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  1. Charlesville, PA Newspaper Written by the Bedford County Sports Station Welcome America, it is Chase Arnette, presenting from the Bedford County Sports Station. The ECFA Season is over, and Hades Creek Phalanx pulled off the win as most expected—as the true Championship game was in the Legend Conference when we had Hades Creek Phalanx vs our hometown heroes very own: Anchorage Storm! We all know whoever won this matchup, was going to go on to win it all, and wouldn’t you know it… it came down to OT where HCP won the game by a field goal. It hurts, but let’s look at our town’s shining star and see how he did folks. He didn’t break the century mark this game, topping just 1-yard shy at 99 yards this game. It still was the most on the team with Two, P reaching 85 yards rushing, and another 5 receiving meeting 90 yards total. Justin Sane also had the two biggest plays for his team, with a 31-yard reception, and a 25 yard reception, with the next highest coming in by Town, B possessing a 20 yard play himself. Out of the 11 overall dropped passes in the game—Justin Sane had a goose egg—which was his biggest gripe of his own play all year. Biggest game of the year—zero drops, you know he is happy about that. Another impressive stat is that 5 of Justin Sane’s 7 receptions ended up being a first down, while one of the others was a touchdown. Reliably moving the sticks has been an issue for Anchorage Storm at times, so this was pleasant to see. But, my turn to gripe America. Your team fought hard to get to Overtime. Justin Sane had 7 catches that game, while no one else had more than four. The opposing team gets a field goal, meaning if you get into the end zone the game is over. Let’s look at their final drive. The kickoff to Anchorage Storm goes into the endzone allowing them to start at their own 25. Seventy-five yards to go for the endzone and they start off with a zero-yard rush—which is fine. To open up the best passes, the opposing team must respect the run. Was it predictable? Perhaps, though now everyone knows a pass is coming next. Doesn’t matter, Falk completes it to McTominay for 7 yards. Third and 3, Falk is 22/28 on the day, 2 Touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Picked off! Falk passed a deep ball to Gunnar, S and HCP seals the game. Now, you have Justin Sane who has converted 5 first downs on 7 receptions this game, again, one of the others being in the end zone. Why would you not pass to him!? He didn’t drop a pass ALL game. It is free. Heck, You have 3 yards to go, and one of your running backs is averaging 4.7 yards per rush, and the other? Well, he is at 6.2! Just get the first down with one of your most reliable people and continue to play the game and see what happens. This reminds me of Seattle at the 1-yard line, and instead of letting Beast Mode get it in, they try to get tricky. Look, Gunnar, S is a solid player, but why not allow him to block this play, be it opening up a reliable pass with great protection, or for the run? He is equally amazing at both the run and pass block. I don’t get it… but maybe that’s why I’m just a Journalist? Maybe next year.
  2. From Regular Season into Playoffs, S21 will forever be known as the year that Anyone could beat Anyone. Such an insane year of close matches and random upsets.
  3. 1. The run near the end of the season was very poor for us, yet we beat the Pirates who were on a 5 game win streak, and gave one hell of a match following that. We showed how competitive we can be, and it looks good for next year as long as our QB to be does well. 2. Praise be to Odin, and may he bless thee! 3. Do you? 4. Destined for greatness! 5. Breaking Freshman records. 6. Breaking records period. 7. Too many drops, yet he still smashed some records. Imagine if he gets that fixed... well if I get that fixed! 8. Why wouldn't they want to play here? We did amazing with what we had.
  4. 1. Over 2. Demetrius Sharkstrong 3. Riley Carswell 4. Wisconsin 5. Under
  5. Charlesville, PA Newspaper Written by the Bedford County Sports Station Good Evening America, Here I am, Chase Arnette with the Bedford County Sports Station. While I haven’t touched directly on this man in a while—how could I not after he closed out a dominant season? That’s right, we’re talking about our very own, born and raised in our own hometown of population unincorporated… Justin Sane! There are only 8 players in the 21 season history of College Football who have more single season receiving touchdowns than him. There are 17 players who have more receptions in a single season than him. But those people were not Freshman. No, these are feats of people who are not just 18 years old, these were legitimate adults. If we look at Freshman for Receiving yards, there is one man who outdid him, and it was by 10 yards. If a single play went different, he’d be the greatest Freshman of all time in receiving yards. With his 10 receiving touchdowns, he is the record holder. With his 78 receptions, he has an 8 reception gap between him and second place. Ladies and Gentleman, Justin Sane statistically, is the greatest Freshman Wide Receiver to ever play the game. Could he become the best ever? Well, if this last game is any indication of where he is headed, he may very well be. Week 16, Pirates win 20 – 14, Week 15, Pirates beat the #1 team 13 – 7, Week 14 Pirates win 27 – 7, Week 13 Pirates win 17-3, and week 12 the Pirates beat Justin Sane’s team, Anchorage Storm. Over the course of 5 weeks, Pirates didn’t lose a single game, and most of the games they flat out made their opponent’s offenses look silly. Since week 13 only 1 team got more than a touchdown against them, showing off one of the craziest defensive performances over the course of the month. Heading into the playoffs, it would be very hard to pick Anchorage Storm over Biscayne Bay Pirates. Anchorage Storm was spiraling downhill very fast after a strong performance early in the season. The final week of games they only beat the last place team in all of college football by merely 3 points. Before that they had a 16 point loss, only scoring 13 points all game. So, how did they find a way to win? As much as I’d like to say it was 100% off the shoulders of our hometown hero—we have to give credit to this defense. Not one, two or even three, but FOUR interceptions. Pirates chose to put in this young man late in the season, and he did quite well during the regular season, but clearly the pressure of the big game got to him. On the other side, Storm’s QB was 3 tds with 0 picks, even sporting over a 70% completion rate. His primary target? Justin Sane, accounting for 103 of his 298 passing yards! Over 17 yards per catch, he tore apart a defense that over the past month was making everyone else look foolish. So I ask again, could Justin Sane be on track to break all of the ECFA Receiving records? He’s already ahead of every other Freshman who was at this point. Think about it.
