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  1. "Ahh damn man I almost had the pick!" Jeff Johnson, one of Deegan Jackson's roommates, yells as he gets scored on in the EFL video game that he is playing with Kyle Jones. Kyle was currently blowing him out, many seasons of football video game experience helping him out. "Well it was a quick pass, you should have just timed your jump on the route a bit better." Kyle says, trying to give some advice to Jeff "Honestly though, with this overpowered team you created, you deserve to receive just a bit of humility." "Oh haha" Jeff says as they shut the game down "by the way have you heard from Deegan? Shouldn't he have been home by now?" "Apparently he had to do some jogging around the campus to keep himself active. I swear that man is honestly a complete machine with how much he works out." "Well when you are a football player I would imagine that you would have to work out a lot. Anyways, the reason I asked is that I got some mail from someone that I think is his brother" "Dude, did you open his mail?!" Kyle yells "Woah woah woah, no I did not. The name on the package and letter just had the name "Eric Jackson" and I do not think ether of us know an Eric" "No you're right on that point, the only Eric I know is a third cousin and his last name is Matthews and there is no way he would send me mail." Kyle shrugs. Soon after, while Kyle was working on his upcoming game and Jeff was watching tv, Deegan finally enters the dorm sweating and drinking some water "Woo! Felt good to get some jogging done" Deegan smiles as he wipes some sweet off his brow "if you two ever want some help working out just let me know" "Maybe later Deegan" Jeff says before pointing to the package "I think this package is for you? It's from someone named Eric Jackson" "Oh yeah Eric he is my oldest brother" Deegan says before opening the box and pulling out an old football helmet from a high school team. "Hmm this does look familiar... ahh yeah now I know what this is! I think it is one of his old helmets from his high school football days." "Ohh that is cool" Kyle says as he examines the helmet "but why would he send you that? Just seems pretty random." "I think I know the reason but let me see what the letter says." He grabs the letter and opens it to read this: "Dear Little Bro, Remember when you were a kid and you always wanted to put on my helmets? Well I think that now that you are playing in college I think you need a reminder of who the big man was before you. Keep on going bro, you will only get better with time! From your big brother, Eric" "Heh yeah Bro you definitely were the big man." Deegan chuckles "however I still think that I am becoming the bigger man. I will show you just how big I am getting-" "Earth to Deegan!" Kyle says as he points to the computer "I got a new version of my game, want to see?" "Oh hell yeah let's do this!"
  2. Good win Rangers! Still in the driver's seat!
  3. "Hey everybody Deegan Jackson here again with my second blog entry! A lot has been happening since last time, and I am sure a lot of you Death Valley Rangers fans have seen how well the team has been doing, and I am really happy that I was finally able to get my first touchdown in the last game. The coaches definitely put me through my paces when we first got into the first practice, and I definitely needed and probably still need some time to get adjusted to the college level of talent in the ECFA. However I am very happy with how the Rangers have been using me. Even if I am mostly being used as a tight end, I feel like I am getting all of the snaps that I can get. My roommate Kyle has even used me as a tester of his new football simulation game that he has been working on. The game is pretty fun so far, even in it's early pre-alpha state. As for what I am majoring in right now, I decided to go into psychology with geology as a minor. Balancing my grades and my football practices has been a bit of a challenge, but I think I am handling it as well as I can. Speaking of, I gotta go study at the library so I'll see you in the next blog!"
  4. Probably why it's GOTW tbh
  5. Wraiths are bringing it to them
  6. "Deegan, you looked great out there! Keep on working and get more snaps as you go" The Death Valley Rangers coach says as he addresses the team and specifically Deegan Jackson after the win at Roswell vs the Encounter "just keep your chin up" "Don't worry coach I know" Deegan smiles as he wipes off some sweat from his brow "I am just happy to be a part of the offense no matter what." "Yeah that's the spirit Deegan!" The coach smiles before going to address the other players. While he does, Deegan texts his folks to let them know that he is not hurt too much before opening a text from his dorm roommate, Kyle Jones "Hey man I just finished the latest update to my game" the text says. Deegan smiles, because Kyle is studying programming and game design and has been working on a small football simulation game for a few months and it seems like he has a new update to show off. "Alright man I'll be back when I can and when I get there we can go over the game together. Hopefully you fixed that bug that makes all the scrambling quarterbacks fumble" he texts back as he goes to take off his uniform. As he does, he begins to think about his early grades. They have not been bad or anything, but the switch from high school to college has been a big one for him, and the easy classes have been something that he really had to get used to. In fact, all of college has been a big change for him after living in a small town pretty much all of his life. Hell, he's only been out of Kentucky on rare vacations before. The farthest he had gone before is once going to Nashville Tennessee on a vacation to see an uncle he did not even know he had. The Jackson family are a bit split up due to a previous rich uncle's will struggle that divided them all into two groups. The only reason that the family are starting to get put back together is the fact that the will hearing was many years ago and many members have realized how foolish the fight for the will had been. Though there is a small part of him that thinks it is at the very least partly because of his football career. Hell his brother Eric was going to become a great wife receiver before his hurt his knee. He shakes his head, trying to get those thoughts out. It was not healthy for him to think like that, he had to keep at the very least somewhat optimistic. That was the past, and this is now. And he still had a lot of work to do now. "Deegan! You seemed distracted, are you ready to go?" The coach says aa he goes up to him "Oh? Oh yeah! Sorry, I was just thinking about some old stuff don't worry about that." Deegan smiles as he gets the rest if his uniform off and his street clothes on. He smiles to himself as he gets into the bus, trying his best to look to the future and not to the past.
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