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  1. "You know, as sometimes frustrating as the college level of football is, I have been keeping my frustrations in check. Or at least I think I have, coaches have said that I seem to be reserved on the field. Right now I am working my butt off on speed and tackling drills, but I still have a very long way to go. Meanwhile, I almost missed a test yesterday because I overslept. Thank God my roommate was listening to insanely loud music, and that is the only time I will ever be appreciative of that kind of loud music. That roommate in particular seems to love loud rap music, and we have been trying to tell him not to have it so loud for weeks. We finally just told him that if he is going to keep playing hia music that loud, then he should not play it when it is very late. Usually when someone prepares to go to bed, he needs to stop playing it or at least turn it down. But I guess it worked out for the better, as it got me up and I managed to pass. Hopefully I can keep my emotions and grade in check like I have been doing. Anyways, I'll see you all in the next blog!"
  2. Wish I could stay up but I'm getting really tired
  3. My player literally did nothing
  4. Double punts, not much offense there
  5. Crap. I go to charge my phone and miss it
  6. I am here. My team is not winning but I am here
  7. Wraiths still a work in progress
  8. "Alright I have learned how difficult the road ahead can be. I did manage to get 2 tackles but other then that and a few pass deflections I am not getting anywhere. So I have dedicated myself to training and workouts to try to get better and improve myself for the team. Speaking of the team, our offense still is not good. I knew that it would be tho. We have a rookie QB and just a lot of players that just aren't that good on the team. But I know this team can get better and it is just a matter of continuing to improve myself. As for the Savage City campus itself, it is a nice college overall. I have met some good people here and there are a few nice girls around. I impressed one of the girls with my bench press recently, or at least I think I did. She seemed impressed, but I think she may not be into jocks unfortunately. That is alright tho, as I need to focus on my training and working on my sprints. I am also trying my best to keep up with my studies, as obviously I would like to stay on this team. Anyways, I hope this Sky Blog turns out good for you all. See you all next time!"
  9. Alright! I'm getting tired but let's do this
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