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  1. In a recent social media post, long time Elite Football League Athlete and Denver Steam wideout released a thoughtful and reflective statement to his various followers across a variety of platforms. Transcribed below is a copy of that specific statement: To all of my family, friends and fans that I've gained during my career, I did not think that I had much gas left in the tank. Was I already running on fumes? How much more could my body and mind take in such a violent sport like this? Shoot, would anyone even want a corpse like me on their team? I can't say that I was surprised when my agency received a call from the Denver Steam management to come back for another season. I've been a great relationship with them and have trusted them to do what was best for me ever since I landed on their team. So I did not hesitate to say "yes" and I immediately got on the quickest flight to Denver to rejoin the team. While I know the season was not as elite as some of our previous seasons, I did what I could at my age to help the team. I ran my routes hard. I played every snap as if I was getting the ball. I blocked the best that I could for my running backs and fellow playmakers. Hell, I even managed to score a couple of touchdowns and almost crossed 800 yards. Not bad for the walking dead. I'm not quite sure what the future holds for JuJu Williams but once again I can say I'm happy to have played for the Steam and look forward to the next chapter. JuJu out.
  2. It's a little bit of crazy for me to reflect on my career that it coming to an end. Yes, I JuJu Williams, mediocre wide receiver extraordaire, am on the verge of ending my career in the EFL. When I started I had no idea what to expect from my self or of the entire EFL. There were so many questions that popped in my head as I began my career. How good can I really be if I'm not a super star? Would I enjoy this process? Would I find a team willing to take a chance on me? Would I win anything? Much to my pleasant surprise the answer to those questions all were incredibly positive. I realized that I can be pretty decent. I'm not a franchise player at my position, but I can certainly play a role on a great team and contribute with some big games here and there. I did end up enjoying the process. It was simple and easy enough to do what I needed to do over my career. I was really fortunate to find the Denver Steam. At first the teams that I was on I was indifferent to. But the coach here did a fantastic job and I'm definitely grateful for him and have really enjoyed playing under him. He's top notch for sure. I ended up winning a lot of games. Even won a championship. Those type of things are important to me. JuJu's career was never about himself but rather it was always about trying to win. We did that. I did that. Career accomplished. JuJu out.
  3. JuJu Williams is a big fan of fantasy sports. That's right. Now only am I an avid player myself, but it's also something that I love engaging with in terms of my fanbase. It's always an amazing feeling to know that fans have drafted you or added you to their teams. While I know depending on your league size, I've generally been waiver wire fodder -- I always love hearing from fans when they say things along the lines of "I picked you up this week and you delivered with a touchdown!" Not that I'm trying necessarily for fantasy's sake, but I'm certainly trying nevertheless. I can't imagine some of the superstars in our league and what they go through. Some fans, as passionate as they are, just end up taking things too far. I've heard of players being disrespected in direct messages, tweets and even death threats. I've also seen fans talk trash to their wives. All of that is going a little too far. Am I sorry that you lost your fantasy match-up -- absolutely! I know I get mad when I lose my games. But do we need to resort to threats of violence and vulgar tweets and mentions? I think not. Fantasy has been a huge part of promoting our game and growing our brand to fans. It's here to stay so we should embrace it. And whomever has Ju-Ju on starting in their championship match-up this year -- if you win and have the receipts to prove it, you got a Ju-Ju Denver Steam jersey coming your way. Ju Ju Out.
  4. The Denver Steam experienced another successful season in the prestigious EFL. While not playing as large of role in that success, Steam Wide Receiver is nonetheless pleased with his career and his role on the team. At a recent elementary school event, students were invited to take part in his "Full Steam Ahead" Initiative -- a non-project designed to support scholar-athletes from the most underserved communities in the larger Denver area. Speaking at that even, here's a small excerpt from what Williams had to say: Ju Ju Williams: "I just wanted to share with you all how important school is. Yes, you can love sports. Yes, you can aspire to be a professional player. Yes, you can aspire to want to play in the EFL when you're older. But you have to also learn to love school. Your education is going to be a key part of your journey. Without the right grades, you won't be eligible to play for your high school team. Without playing for your high school team, the opportunity to play at college will be eliminated. Even if you are eligible for high school, without the necessary grades, the ability to play college ball will be placed in jeopardy as well. And without going to college, and earning the necessary degree, your life's choices will be limited. I know school can be hard. But you have to realize that your academics will open any door you want in life -- and doors that are much larger than football. My organization, Full Steam Ahead is going to work to support you on that journey. I believe in you. I just need you all to believe in yourselves."
