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  1. I was drafted? And didn't get the memo. Still nice though
  2. Our defense has always been good but we struggle putting points up
  3. We aren't having a good start this season but see if we can get on a streak
  4. Early preseason game huh, don't like it.
  5. My final season, lets reach the top of the mountain this season. Accepted
  6. So we have heard that Athens's Safety Akiem Terrio has declare for the draft in article and we just want to take a look at the player and what we might expect in his final season. Athens has always been a good defense team and Terrio has been a good part of the reason why. He has great instincts on the field, much of his smarts comes from his background, but he has also been quick on the blitz getting to QBs when they call his number. Teams having thrown the ball deep but when they have target Terrio's zone he has stopped them for no gain or has intercept the ball so it has already been known the best way to beat this team a good power running and avoid throwing the ball with the good corners and safeties that Athens seems to always have. one of the things that you can going to want to see is can he be tested? he doesn't get a lot of balls thrown his way, maybe by reputation or the general game-plan that we talked about how teams run the ball and short throws is how to beat this team. He is going to be a good strong safety and a zone hawk a lot of us will want to see if he is tested enough that we know "okay this guy is good lets not throw it his way," could someone with speed and a QB with a strong arm beat him deep or not? Another thing that I want to know coming into this season is how active he is going to be. Last year he was here was it was going through the motions a lot of time and doesn't really have a motor that burn hot all the time. How connected is he going to be with the team and show out on the field to let people know that he is serious about playing ball or not. This is going to be an important time for Akiem, with him and Pòrter Bùford being the only two strong safeties being the draft board this draft so is he going to coast through the season like he did last year or he is going to turn it up and see if he can be the first safety off the board? there are some teams that he would look good in but he is not going to be a high pick it he doesn't show a good motor.
  7. "I'm tired of losing like this." that was the mindset of Terrio when he walked off the field in the championship game. "Being good but not good enough, coming up just short, didn't get the luck needed. It's painful to lose like this and it's never something you want to be used to. Nobody here wants to say, 'Hey good job on the second place.' We had a good season but we really didn't come through like we wanted too and that stings a little knowing that we where on the door of making this season a championship season." The team is losing players again to the draft and next season will be his last season. "While this season didn't end like I wanted too, next season is where I'm just going to leave it on the line, so next season season 31 is going to be my last ECFA season." Camera flash and media members point their phones at Terrio to be able to catch the sound bite of Terrio leaving Athens Carnage at the end of next season. "I have enjoyed playing here with this club and I enjoyed this lockdown season, next season we are going to try and end it with a bang. Gorilla gang going to one last push and to win it all. Cause I'm declaring for the EFL 32th Draft. I'm going to take this off season to really improve and take my game to the next level and hopefully Gm's will see that I'm not just resting on my loreals here." He then answers some questions about his career at Athens to which he responded with. "Man, people did not throw my way. I would like to think the reason why was because a lot of coaches didn't want to throw deep because of me but I also know that a lot of teams focus on power running so there isn't a lot of chances to get into a zone and take away deep passes. I think that is the reason why the team sent me on more blitz packages. I really feel that I got a chance to do more than just protect the end-zone and protect my zone. I do feel that going here was an improvement in not just my game but also my life. It's been fun leaving home and coming to a city that has a little bit of everything. Going into the Draft and to play in the EFL has always been the goal but I'm proud of what I done here and will always feel like this has been more like a home.
  8. Lockdown Season is still here and we finally get past the lookout after two season. Woo
  9. Lockdown season is still here baby another good win
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