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  1. 1. RHCP - Can't Stop 2. By hugging my teammate! 3. No. He cares not for his sight apparently 4. i guess my coach telling me to make a TE lmao 5. The Buccaners 6. 4 dogs in fact! All adopted 7. Nope. He does nothing so nobody likes him 8. "Tighten your rear end you bum!" 9. By hugging my teammates! Share the love baby.
  2. I know this is last seasons, but figured I can answer anyway 1. Bonner's been a solid Linebacker, but Glik's performance has been mostly subpar. He finally got his first TD last game so that was exciting! But he's mostly been just hanging around. 2. Obviously extremely well, only losing one game so far. 3. That we lose no more games! Haha, in more seriousnes I hope Glik gets a bit better at his job. 4. Glik has been dropping passes left and right and just overall been very subpar. I want to get him up to snuff. 5. any team in the league man. We good. 6. Something light, like a nice little salad. 7. Determination. They may not be the best, but I'm determined to get them there. 8. Knowledge. I don't know much so I'm relying on my AD to carry me to success. 9. Any team at all. I don't have a favorite.
  3. Minnesota will get that first win someday!
  4. Good luck LA! Get that win!
  5. Let's get it Lookout! Excited for my debut!
  6. Someday my players will be here... until then, just watching!
  7. Leonard Glik High School Review Leonard had spent all of his life in the Eastern European country of Poland. As such his High School career was not very glamorous. The sport of American Football is not very popular there – soccer is king above all. Glik’s football life began when he was still a small kid. His grandma took him to a toy store and let him pick one thing he would like. His eyes were caught by a solitary football laying in the back row of the shop. He picked it up and was sure that’s what he wanted. He spent that summer playing catch with the ball together with his grandfather and he loved every second. When he grew a bit he asked his parents to sign him up for a football club. Months of playing catch with his grandfather coupled with a natural knack for athletics made him a natural choice for the TE position and he excelled at it. His coach noticed his potential very quickly. Leonard made his way into the starting lineup within his first year, despite his young age. Leonard loved every second of his time in the club. He loved the practice, he loved his coach and his fellow players. But above all he loved the games. Even though football is a rather niche sport in Poland, the people who did come to see those high school games were hardcore fanatics. Even just a few of them made for quite a lively crowd and Glik learned to love the feeling of catching a great pass or throwing a vicious block and hearing the small crowd erupt in cheers. He lived for it and he lived for getting better at it. He sacrificed all his time and effort on becoming harder, better, faster and stronger – anything that would make him better at the game. And the weirdest thing imaginable happened. Scouts took notice – and not just any scouts, but scouts from the ECFA. After one game, he was contacted by a scout for the prestigious franchise of the Manchester Lookout, that offered him a scholarship at their program. He accepted without hesitation, especially since the same offer was made to his good friend Artur Bonner.
  8. 1. Probably either blue or green... hard to pick one 2. MMFLEX convinced me to create! 3. Well, probably a large supply of food... don't wanna starve. 4. Probably around 4-5 times a day. 5. I've always dreamed about going to New Zealand and seeing all the places LOTR was filmed! 6. I guess a movie where someone makes a shit ton of money and has an easy life 7. I've had a multiple breakage in my fingers... not a good experiance 8. I'm assuming you mean nature seasons... I love fall and spring! 9. I'd love to speak French... never had the chance to learn it though.
  9. https://vhlforum.com/topic/108410-robert-wilk prepares for-draft/ https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/59722-tampa-bay-crusaders-coach-speaks-out-on-championship-win/ +2
  10. Week Ending 19.09 1. 2. 3. 4.
  11. REVIEW As I said in another review about this matchup - I love this kind of article. Dramatic recaps of important games are awesome material and you did a great job of making it feel personal. Your strong feelings about this seep through the writing and that's great. Too often do articles feel like dry busywork. This is something more. This is great content that makes the reader feel something, makes it feel worthwhile to spend time reading this. Amazing work Approved
  12. REVIEW I absolutely loved this! I'm a sucker for dramatic analysis of important games such as this and you did it so damn well. The entire thing read like a blast, the writing flowed perfectly. Please do more of this, seriously. I'll read any amount of this kind of articles you post. It's great stuff. Approved
  13. Tomat0

    Meet Dani Keys

    REVIEW I really enjoyed this article! You set out to get people to know your player and you've done wonderfully at that. The article felt like a genuine interview, both the questions and answers felt organic and interesting. The questions weren't run of the mill and the answers felt like something a real person would say - which isn't as easy at it could seem! I really enjoyed reading it and I hope you continue with such cool content. Approved
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