  6. Rangers vs Storm.. I play on both teams, hurts knowing I'm ruining one of my teams playoffs hopes in that game
  7. Charlesville, PA Newspaper Written by the Bedford County Sports Station Good evening America! That’s right, Chase Arnette with the Bedford County Sports Station. I’m not having my articles available to all of the United States. I’ve now moved up as one of the most read and watched commodities in America. However, if I’m to continue my ascent into greatness, I’ll need to shy away from my crux of using Justin Sane’s fame and show I can do it without him. So, this week I’ll not be doing an interview, but instead look into covering the entire ECFA. My angle? That hodgepodge of two conferences is literally a power ranking disaster! To ask someone to do the power ranking for the ECFA right now would almost be a punishment. It is a near impossibility. For the Heroes Conference you have 3 teams at 7-4. Another at 6-5, followed by 5-6 and lastly 4-7. That 4-7 team was just recently 4-5, a near 50/50. The 7-4 teams and 6-5 teams are all on win streaks, so they too were about 50/50 teams until recently. An anybody can beat anybody conference folks. Now hopefully things keep going the way it is, and we get some continuity going into playoffs because at this rate, there will be some worthwhile teams not making it, and it never feels good for them to not at least get a shot. I’ll at least point out the number 1 and 10 team of the Heroes Conference. Number 1 has to go to Venom of the 3 7-4 teams. Their 311 points puts them at 28 points per game, whereas second in the conference is 4.5 points more than second place. At the same time, they only give up 16 points per game, whereas second place for that is 17 points per game. Sure, a 1-point difference, but that same team only scores 21 points per game, and entire touchdown less. This team is clearly better than their record shows. Now, for a little unwanted bashing, tenth place goes to the team that truly is tenth place. Savage City Wraiths. They may be only one game behind moving up in the rankings, but a two-game losing streak could be a sign of things to come. Have they fallen off? Have other teams simply became better? Or is it perhaps just a string of bad luck? Unfortunately, I wouldn’t count it as bad luck. Having the worst points for and points against in their conference—it is a surprise to see them even at 4-7. Though the Heroe’s Conference is no joke, this isn’t to call them a bad team. I’m sure most would admit that outside of the top Hades Creek, that the Legend’s Conference is the weaker of the two, and if the Wraiths played in the Legends Conference, they would be no means be the worst team. I won’t take nearly as much time on this one, everyone knows the #1 and #10 team of the Legends Conference. In fact, I refuse to even say it. The disparity between 1 and 10 is like a pro team going against a high school team. Heck, the gap between 1 and 2 is large enough, as is the distance between 9 and 10. Though anywhere between there is just as much as anyone’s guess as it is for the Heroe’s Conference. Now… if only we could stop the talk of people wondering—How would Hades Creek Phalanx do in the EFL?
  8. Will the Phalanx vs Rangers game have over or under 44.5 points? UNDER Which wide reciever will have the most EFCA receiving yards in week 14 - Jakob Markstrom, Ocho Cinco, or Steven McTominay? MARKSTROM Which EFCA team will have the most passing yards in week 14? HADES CREEK Will the total ECFA tackles for week 14 be - below 550 tackles, between and including 550 and 570 tackles, or over 570 tackles? OVER Wil lthe home teams win over or under 3.5 games in week 14 of the EFCA? OVER Will there be over or under 31.5 touchdowns scored in week 14 of the EFL? UNDER Which EFL receiver will put up the most receiving yards in week 14 of the EFL? VORSCHLAGHAMMER In the Mambas vs Brigade game, which player of these 3 will have the most receiving yards - Goodall West, Taktishcer Vorschlaghammer, or Antonio Gonzalez? GONZALES Will there be more sacks or interceptions in week 14 of the EFL? INTERCEPTIONS Which EFL team will kick the most field goals in week 14? SAN ANTONIO
  9. 1. I've said it elsewhere, but now I'll say it on this platform for all to hear. Our yards per pass is atrocious. The opposing team had 8.7 while we are at 4.6. Have to get down the field if we want to score. We aren't talented enough quite yet to have a bunch of small yardage plays, and hope to execute each time. One mistake each drive and we now don't get a first down. 2. If we keep our Time of Possession as low as it has been, then he'll have a lot of opportunities to do so. 3. Last game? 6 catches, a touchdown, though I had 4 dropped passes. I did okay, but need to do a lot better to drag us out of this slump. 4. Us to return to how we performed earlier in the season, maybe even better. Bigger plays, less of these little dunks and dives. 6. To become the number one receiver of this team, and prove that I'm capable of being the best receiver in the nation. 7. It will be exciting to have someone learning the ropes before his first year playing. Hopefully I perform well enough to get him Freshman of the year. 8. People are staying positive, but is it fake? I can't truly tell. Can only imagine some have started to lose hope. Time for our team leader to speak up I think, create some hype, boost morale.
  10. Ouch, four drops for my guy Sane, not sure if that balances out with having 6 catches and a TD
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