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  1. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  2. Tough way to go out. Got a touchdown at least, though was the subject of an interception. GG Wisconsin
  3. Guess who's back? Back again? Hat is back? Tell a friend! This season has definitely been a mixed bag performance-wise. Minnesota has finally dropped off after many seasons of high level competitive rosters. We finished up 5th in the Eastern Conference, which is definitely tough. I believe that we can make it back up in the future, but it wasn't the best. I'm definitely not sure how Hat did, not gonna lie; I could be Safety of the Year for all I know but something tells me I probably wasn't. Bernard (and the Steam) has been getting a bunch of success this season; in fact, we
  4. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  5. VHL +6 Head of VSN replaces PT
  6. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT, backclaim
  7. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  8. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  9. 1. You gotta say the team is absolutely doing the right things. You can only get to the final game, what happens happens. 2. I have been ecstatic with my place in cementing the origin of this team, being a part of this fantastic run of form over the past few seasons. 3. Honestly, don't know a single pick 4. Honeycutt to Minnesota has to be up there 5. Couldn't tell ya, unfortunately. 6. Well as a member of the Steam, I'm disappointed to be honest 7. I don't really follow the ECFA too much 8. I don't think I know enough about the argument for and against, b
  10. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  11. VHL +6 VSN Head, replaces PT
  12. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  13. You may ask, Hat, are you paying attention to your players' progress? The honest to goodness truth is: no? yes? Who really knows? I've been pretty busy in real life the past few weeks, pretty much getting my PT's posted and then logging off. I take a look at our locker rooms every once and a while, to get a feel for how things are going, but honestly don't know much. SO, its time for a live review of our team stats and my player's stats. First things first, lets take a look at Denver; WOW. We're going to be the first seed for playoffs, which is fantastic. Hopefully we can pull through and
  14. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
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