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  1. Listen man, I don't know the full story of this, but this isn't a good look for BOD. I don't know you, but have some class when winning. If Spartan was in the wrong for other shit, great, that's fine, but you can take the high road. Congrats on the win, here's my final sim attendance for the week
  2. See you in the next round Memphis This should be a fun matchup! GL
  3. Oh lord... great performance Frontier! Let's keep this up
  4. +6 VHL VSN Head, replaces PT
  5. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  6. What is the deal with Games of the Week. Do they exist just to make me sad? It feels like the only Game of the Week that I have won this season was when Minnesota played Denver; and if you follow my players closely whatsoever you'll know that that means I ALSO LOST. I think Denver has to be the unluckiest team in the history of the EFL. Bold statement I know, and I will provide nothing whatsoever to back that up, but we just cannot seem to win those close games; its sucks sometimes. After a really fire start to the season, both Top Hat and Bernard have definitely slowed down. Bernard, at least
  7. Trenton vs Biscayne Bay might be a big shift here Do Trenton drop, or do they stay undefeated?
  8. Honestly; dropped way too many close games so far this season. Let's go STEAM
  9. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  10. why is this the way that it is. I only get to lose to NY in GOTW, doesn't matter which player
  11. 1) What is the biggest reason Top Hat is the savior of our team? 2) Why do you think we should fire Reno? 3) Why do you think we should announce Reno as Eternal overlord over all sim leagues? 4) What is your number one Reno-based conspiracy theory? 5) What will our final record be this season? 6) If you had to switch your position, what would you choose? 7) What is the most important thing that you have accomplished in the EFL? 8 ) What do you think will be your sim league legacy? 9) What is your favorite team you have ever played on? 10) What do you thin
  12. VHL +6 Head of VSN, replaces PT
  13. way too easy, hat needs to be better here
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