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  1. 1. It has gone pretty good in the SBA 2. I prefer both, whatever comes to my mind I do it 3. Gatoride is the best 4. Probably 11 or 12 wins 5. My favorite animal is a TIger 6. The Pirates 7. I am a console gamer 8. Yes I do. As you can see when I score a touchdown
  2. 1. I feel like I did okay but I can do much better 2. I think I will be fine. I would like to score a td if possible 3. I will need to improve my speed and agility so I can be the fastest there is 4. I think they can win the whole thing 5. My favorite color is Blue 6. You can stop improving, as long as you practice, you will improve 7. My favorite fruit is Mango. I love the sweetness of it 8. To help my team to win the chip
  3. 1. I am going to try to get more skills in my game 2. Yeah currently I am binge watching Two and a Half Men. It is a really funny sitcom 3. 10. I am hella motivated to keep improving 4. My favorite post game food is probably a Pizza and a coke 5. I can play the guitar and I am a good singer. I can also dance which you probably know because you have seen me dance when I score a Touchdown 6. I am in the SBA 7. I like to do a little dance 8. I want to be known as a team player and a good friend to people
  4. 1. Yes i have been keeping up 2. Our chemistry is very good and it will keep growing 3. My player is like Tyreek Hill 4. All 5 of them. We are capable of winning them all 5. Speedy 6. He caught a 99 yard screen pass, juke defenders, trucked a safety and got the TD 7. Android 8. Number 16
  5. Good job boys. Late season playoff push, here we come
  6. Hello everybody, my name is Jack Ballington and I will be looking into my stats and how I can improve next year. In the games I have played, he has got 21 catches, for 243 yards and 2 touchdowns. These numbers will be higher at the end of the season obviously and next year I will be very good because I improving at a very high rate. I am increasing my speed and my handling because I want to be the fastest player in the league. Yeah, that's right I want to be the fastest player. I will take some time but it is possible in a couple of years. My trainers and my coaches are doing a hell of a job in improving me. I would like to thank @StackTheRacks12 who is always helpful and helps me a lot. It must be hard to help every single player on the team but he is doing a very good job. Next season I am looking to get double-digit touchdowns and maybe 800 yards or more but I will always try my best in any circumstances. I feel like I can be a starter next season and help the Biscayne Bay Pirates win a championship. We have a talented team and next year is about to be fun. Watch out league the Biscayne Bay Pirates are about to be one of the best teams in the league. Next season I will work on my speed, handling, and agility. All those attributes are very important for a WR. I will also try to improve my acceleration. Oh boy once I get a head of steam, nobody will be able to catch me. Watch out EFL a new superstar is being made. I am really excited for the upcoming years and the Biscayne Bay Pirates will be a force to be reckoned with. Our offense is very fast-paced and our defense will shut any team down. This season we are trying our very best to make the playoffs. We had a very slow start but are starting to turn up near the end of the season. Hopefully, that slow start doesn't bite us in the bottom and we can contend for the finals. Our whole team has got the potential to be absolutely amazing and it will be so much fun when our team starts winning a lot of games. Currently, we are on a big winning streak and this is our team's potential not what we were doing at the beginning of the season. All of our players work very hard and we want to make the playoffs. Our work ethic currently is very high. Our coaches are actually telling us to slow down because they don't want is to get hurt but we want this and we will get into the playoffs. Even though it is my first season, I am trying my best to help our amazing team get as many dubs as I can. But football isn't a one-player game its a team game and teams win championships, not an individual. Thank you, Jack Ballington
  7. Great win Pirates, keep up the amazing work
  8. 1. Yeah it would be nice 2. I am improving my hands and my speed 3. I am pretty commited to help this team win 4. Yeah we are improving massively 5. No I haven't seen it 6. 7-9 but next year will be fun 7. He's doing an amazing job and he just has to keep it up 8. Yeah in some time this offensive core will be absolutely amazing
  9. Hello everyone, today I am going to how I got to love the game of football and his high school career. I loved the game of football since I was 7 years old and I started playing once I turned 9. I was always that fast guy on a team and coaches always tried to utilize me either playing me at running back, wide receiver, and even Queaterback but I fell in love with the Wide Receiver position. I liked running and catching the ball, it was really fun for me and I still enjoy it. My dad always wanted me to be a quarterback but I realized that my speed is extraordinary and Wide Reciever was the position which will help me in the long run. In my youth league, I wasunanimously named the most valuable player and everybody in my school was so happy that I went to their middle school. In middle school, I helped my team win every single game for both the 7th and 8th grades. Finally, in high school, there were tryouts and I did an absolutely amazing job. I became the first freshman in the school's history to make the Varsity team. That year I was a backup and only caught 3 touchdowns and 245 yards. Next year, I had the starting spot and I showed out, setting a team record 1600 yards and 17 touchdowns. I was named the Sophmore of the year across the whole USA. But sadly in my junior year, during practice, I went up to get a ball but landed straight on my leg which causes me to tear my ACL. It was hell and its the most pain I have ever felt. The recovery process was long and boring. I just wanted to play football. I wanted my injury just to be gone. I was really sad that my career got hit with a nasty injury like an ACL tear. Some of the best players in the world have had their careers gone due to an ACL tear. After the 8 months of recovery, I could finally play but my production was horrendous and the coach had to bench me for the rest of the season. My college dreams and dreams of being in the National Football League was falling apart right in front of my eyes. I was disappointed but @StackTheRacks12 came to me and said I could play with the Biscayne Bay Pirates. I was absolutely thrilled and excited I had an opportunity to play football again. Right now I am putting in a hell of a lot of work and trying my best to improve. No injury is going to stop Jack Ballington. I will not let my team down again and push through. I am most probably going to keep improving my speed. I am doing drills at a high level that I have never done before. This is a whole new Jack Ballington. I am on a vengeance to show that colleges should have picked me once they had a chance. Now I cant wait to be a household name in the EFL. Jack Ballington
  10. Its okay Pirates we will bounce back next sim
  11. Lets Go Pirates! Got the W
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