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  1. Rick Ross was born and raised in a small Iowa town. He was raised by his mother and father and being the youngest among nine other siblings, so it was always pretty hectic in the Ross household. Ross always had a knack for sports and his father made sure him and all his siblings exercised each and every day starting at 6am and ending at 8am. (Except on Sundays when they would go to church. His father always said if it was good enough for God to take a day off, it was good enough for his family to take a day off.) He cites his father as being a very influential force on his football career, having played football himself when he was Rick’s age and his mother influenced his track career, having ran track when she was in college. Four of Ross’s six brothers were also on the high school football team, all of them playing offensive lineman, protecting Ross eventually tried out for the high school football team as well as the high school track team, where he excelled in both. He broke his school’s 100 meter dash record with an impressive 10.2 seconds. He was also a star runningback for his high school’s football team, The Prairie Hawks. His senior year he rushed for a whopping 2616 yards with 33 touchdowns on the ground and 316 yards receiving with 7 touchdowns, averaging 10.7 yards per carry and 16 yards per reception. He shattered his school’s game, season and career rushing records and cemented himself as an extremely solid college prospect. He finished off his high school career with 7458 yards rushing, 89 rushing touchdowns, 1,422 receiving yards and 23 receiving touchdowns. He will soon choose his college commitment and he’ll look to make himself an impressive force in the ECFA and maybe one day, the EFL. There is very little Ross lets get in his way, and he plans on being a dominant force during his college career and breaking more records, which he says is also a driving force for him to push himself to be better.
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