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  1. can i have the free tpe
  3. hype me up just to tear me down
  4. i need fenton do some extraordinary shit so that I can post a very specific gif i just found
  5. I'll be retiring Bubbles Utonium and Danny Fenton after the completion of this season
  6. 1. How was your Christmas vacation from the EFL? It was alright! My holiday was pretty relaxed for the first time in years, which is truly a gift in itself. 2. Did you get any sweet presents this year? I got the only thing I asked for from my dad, which is pretty cool. The best gift will be seeing Spartan again 3. Did you get a good stocking stuffer from the EFL? If so, what was it? no, Turner played with my feelings. I got coal 4. Looking to the new year, what is a New Years resolution you have for yourself personally? I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. Instead, when I reach "life milestones" or "checkpoints," I choose a general topic to focus on, a quote to consider more than usual, etc. I've found it works better for me than resolutions because I can't disappoint myself 5. What resolution do you have for your EFL player/s? My players will be moving graduating college and starting brand new lives. 6. Will 2021 be a better year than 2020 or will it be much of the same? A year is what you make it. Time is fake, just vibe 7. If you could go back and redo 2020 what would you change about it (besides COVID)? Honestly? This year has been terrible, but I've learned a lot about myself and other people in my life. I don't want to take time at the end of the year to think about the things I did wrong or that I regret. I'll do my best to be a person I'm proud of by the end of 2021. That's all I can do. 8. Do you have any plans for New Years? Party, staying home, nothing because of Covid? I'll probably go to bed early. NYE has never really been appealing because I like to sleep
  7. Bubbles Utonium on the Trenton Generals and her good friend, Danny Fenton on the Death Valley Rangers, have been busy on and off the field. Everyone knows where to find their on-field activity, but let’s take a look at what they’ve been doing in their downtime! @bububub: i love christmas so much!!!!!!!! everyone is always in such a good mood and the season of giving just has such good vibes!! honestly unbeatable. i'm looking forward to putting up some decorative lights today with my sisters & the professor! @bububub: ok update: i only like the lights when other people put them up!!!!! buttercup and blossom keep making fun of me for getting messed up with the lights @bububub: omg guys!!!!!!!!!!! we finally did it!!!!!!!!!! it’s all up and ready for the holidays @phantomboi: super excited to go out and deliver gifts to the homeless shelter today!! the season of giving truly is magical! @phantomboi: there’s somethin really special about bringing holiday joy to kiddos who wouldn’t have it otherwise. while i was out delivering gifts today, i got to help this youngster put the finishing touch on their christmas tree. how dope is that? @phantomboi: hey @bububub, hope you’re having a great day! just flew past ur house, the lights look dope!
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