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  1. Will there be over or under 40.5 points scored in the EFCA Championship Game? Over Which EFCA defender will have the most passes tackles in the EFCA Championship Game? Watt In the EFCA Championship game, which player of these 3 will have the most rushing yards - Kamari Okonjo, Tomas Kacer, or Danny DeVinter? Kacer Which team will win the EFCA Championship Game? Pirates Will there be over or under 5.5 passes defended in the ECFA Championship Game? Over
  2. And that's ball game! The Biscayne Bay Pirates will face the Trenton Generals on Thursday! Hope you all enjoyed this presentation, I'll see you all at the ECFA CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!
  3. 0:161st and GoalHAD - 7Rush by DeVinter, D. for 4 yds. Tackle by Holloway, L.. 0:162nd and GoalHAD - 3Biscayne Bay Pirates : Timeout Pirates have no more timeouts and are standing 3 yards away from victory.
  4. 0:551st and 10HAD - 18Pass by Prince III, J., complete to Johannessen, D. for 11 yds. Tackle by Andre, E.. 0:551st and GoalHAD - 7Biscayne Bay Pirates : Timeout Pirates go ahead and use their 2nd timeout.
  5. 3:121st and 10BIS - 20Rush by DeVinter, D. for 1 yds. Tackle by Lionheart, C.. 2:572nd and 9BIS - 21Rush by Kacer, T. for 5 yds. Tackle by Holloway, L.. 2:303rd and 4BIS - 26Rush by Kacer, T. for 1 yds. Tackle by DE 23, B.. Pirates can't get it done on 3rd down, and they HAVE to go for it here...
  6. 3:591st and 10HAD - 45Pass by Gunn, E. to Adrienne, M. was dropped! Incomplete. 3:562nd and 10HAD - 45Rush by McClainCallahan, C. for a short gain. Tackle by DT 35, B.. 3rd down for Hades Creek. A stop here for the Pirates would be huge...
  7. 5:241st and 10BIS - 20Rush by Kacer, T. for 4 yds. Tackle by DE 14, B..
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