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  1. Anyone wanna unvote me last second as a troll?
  2. How could you do this to me!
  3. See this is the kind of argument i can get behind using the game logic to vote me out not “Im sheriff and hes bad” So doom most likely is actually sheriff and i got framed then. Well played by mafia but I understand why you guys are doing this. I wish town good fortune in the wars to come. I wish we had a spy who could help confirm i got framed
  4. Hopefully we got ourselves a medium too
  5. So when i am found as investigator can our possibly existing jailor please execute doomsday or vote him up tomorrow?
  6. Yea i got that too but its not a coven game so I didn’t bother including it...
  7. I mean he’s the guy who falsely is pushing me why wouldn’t i look at him...
  8. There is also an any role, just saying
  9. But actually he is sheriff exe ww lol
  10. I investigated Doomsday, and it turns out he is the 2nd jailor. Double jailor game that is wild!
  11. I never said i was attacked because i was not attacked. If he had saved me from an attack don’t you think he would have i includes that in his will?
  12. I was helping by not giving away our jailor. But he has already asked for protection now so its all good
  13. If you guys are going to kill me I would rather it be by town vote rather than the fellow who is asking for protection. Don’t want him to lose his executions
  14. Congrats on the lamest exe win ever doom
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