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  1. LET'S GO RANGERS we do be winning tho
  2. I like winning if only my uncapping players could do something
  3. Which EFCA team will score the most points in week 5? Hades Creek Which QB will have the most EFCA passing yards in week 5 - Riley Jay Braxton Which EFCA team will have the most rushing yards in week 5 - Hades Creek Will the total ECFA tackles for week 5 be - below 515, between and including 515 and 535, or over 535? Between and including 515 & 535 Who wins the Generals vs Carnage game? Generals Will an EFL player crack 400 yards passing in week 5? No Which EFL receiver will put up the most receiving yards in week 5 of the EFL? Calle Colt In the K
  4. Bernard is NOT clutch
  5. Hat man! Good stuff stopping the 3rd and long. Lets go team!
  6. looks at opponent why is it always HCP
  7. Good to see my old teammate doing well! Nice stuff.
  8. VHL +6 Week One of Two
  9. Let's go!!!! Another defensive touchdown for the Hat Man
  10. GGggggggggg great job boyos. Let's keep up this momentum!
  11. Entering this uncapping season, I find myself very interested in how things will be going. In the past I have been somewhat disappointed with Bernard's stats, and with Hat's consistency. Bernard has a decent supporting role in the past, and that has been completely by design; our run game has been absurdly good, and he would never be the number one option in the past, and he shouldn't have been either. This season though, things may be a bit more interesting. I'm really hoping I can grab a couple touchdowns, and grind out some more yardage than I have in the past. Hat on the other hand has
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