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  1. 1. We are doing way better than last season. We 8-1 from where we are now 2. We are a much more developed team instead of being all freshman 3.90% 4. Math 5. Marvel 6.Xbox 7. Finesse 8. Rb or Cb
  2. Good Job everyone We did our best
  3. Come on Krakens, you got this
  4. Hello everyone, looks like we are back and we are going to be talking about a few things.We have a small friendly rivalry in the Pirates, we are going to also talk about fantasy football and the award show that happened. First, let's talk about a small competition between me and the new rookie. We both are going to be fighting for the top positions while beating the competition.Right now we are 4-1 and the Game I had today I had my longest rush and got 142 yards on 15 carries. I also averaged 7.2 yards per run which is also my highest on yards per rush in my career for now. Now let's move on t
  5. What the heck is happening
  6. I think I did the wrong one so here is the correct one 1.Yeah, but not much 2. They have had drastic improvements from last year. 3. A-, We may have been lacking in some bits of our game but not much at all 4. Yeah, but it looks like Pandemic P is gonna make the clippers Lose 5. I'm like 5'9 right now 6.Lemonade 7. Well not really, I just hope to get drafted 8.Well Almost all of the rb records
  7. 1. They were born in Maryland 2.Yeah, the Baltimore Ravens 3.Yeah, Rboty and hoping Defensive player of the year for my other one 4.Umm, I really don't know 5.Hell Yeah! 6. Maybe France or Japan 7. I just did my players name 8. I hope our defense will step up to get that and beat it
  8. 1. How did you feel you did last season? I think I did pretty decent for being a freshman last season 2. Fast forward to your first game in the EFL. How do you think you will perform as a professional? I think I will preform pretty well and i hope to provide help to the team that drafts me 3. What is one improvement (from a user standpoint) that you want to improve from last season? I really want to improve 4. How will the Pirates do this season? think We might lose 2-3 games but well do really good this season 5. What is your favorit
  9. Good job to everyone that got drafted, I hope I can be here next season
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