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  1. "It's been a different and difficult season to say the least. I know fans of the team hoped that we'd continue to win games and compete for an EFCA championship but that just has not happened this year. We're sitting at a record of 5 wins and 9 losses and I know that no one here is satisfied with that. I know there's a lot of factors that go into whether or not a team wins a game but I just don't think our offense is doing as well as we're capable of. We're near the bottom of the league when it comes to touchdowns scores. And in field goal attempts we're at the middle of the pack. And field goals is where I've struggled. I've only hit them at a 72% clip and that's just not acceptable. I'm hoping over these last few games we can work a little better to earn some wins. I have to do my part and that just hasn't been occurring yet. Of course it's frustrating when we walk around the city and sense the disappointment and frustration but I hope everyone in Roswell knows that we're trying and we're going to do our best to finish the season strong."
  2. As the previous season wraps up and the new season is underway, a local sports radio talking head caught up with Roswell Encounter kicker Bobby Seale to breakdown his thoughts on the previous season: "I'm generally pleased with the season! The team did well. It's always said to see a great coach step away but I'm sure the new coach is up to the task. He hasn't said a word to me yet but maybe that's something on his to do list. I made over 94% of my extra points last season and those three that I missed still annoy me. The team put them on the bloopers for our end of the season team dinner. The jerks. Kidding, I deserve it. I made 21 field goals but my percentage was not quite where I wanted it. I was in the mid 70s and this season I hope to creep over 80. I know if I'm going to be a strong player moving forward I'll have to do better there. My long was 47 but I'm really hoping to knock down some 50 yarders this season. All in all, I was a successful season and I am hoping to build upon it for next year."
  3. The Athletic is doing a small piece on the current state of the ECFA. They recently caught up with the Kicker of the league leading Roswell Encounter who are currently sitting with an undefeated record of 10-0. Here's what 3rd year man Bobby Seale had to say about the season and the overall experience of this year: "What can I say, Coach Adrest is going a fantastic job. Just are really great job overall. I know initially there were some whispers about the brand of the football we were playing this season. And I get it. Fans want to see the passing game. The evolution of vertical football. The big play in that sense. We chose to do something different. We're going to pound you on the ground all game, control the clock, and just impose our will possession after possession. We know that it's not always going to be sexy, but we're not looking for style points right now, we're simply trying to chase a championship. And with an undefeated record, I'd say that it's going pretty well. Who knows -- maybe come playoffs we will open the playbook more but until then, we're going to stick with what is winning us games."
  4. Huey Newton -- on playing his position in today's game: "Playing safety in today's game is really challenging. Not saying that I'm the best to ever do it, because that's obviously not true. I'm more so saying that the nuances and complexities of football are constantly changing; always evolving. As a result, to be a good player and help your team out on the field, it's imperative that you adjust and grow just as much as this game has. For example, I'm listed as a strong safety. Traditionally, that means that my primary goal is the provide run support alongside the second line of defense in terms of the linebackers. So strong safeties have traditionally been a little bit bigger to be able to come downfield and lay out those hits. And sure, that mold of player can work against certain offensive schemes and teams. However, with so many teams going to a spread offense, strong safeties better be able to play coverage as well. If not, well, you're going to find yourself on the bench and ultimately out of a job soon enough. Truth be told, both safety positions need to be versatile enough to not only play in the box at times, but to also drop back in Cover 2, Cover 3 and sometimes in man to man. Gotta be able to do it all these days. And I'll get there eventually."
  5. EFL.COM recently caught up with Kicker Bobby Seale on a piece about the mental aspect of sports, particularly in high pressure situations. Here’s what the aspiring big league kicker had to say: “Being a kicker is a unique position. There are some games where I may not step on the field at all. There are other games where I only trot out there two or or three times. Then there are even some where I may not kick until the game’s outcome weighs in the balance. Regardless, I try to keep the same routine on the sideline each and every game. I come out early, stretch, and get my various kicks in. I work with the special teams coaching staff to ensure that I’m focusing on the details, that my form is perfect, and that I’m assessing the weather for any environmental factors which may impact the game. Then, during the game, I’m making sure I’m staying loose, stretching as needed and keeping myself hydrated. I’m fully aware of all that is happening in the game, not only for myself but for my teammates as well. When my number is called, be it for an extra point or game winning field goal, my though process is the same. Breathe deeply. Breathe slowly. Slow down my heart. Block out the noise. Focus on the kick. And boom. Right through the uprights.” Tune in next time for my thoughts on playing safety in today’s game with insights from the agency’s other current player Huey Newton.
  6. TownBizness sports agency, on the heels of another season wrapping up in the EFCA, posted a quick blurb on each of their current prospects. For their monthly recap, here's what the two players had to say about their recent time spent in the EFCA. Bobby Seale: I really wish I could've had that one extra point attempt back. It would've been nice to be perfect from football's version of the charity stripe. Unfortunately it didn't happen and it was my one blemish on that area of the game. Everything was good on that play too. The snap was fantastic. The protection was exactly what it needed to be. The hold was perfect, laces out and everything. I wish I could've blamed the field conditions or the weather or anything but myself but I can't. I just pushed it and it doinked off the upright. I'm working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again. Improvement is the name of the game. Huey P. Newton: Hats off the Manchester coaching staff for putting together a really solid season. I wanted to be a part of a winning football team and that's essentially what we are. Could we be better? Absolutely. Will we? I'm sure we will. As for myself, this was really just about getting my feet wet. I know I'm not the best defender on the team. I just don't put in enough hours. I'm hoping that my little hours put in the gym here and there can start to make a difference as I navigate through the EFCA. I know have major strides to make but it's a marathon and I'm just trying to get better a little bit at a time. Here's to next season! Stay tuned for more information as the two current prospects attempt to navigate through the EFCA on their way to the EFL. Until next time.
  7. TownBizness agency recently signed and delivered to young prospects to the EFCA. One offensive player, Bobby Seale, was signed as Kicker for the Roswell Encounter. The other, Huey Newton, a Strong Safety, was signed to the Manchester Lookout. Both prospects are experiencing their first taste of the EFCA as the season is currently 5 games underway. The agency recently caught up with both players to get a brief reflection on how their respective seasons are going: Bobby Seale: What can I say, I'd love an opportunity to win more. But we're currently sitting at one in and four losses. I know the coaching staff is working hard to try and move the needle the opposite direction, but right now it just seems like our offense is struggling to move the ball. I just haven't had a lot of opportunities to put the ball through the upright. I'm working the best I can on my game and I know I need to do better with my conversions. I'm just hoping that more opportunities will come my way in the future. Huey P. Newton: At the end of the day, we play this game to win. And winning is what we're doing in Manchester. The team has looked great and within our locker room, we really should be undefeated. I haven't really gotten an opportunity to play much, just doing what I can when my name is called. But until then, I'm just going to slowly work on my game and do what I can. Until next time.
  8. Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton for week of 4/24.
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