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  1. Not too sure if this is really the place for this, but I'm a Kicker, if anyone needs one I'm available
  2. Sam Irvine always grew up having money. His family had more money than they knew what to do with. His father, a former overseas basketball player, always helped Sam out; even if he was disappointed that his son had turned to football rather than basketball. His father had married a famous super model who made her own money off promoting companies and brands on her social media platform; which after his father's career ended, he would end up doing the same. Because of this, he grew up in a large home in Beverly Hills. His large home had five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a built in bowling alley, a gym; whatever you could think of, they had it. Not to mention, they had a big pool in the back where they held parties nearly ever other weekend. Due to his family's wealth, Sam never had problems fitting in, everyone was pretty much attracted to him and his family. Sam grew up with sports. All Sam could ever think about was sports. He wanted to be just like his father growing up, always dribbling a basketball wherever he went. His only downside was his height; he had handles far beyond his peers and could knock down three pointers with the best of them. He played basketball all through elementary school where he absolutely destroyed, but with all the kids around him growing far taller than him, the sport became nearly impossible. With all the kids catching on and learning all of his dribble moves, and being able to block his shot with relative ease, Sam gave up. In much of his early life, Sam was a quitter. His family had money, what did it matter? He didn't care about his lack of ability at basketball, he stopped playing when it got too hard for him. He never practiced, and unlike many other kids his age, he didn't see sports as a 'way out' like kids who were less fortunate than him. Kids who's families had struggles being able to pay rent, or feed their children. He saw sports as merely a popularity competetion. If you were good at sports, you were popular, everyone wanted to be your friend. While he already had that effect on people due to his money, he wanted more; he strived for more. His failure in basketball ultimately led to him playing football. He tried out for his high school team for the runningback position. When it was evident that Sam didn't posses the work ethic, or even a glimpse of ability to play running back, Sam was not offered a place on the team in his freshman year. This caused Sam to quit football for a while too, trying all the other sports he could. Soccer, Handball, Hockey, Lacrosse, even Golf. When that didn't work out for him, sign ups for football had came back around. It was his Sophomore year and he had been in training ever since he didn't make the team. This time, he tried out for a position he knew he could get; Kicker. Their last kicker had just left for college, and nobody at practice was stepping up for the position. While most wouldn't want to make the sacrifice due to all the time put in at a different position, Sam didn't see it that way. He really just wanted to be on the team more than anything. With his mind made up, Sam joined the team as a kicker, where he was pretty average until his senior year. He wasn't bad, wasn't great, and he was the best option for the team each year. Nobody else was better than him at Kicker ( although at the time, he wasn't great either ). Sam ultimately stepped it up in his senior year, working out more, and eating healthier instead of eating McDonalds whenever he pleased. In his senior year, he was 17/20 on field goals on the season, his deepest from 52 yards. Sam was shaping up to be a great player, yet his career was nearly cut short. Sam, at a party he had been invited to with the team, had been pressured into taking some harmful drugs by some girls at the party, and he just couldn't resist. Sam had rarely used drugs before this interaction, and he only smoked, but because of this, Sam delved into a deep, dark hole of drugs; he depended on drugs, he rarely wasn't on something. His sister caught him one day, and even though he begged and pleaded for them not to tell their parents, she ended up telling their father. He thought his dad would give him some lame speech about how drugs were bad, and that he needed to stop, but instead his dad was sympathetic. He told his son about how back in the day, he was in the same boat as him. His father warned him about this, he told his son about drugs nearly ended his career; in fact, his dad had nearly overdosed multiple times. This scared Sam more than any other talk his father could have gave him. This interaction alone was enough to scare Sam out of drugs. While he originally had intended on living his life leeching off his parents for drug money, he really had a wake up call. He knew he had to fix himself up, and fast. To replace his urge for drugs, he worked out at all hours of the day whenever he felt an urge. It took him a long time, but eventually his urges had subsided. He worked hard to get into better shape again, and he's started to branch back out to football, hoping that he can be a key piece for a team; any team in the future. His team made the playoffs; but due to Irvine being in a drugged state, he was replaced on the team. They lost in the first round of the playoffs being blown out by a rival school.
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