words I guess. Writing is
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