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  1. Player name: De'Andre Walker Current player tpe: 194 Combine tpe: 6 Alexander Lexington 191 9
  2. 1: I doubt it, we're pretty great 2: Don't really care cause it doesn't affect the Generals 3: Everyone does their part and i think the whole team has been good 4: Me... lul just kidding, same as question 3 5: Don't really keep up with the EFL 6: Uhh beat writer maybe idk if it is in here though 7: I don't watch any currently but alltime maybe icarly just because i grew up with it 8: The gongoozler, it drags you down into the ocean by your toes
  3. You take that back or ill spit some hot fire and burn yo ass
  4. 1: Hopefully 2: Watt 3: Okonjo 4: Trenton 5: Yes
  5. With another year and another dissappointment in the books for the Manchester Lookout, we have their freshman wide reciever De'Andre walker to talk with us about the season and the Manchester playoff curse. So De'Andre lets get right into it. How do you feel about this season in general and what kind of experiences have you had through out it. Well to start off i want to say that despite losing in the playoffs i think our season was quite succesfull we did great in regular season even were the best team in the heroes conference and im really proud of myself and the guys. Personally i have
  6. When i was born in a small town in North Carolina everyone expected me to play football and be good at it especially my dad, he was a local football legend, when he played in highschool he was very dominant and led our small town team to two state championships in a row. After that he went on and joined one of the most prestigious college team in the country but before he could even play a game for his new team he was diagnosed with first stage cancer, after that he felt shocked and retired from football. After that he finished college and moved to where it all began, a little later he started
  7. My name is Alexander Lexington i was born in Baltimore, the first time i ever played football was at the age of 4 when i used to constantly compete against my older brother. At the age of 13 i started really liking it and tryed out for my middle school team, but i didn't make it because i was pretty chubby and unathletic at that time but it motivated me to work the hardest that i could. When i turned 15 i was in way better shape i was as fast as the fastest kids and as strong as the strongest ones so i decided to tryout for the highschool football team. I did very well in the tryout and the
  8. Playoff time!!!!!!!!!!! lets go Manchester
  9. Lets go great upset Manchester and good win for Trenton too
  10. Going into week 10 of EFCA football we had a few interesting matchups and one of them was the Lookout who were 6-3 at the time and the Mammoths who had a record of 3-6 the Lookout were favored going into the match but the Mammoths came out victorious with a score of 6-0. Here with us today we have the freshman wide reciever from the Manchester Lookout De'Andre Walker. So De'Andre, you had one of the best if not the best game of your season so far against Lincoln and i would like to ask what was your mindset before the match during the match and after it. "Well before the match i was pretty
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