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  1. Well the journey is more important than the destination, right? GG DV, you guys earned it!
  2. Well done! I like the snow effect and the digital filter. The last name font is great, and the cursive is fun for the first name. I like the colour scheme too. 8/10.
  3. Foreward, wrote this before I saw you're brand new here. Don't take the feedback the wrong way, don't take it personal! I liked it more before it attacked me. That blur effect is not great. The whole image, but the background especially, looks like it's stretched to the point of becoming pixely. The two fonts look pretty basic, almost like an MS Paint font. It looks like you played around with the colours and filters though, I like the yellow and the blue together. Good job including the logo, but try to incorporate it into the design more by putting it on the jersey or helmet or adding an
  4. Oh dang good one! I love the render, the defensemen on the ground looking rattled is great. The logo swap is subtle and very nice. I wish you'd use a more legible font, but the colours are nice. 7/10.
  5. I don't like it. The words are real hard to read. Are there different team logos behind each repetition? That's cray. The swirling background is neat though, I like that kind of art. A logo swap is necessary when it's so front and centre like that though. 3/10.
  6. hi im a rookie, first season here, is this good?
  7. So cool fishy, that’s awesome that you’re comfortable enough here to really be you. I think that’s a fantastic and accessible explanation of the gender and sexuality spectrums - so many people are stuck in the binary black or white world. You keep doing you! I don’t know the EFL community as much as VHL but I hope they’re as supportive as you need us to be.
  8. 1. The Generals have been pretty average this season. What do you think is the reason for that? The FUCKING sim engine is FUCKING us with a CACTUS up the ASS. GAWSH. Who is the SIMONT over here - whose house do I have to TP to get a win?! lmao classic moose 2. Do you think the Generals will be able to get on a run here soon? Sneak into the playoffs and we'll be fine. We're saving our luck for when it matters. 3. The Athens Carnage lead out division with a 6-0 record, will they finish the season with a perfect record? Are we done playing them? If yes, yes. If no, no.
  9. honestly I fucked up N1 pirate fight negates spy moves n3, since I'm revealed anyways, maf visited Caboose and Tac. Would love to hear from him.
  10. yeah ya dink you rb'd the spy. I bugged Caboose last night but we all know how that went
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