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  1. Oof 10 - 44 has gotta hurt
  2. Smh at Glik for dropping so many.
  3. 1. No idea, I don't watch the NFL much. 2. Ciniminis baby! Sweet cinnamon goodness. 3. I do, it's a nice one with a glass back though. 4. My microphone lol 5. I have no clue, would end up braking my face haha 6. Pretty good, finishing up by bachelor's 7. Xbox SX, love it to bits, gamepass is too good 8. Makao! Don't know if its international but its the game Uno is based on haha 9. I do, I have a couple I got from my dad and my grandad, very nice and classy
  4. Glik baby, finally doing some good
  5. 1. Very nice. I love the holidays, it's my favorite part of year. 2. My SO's Grandma's cooking! Must have put on 5 kilos haha 3. Gingerbread. I'm a sucker for some nice old gingerbread. 4. I did, I met up with some friends, danced a bit. 5. Not really - just to keep on doing what I'm doing. 6. Getting my first job for sure. 7. Oh man that's a tough one. I'd love to visit the USA one day - NYE might be a good thing to try! 8. Northernlion - join the egg! 9. I don't know many facts... do you know Vodka's made of potatoes?
  6. Tomat0 Player Brand – Excited to get it going The two young Manchester Lookout players from the far country of Poland in Europe are finally getting started in their final season as players in the ECFA. Both the youngsters are extremely excited to see the amount of responsibility and time the team is giving them on the field, as they’ve been doing their best to develop into pieces worthy of consideration for the best teams in the ECFA. They are obviously clear on the fact that they’re far from the best players in the league, as they were late to start playing the great American sport of Football. Despite that the two young players are reasonably sure they can make their impact in both the ECFA and the EFL when they make it there eventually – which they believe they will one day. For now the duo is focused purely and entirely on helping their team succeed in all the best ways, perhaps to make the Finals and potentially win a ring for their fans in Manchester. Capping off a career in the ECFA with a ring is the dream of any player and those two are no exception. We will see how they fare.
  7. Leonard Glik and Artur Bonner prepare for their final ECFA season After playing for the Manchester Lookout, the two young Polish players are preparing to cap of their Minors careers with a bang. While the young Linebacker in Bonner has been having himself quite a successful career, scoring a lot of strong tackles over his career so far. Unfortunately, the offensive player of the two in Glik has been subpar at best. The Tight End has barely gotten his hands on the ball and when he did he fumbled it more often than not. That all is hopefully going to change soon enough, considering the young Poles are going to be the center point of the Manchaster team this season, with some of the more experienced players moving on up to the Major leagues of the EFL. Bonner is looking to improve his suffocating defense even further. Tackles, tackles and even more tackles. That’s the goal for the Linebacker. Glik in turn is going to try and make more of an impact on offense, by maybe making more catches and carrying the ball for impactful distances. He won’t forget about his current strengths either – throwing blocks when it matters most.
  8. 1. My hat. Lost it under my car seat for a whole year haha. 2. KALEO - Break My Baby. Love them blues vibes. 3. Probably just a gaming video of some sort. 4. Never in my life. Don't read newspapers. 5. Spiderman! Would love to see it again. 6. Oh man that's a tough one. Not childhood really but Community is really underappreciated. 7. Link! Love the Legend of Zelda. 8. A Star Wars blaster. I'm a sucker for some good old pew-pew. 9. I guess... shower? Bring on the smell lol. 10. Rock it baby! Bad hair day is best day. 11. Anything before december. 12. Tomato soup I guess? lol
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