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  1. Damn guess i chose some good teams to sign with since both my players made it to finals
  2. 1. Damn, well that's gotta take talent, hopefully he turns into an MVP in the future 2. I feel like we are doing good so far, iirc still pretty early but we are doing the best we can 3. I gotta say for me its motivation, I lose motivation really easily 4. i think we can do better than last season so atleast 10-6, but i think maybe 11-5 but we don't know yet we just gotta wait 5. I think we can make it past first round, but prob second or semi's 6. Nah, too much stress and management things to deal with 7. My advice is to not listen to me and look to my teammates, they know what they are doing and can guide you in the right direction 8. I would have to say the biggest surprise is Fourside 9. Personally, I'd say pass more, but run more doesn't hurt 10. I don't pay attention here too much, but an offseason tourney like what SBA does with FIBA and DREW would be nice here 11. South Korea or Japan for the food or back to my parents birth place of Fuzhuo 12. I feel excited, can't wait to see a redesign and a new look, maybe a new stadium might help us win more games
  3. 1. 100% we can, I believe in us winning alot of games this season 2. The vibes are amazing I don't talk much there since still busy but when I do its amazing 3. Fireman, I don't got them skills to be a good doctor 4. I feel like we are playing good, but we could always do better 5. Nah, I don't got the skill to be the G.O.A.T. But i feel like some of my teammates could be 6. Maybe get into golfing or just do nothing, or go back into swimming 7. 100,000 seats stadium. The more people the better 8. Don't really know, but hopefully someone from our team 9. I feel like its pretty good, winning us games is all it needs to do 10. 100%, giving us a reward if we can make a goal will help keep us motivated 11. I'd prefer a snowy one, a soggy one wouldn't be nice and would leave you with mud everywhere 12. My personal game plan is to do what the team needs and not focus too much on myself
  4. 1. It's going great, good to be back and more active hoping I can contribute more to the team this season 2. solid 10/10, Denns knows what's doing and I trust his moves and draft picks 3. I would love to visit Japan or Korea but sadly just staying home 4. Hopefully number 14 5. I'd rather have playoffs as that would mean that our team as a whole is doing good. 6. I could see us finishing top 3 or top 4 in my opinion 7. I don't really know who's the loudest, but I don't pay attention much so 8. I think this will help us alot as he will be a nice addition to our team and help us further increase our goal of winning 9. It tells me that our team has alot of potential and we just need the time to be right for us to strike, I don't really care about awards I care for the team's success 10. I don't drive I prefer walking, biking whenever possible and if not taking an Uber 11. Now that I'm starting to be active again we will see soon, but Its been decent 12. My go to guy has to be Denns, very approachable and easy to talk to
  5. Let's go Predators, we got this
  6. 1. Im excited to see how I will do 2. Its good, just the usual training 3. definietly we can do that, let's get them wins 4. don't have ant real goals just want to get out there and help the team 5. yes, the management and Front office of this team is great 6. Not that important team over personal for me 7. Very important we need to work together as a team to make sure we can win 8. I think we will win it all
  7. 1. I think it's a great choice, Denns is gonna do amazingly well as a GM. 2. Yes it was great having Michael Phelps and Kevin Wu being picked back to back 3. Yes definitely, it's great to join a team that will be able to contend for a few seasons. excited to see what we can do 4. Ofc i would love to play with my other half, but other than that not really 5. I find it really nice and chill which is good 6. Football isn't my specialty, so not really 7. I'm excited for being able to play in the EFL and be on a competing team. 8. I'd rather play in the rain, I love the water and rather be soaked in rain water and mud than burning under the sun.
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