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  1. Adonis, 2 tuddies in 2 games, i'll take it. Once he hits 199 its a wrap
  2. BIG Chunky Charlie vibes
  3. “Those eyes….whatever you do, DO NOT look into his eyes….” -Curtis DeGroot, HS Coach Adonis Uchiha joined his high school football team just like any other high school athlete with promising athletic abilities. As a freshman, he played at the JV level and while his play was decent, it was rough around the edges and noticeably JV level. Coaches agreed that the best course for Adonis was to play out both freshman and sophomore years on JV to hopefully develop him into a Varsity level player with the potential to become a key role player as a senior. However, after the mysterious disappearance of his best friend and teammate, Jamar Alexander, Adonis changed... His carefree demeanor was now transformed into a serious and cold personality, that of a killer. No one knows what happened that day but the experience of losing his close friend affected Adonis to his core. The loss of his closest friend had apparently inspired Adonis to play in his memory and it showed as his performance on the field elevated almost exponentially. It seems Uchiha seemingly out of nowhere gained the ability to know exactly where the ball was going to be and how the defender was going to play the route before the play even began. Opposing defenders often looked entranced before getting burned, paving the way for Adonis to lead his division in touchdowns scored. After his games, his opponents often reported that something was off about him, that when they looked into his eyes they were unable to compose themselves and felt like they had no control over the outcome of the play. This theme continued after his breakout junior year into his senior year. The emergence of the new star and his apparent inhuman ability to outplay any defensive back bold enough to challenge him enabled the team to make a run to the state championship game with relative ease. This reputation gave him the nickname of Demon Eyes from teammates and opponents alike as he terrorized defenses and inspired fear in his opponents on his way to a full ride scholarship at the only place fitting for a demon, the Savage City Wraiths.
  4. Honorable Mentions Anchorage Owls Storm I’ve always loved the potential for this brand. The colors and focal point of the northern lights make this a prime opportunity to flex some creativity in point tasks. Sad to see this team get relegated to the backup brands but I'm hopeful for a potential return to play as our activity picks back up! Grand Rapids Growlers My hometown. This brand hits close to home as it's a reminder of my good buddy @Alecbama and our old stomping grounds. Unfortunately, like alecbamas apparent interest in this league, the growlers have faded away, only to be remembered in the record books. 6. Biscayne Bay Pirates When creating again, I was excited to see what kind of offers I would get and also to have the chance to play for BCB since they were a powerhouse the last time I was active. I was a little disappointed when no one from BCB even reached out. I hold grudges and BCB has been added to the bulletin board... 5. Manchester Lookout The Lookout have a decent color scheme but a lighthouse doesn't inspire much intimidation to me. @MMFLEX at least reached out and told me they didn't have room so that was nice, and it would have been fun to join him but I'm not sure the lookout really fit my style. 4. Death Valley Rangers Similar to the Lookout, @TacticalHammer reached out to welcome me back but didn't have room or a plan to get my player any action. I’ve always wanted to rejoin a team with Tac and rekindle some of the magic we had at San Antonio but the stars just haven't aligned since. I’d like to get involved early so this team just wasn't a fit for either of us at this moment, just bad timing. 3. Hades Creek Phalanx Hades Creek made an offer and was a team I was excited to potentially play for given their history and branding. Locker room culture is important to me and I didn't really get a big vote of confidence in the activity of the HCP locker room. Hopefully this will improve by recruiting more active members but with no visibility to the locker room, I’m not sure this is the team i’m looking to join. The offer I got was good enough to consider but didn't really measure up to the offers from my top 2. 2. Athens Carnage This is where my decision started to get hard. Numbers made a great pitch and this team looks like it's set up for success. This team has potential for some really cool brand opportunities so I was excited to open up my creativity in GFX PTs over my career here. My only concern was that the team seems stacked with experienced users already and I’d like to go somewhere that could use some help in that area, while offering maximum playing time opportunities as well. One day we will link up again to spark that S1 USC magic @124715 @Wally 1. Savage City Wraiths Just wow, this team's brand and logo is so good...how can you say no?! Contrary to many people's assumptions, I actually didn't recreate with a commitment and plan to play for SCW. However, about 2 minutes after i created, Cheese messaged me to get the ball rolling, and on top of that, Chef also reached out to talk about how my player could be used at SCW. This kind of attention and community is what I am looking for so I'm excited to be back home with my Wraiths! Inspire fear, bitches... Word Count: 602
  5. OnMyWings


    Nice masking on OBJ, I think you could do more to make this sig stand out though!
  6. Prediction: 1:32 left in the game, Denver is driving. They go with 2 runs in a row to keep the buffalos on their hooves. Bold strategy since its chewing the clock but ok... Uh oh, they break one off to the 30...the 20...the 10...TOUCHDOWN! An absolute buzzer beater with no time left on the clock, its unreal! Herd win 28 - 17
  7. Also, Grand Rapids is nicknamed Beer City USA so its definitely a play on words. Glad to see the Wraiths are still highly touted too
  8. EFL Predictions Champion: Seattle East Finalist: Memphis West Finalist: Seattle MVP: Tugg Bote Award: Clap Trap OPotY: Trey Masters Award: OMGits DaddyTurner DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: QB: Martin Isaac Award: OMGits DaddyTurner RB: Marcus Johnson Award: Clap Trap FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: Thormund Jakobsen WR: Colt Cream Award: Dewey Jackson TE: Joplo Crittenden Award: Antonio Gonzalez LB: Marcus Holloway Award: Gustav PalpaTurner CB: Ivan Zamora Award: Thorn Forg S: Ray Ray Foster Award: K: Bryce Larkin Award: Mowanabe Bad KR: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. Award: Dale Cooper Off Rookie: Hunter Slade Award: Charm McClain-Callahan Def Rookie: Ben Faeger Award: Ronnie ScrewtheHerd Jr. GM: Wheaties Memorial: OscarThaSwagDude ECFA Predictions Champion: Death Valley Heroes Finalist: Manchester Legends Finalist: Death Valley Heisman Trophy - MVP: Merlin Honeycutt Leonard Lawson Award - Defensive Player OTY: Man Handler Drew McPewPewPew Award - Offensive Player OTY: Merlin Honeycutt Lance Swift IV Award - Top Offensive Freshman: Cole Kelley Shaka Lawal Award - Top Defensive Freshman: Other Kelley QB: Teppei Renomitsu Award: Johnathan Prince III RB: Gale Grey Award: Merlin Honeycutt WR: Patrick Kelley Award: Chuck Kinnick TE: Fahk-Nahd Memorial Award: Raymond Bernard FB: Thormund Jakobsen Award: Agrias Oaks LB: Clinton King Award: Man Handler CB: Lester McCorn Award: William Joseph S: Noah Jacobs Award: K: Dianna Gunner Award: Quinn Nordin KR: Nydroj-Abbot Award: Merlin Honeycutt Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service : oilmandan Coach of the Year Award - AD: Caboose30
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