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  1. Kahlil Mayzing vs Zoom Sexem
  2. 1. Didn't play. 2. Well, I think I will translate well. 3. On Zoom Sexem all I am looking at improving is speed. 4. Good enough 5. Pink with a light blue/ that Miami color is FIRE.. 6. I wasn't here. 7. Pineapple 8. Improve, Uncap, Win.
  3. Two cousins Zoom Sexem and Kahlil Mayzing have shown up to college training camps and are ready to roll. Zoom Sexem 6'2 220lb SS that played down in Hoover, Alabama and his cousin Kahlil Mayzing a 6'1 197lb QB out of Tacoma Texas. Zoom Sexem described as a hard hitting speedster that is strong as an Ox and lead his high-school team to a natty while also being the star of the baseball team. Kahll Mayzing a strong armed QB that can run for miles and was the fastest on his team. They both have two different story's Zoom Sexem the one that has always been more brought along and is seen to be the all around better player. Kahlil Mayzing a heavily criticized player for his play because some said he ran too much and passed two few. They even have two different futures with Sexem being on the Biscane Bay pirates and Kahlil Mayzing being on the Sacramento venom this coming season. Kahlil Mayzing will switch to WR until his final season and Sexem will work on improving as a safety. We don't know too much about these young men, but what we do know is that anything is possible.
  4. Congrats to all of the players that got drafted!
  5. 1. Very Well 2. Articles but we do both 3. Waterrrrr 4. All of em 5. Elephant 6. So many (Bigrade, Frontier, Reign, And Even Biscane Bay itself) but if I had to choose it would be the Wisconsin Bigrade. 7. Why not both? And 8. YESSIR
  6. https://imgur.com/2XIr77E
  7. Well as you guys might know, the NBA season resume on July 30th. It could be big for LeBron who (if he wins finals MVP) will be the first player to win 3 finals MVPs on 3 diffrent teams. Or Leonard whos in the same situation as Lebron and is in it to win his 3rd chip, Giannis could win his second chip, George could win his first, Harden could win his first with Westbrook, ect. This could potentially be the most important NBA title in a while. The NBA draft is also awaiting. Not to mention whats going to happen to the NFL. This is the most special time is sports that we will ever see. Football, Basketball, Hockey, ect... This right here will change not only the future of how sports are played but the future of how we as humans will live. For all we know this could be the best. Or even the last. Stay safe, everyone.
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