  5. Steam Nation! Once again it's your boy JuJu back with his monthly reflection for you and you only. I first wanted to always thank you for the support that you have given me since day one. This has been a fantastic home and I'm excited to work towards ending my career here. I also wanted to give a special thanks to my coach for working for the betterment of all of his players here. He's been nothing but supportive and knowledgeable and has built a really great locker room experience. At this point, there's definitely not another team that I'd want to play for. Seasons continue to be full of ups and downs -- which is essentially the life of a professional athlete. There's times when things go well and it feels like you're flying through the season. There's other weeks or practices or games that feel like we're moving slow as molasses. Regardless, I've learned not to get too high or too low and to really work on being even keel. Control the controllables. That's all that you can do. If the game doesn't go as planned, screw it, back to the drawing board. If you don't have a great practice, reflect and do better the next time. If your season doesn't end how you want it to, go back and think about what are your areas of weaknesses that you can improve on. Regardless, always strive to have fun, be a good teammate, and to show love to those who show you love. Ju Ju out for this month.
  6. Steam Nation!!!! Another fantastic season for your favorite team. We made it all the way to the championship once again yet we fell short. We gave it our all and we're sorry that we could not once again bring that championship to you. Under our terrific leadership, we definitely vow to continue to work hard to get our franchise back in that position to compete for another title. In the interim, we appreciate your support week in and week out. Without you, things just wouldn't be the same. When we look up into the stands, it's amazing seeing our colors, our jerseys, the face paint -- win or lose you are all there to support us weekly. When we wander around Denver, or are out with a restaurant with our families, or at a club with our friends, the amount of love shown by all of you is amazing. This is truly a community and if we do not tell you all enough, thank you all for making this community one of one. As a result, we vow to continue to do community outreach, to better the community in a myriad of ways. Whether it's backpack and school supply drives in the fall, or clothing or food drives in the fall or winter -- we will continue to help those Denver community members in need. Whether it's marching for social justice to protest against systemic racism -- we will continue to be active members of bettering our community. The Steam and Denver is a marriage. Both on and off the field. Thank you all for representing us. And we will continue to represent you all. Full Steam ahead. JJW
  7. As of yesterday, July 1st, collegiate athletes are now able to benefit from their Name, Image and Likeness. This is also referred to as their NIL. Wanted to reach out and share my thoughts on this. As a former collegiate athlete, there were many of times where I could have been able to utilize my NIL for monetary compensation however the NCAA rules at the time disallowed me from doing so. I'm so happy for the athletes today to be able to use their NIL for financial gain. I can't help but think about how so many elite athletes have been robbed out of bags full of money due to the false and disingenuous claims that the NCAA is really for amateurs. Players have been robbed of their Heisman Awards. Teams have had to have wins be vacated. Many of these are for things which would now be allowed under new rules. If these new rules were around when JuJu was in college, I would've loved to secure a bag for making promotional appearances. I could've used a car from a booster. I would've definitely utilized promotions on social media if it meant helping out my family more. Hell, if schools and the NCAA are making money off of my skills on the football field, we might as well be able to capitalize as well. Full Steam Ahead.
  8. The Denver Steam are your Western Conference Champions. Those are some sweet sweet words. They're something that this entire team has worked hard for since the preseason. Well, actually since the end of the last season. This was a goal that we set for ourselves, starting with our Coach, and it's something that the entire locker room believed in. It didn't matter whether they were our marquee players or just a situational piece like myself, this was something that we all wanted and all worked for the best that we could. Coach let me know going into the game that I was going to be a bigger part of the game plan. He said that we're going to open up the offense vertically and that he saw something in my match-ups that he felt I could exploit. Part of being a professional is just being ready when your number is called and that's what I had to do. First half, I was doing all that I could but the ball just wasn't coming my way. At half-time Falk just kept telling me to be ready that he had something for me. And had something for me he truly did. I was able to haul in that 39 yard touchdown pass at a crucial point in the game. Looking at tape in preparation for the game, I know I could get the defensive back to bite on a hard post so that's what I did -- sold the post, Falk did a little pump fake, and I head for the corner. He threw it before I even came out of my break and as soon as I turned it around it was there. Touchdown on a perfect pass from the best quarterback in the league. But this celebration has to be short -- we got one more game to go Steam faithful. Let's get this done for all of Denver!
