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  1. First game First TD ...First W?
  2. Will the Carnage vs Generals game have over or under 691 yards of total offense? Under Which running back will have the most EFCA rushin yards in week 5 - Fred Flinstone, Khalil Carson, or Levi Lattimore? Fred Flintstone Which EFCA team will score the most points in week 5? Anchorage Storm Will the total ECFA passing yards for week 5 be - below 2,050 yards, between and including 2,050 and 2,250 yards, or over 2,250 yards? Over What ECFA receiver will lead the country for the season in receiving after week 5? Terren Lasley Will there be over or under 283 points scored in week 5 of the EFL? Under Which EFL passer will put up the most passing yards in week 5 of the EFL? Vince Carswel In the Kracken vs Wolfpack game, which player of these 3 will have the most tackles - Amina Gunner, Baker Blade, or Mum-O Killowe? Amina Gunner Will the Miami Neptune have a better, worse, or the same record as the San Francisco Frenzy at the end of week 5? Better Will Johnny Gregg make over or under 2 field goals in Wisconsin's week 5 game vs Toronto? Over
  3. Scoot

    S21 EFL Week Three

    I'm 2 for 2 in Survivor so far lol
  4. Scoot

    S21 Survivor Game 1

    ECFA Week 3 Mammoths @ Pirates EFL Week 3 Wolfpack @ Frenzy ECFA Week 4 Generals @ Lookout EFL Week 4 Herd @ Mambas ECFA Week 5 Storm @ Mammoths EFL Week 5 Reign @ Steam
  5. Scoot

    S21 ECFA Week One

    We fell short today, Lookout. Just the first game of the season, we're just warming up.
  6. Lots of fumbles today. Gonna have to work on our ball security.
  7. Scoot


    RIP meant to comment this in the ECFA thread lmao. This is what I get for getting on my phone immediately after waking up from a nap.
  8. Scoot


    Sucks that I missed the game, but we tried our best. Our run game was pretty
  9. Lighthouses were made to overcome storms. #Lookout4Us
  10. Hey all, Chuck here. After getting a generous scholarship offer from Manchester Lookout, I thought it would be a great experience for me and, potentially for you reading this, to document the experience of committing to play college football, keeping you guys updated on the ups and downs of all that comes with being a college athlete and hopefully in the future I will be blessed enough to be able to continue this documentation as a professional. Committing to a college is one of the most exciting feelings I've had in my life thus far. As soon as I committed, I had fans of the team tagging me in photo edits, I gained a lot of follows on twitter, instagram, basically every social media site I was on and I'm blessed to be so accepted by one of the best fanbases in college sports. I've been pushing myself extremely hard this offseason and I hope that I'll be ready to start my first day on the field. I've been getting to know a few of my teammates, although our contact has been limited, I feel like we're going to have an explosive chemistry on the field. I can already tell that the coaching staff and the players around me are all passionate about winning just as much as I am, and whenever you put a group of guys like that in a room, they all got one common goal, you're going to produce, and I think that'll speak for itself once we're suited up and on the field together. I just recently got a look at our team's schedule for the year, and all I can tell you is that we're gonna make BIG things happen this year. #LOOKOUT4US Well, that's about all I've got to talk about so far! I'll keep y'all updated on games, offseasons, and more later on! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out my story. "Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle." Psalm 144:1
  11. Username: Scoot QB: Vince Carswell ($7) RB: Hobo Jackson ($3) WR: Takitscher Vorschlaghammer ($6) WR: Mr. Cornholio ($5) WR: Jeff Downey ($4) FLEX: Marcus Brisco ($2) TE: Apollo Cross ($1) K: San Francisco Kicker ($1) DST: San Francisco ($1)
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