  9. Whuttup Denver and the Denver Steam Faithful! It's your boy JuJu Williams back once again with my monthly message. Just wanting to keep my fans abreast of what's going on with my on and off the field. We're back once again after quite an exciting season for our team. Due to the great leadership of our General Manager and Head Coach, we were able to put together and exciting season for our fans. We were able to field a tremendously stout defense while at the same time putting together a high powered offense. It was a winning combination yet we ultimately fell a little short of our top goal which is to win an EFL Championship. Luckily Coach was able to continue to work hard and keep the core of the team together in order to chase this championship once again. Our leaders are leading and are stars are shining and our goals are to continue improving so that we can be considered to be one of the elite franchises in the entire EFL. Off the field, it's been strange adjusting to this next wave of the pandemic. It's still a little disheartening to see not everyone choosing to wear masks still. But what's probably even more frustrating are those people who refuse to get vaccines. I understand initially why some people may have had concerns, but that time has passed. I urge you, on behalf of the community at large, to go and get that vaccine. Not only are you keeping yourself and loved ones safe, but you're also helping the greater community as well. We must reach herd immunity. If not -- the wrath of COVID will continue. Be smart people. Do the right thing. JuJu out.
  10. Denver really has been FULL STEAM ahead this season. Currently sitting with a record of ten wins and four losses the team has certainly demonstrated growth over this past season. Coach has done a tremendous job of working on behalf of his players to make this work. Hats off to him as well as the leaders of our team who are putting in the necessary work to succeed each and every Sunday. Coach has worked hard through the draft to bring in great pieces and he's also be attacking Free Agency and the Trade Markets hard as well. As a result, he's brought in some tremendous pieces to Denver. With our strong armed quarterback, versatile backfield and outstanding defense, it's obvious that Denver is a team that believes they can compete for a championship this season. While some pundits may not call us the favorites, we believe that we can win each and every time we step on the field. It won't be easy, and there's certainly some matchups that we won't be chosen to win, but with our coaches preparation and the ability of our players, the Steam have a chance. At this point, our goal is to end the season with twelve wins, and start to make that championship run. We need each and every one of you behind us. Wave your towels. Scream your lungs out. Make that noise. We wouldn't be able to do this without you all. Our forever faithful fans. Let's all work to bring this title to the Mile High City.
  11. Whuttup to everyone at Team JuJu, It's always a pleasure of mine to be able to speak directly to you. It's the first of the month, so that gives me another opportunity to speak with you all directly. I know a lot of you send me encouraging messages on the regular and trust me, I truly do appreciate it. I obviously can't respond back to every single message from every single person but please know that I always appreciate them and they mean a lot of to me and the team as we chase these championship goals. Today I wanted to take some time to speak about the challenges that we're all facing during this ongoing pandemic due to COVID 19. I know that many of us are in the midst of a very trying time period. Some more than others. COVID 19 has continued to ravage our communities in a myriad of ways. For some of us it's the loss of economic opportunities. For other's it's the loss of traditional schooling for our children. For others it's the the actual loss of life. There's constant struggling for sure. Sadly as this pandemic has become something that has been politicized, many people are not looking out for what's the best for our communities at large. However, there's hope on the horizon. Vaccines are slowly but surely starting to be rolled out to more and more communities across our nation and the world. The most vulnerable have been lined up first to get them in most areas. However, it's only a matter of time for it to be available for most people. I know there are many factors that go into this process but to me it represents hope -- hope that we can truly works towards establishing a new normal. Until it's your turn, wear a mask, practice social distancing and most importantly be kind and loving to one another. See you all next month. Go Steam!
  12. Will folks remain winless? Or nah?
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