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  1. Want to thank this organization for 4 years. I know my activity dropped off and I wasn't a huge part of the lockeroom this season but to see so many great leaders set up and take us to a National Title, thank you. And thank you to our fearless leader @Spartan for bringing in a rough around the edges member once again and putting a franchise together that contributed so much to my success as a member. At this time I will be announcing Oliwer McNair's retirement and additionally, my own as a member of the EFL. Whether I've been in the confetti celebrating a Championship or clashing with the leag
  2. Quite the opposite my friend. I'm glad I was able to help bring a Championship to Trenton. You deserve success.
  3. It’s been a harsh season for me as a player and as a member of this league. I’ve said a great many things about not only players, simmers, but the league in general. A lot my initial sentiments were aimed as a part of my “character” in this league as “Heel McNair”, obviously in reference to my Linebacker Oliwer McNair. As time has gone on, I’ve come to the place where I stand by those initial thoughts and quite frankly feel I could expand on them if I felt the desire. Heel McNair or Heel Moose has stopped feeling like a character and through whatever whim of the sim engine has become very real
  4. And Wally yes, definitely that OnlyFans link . No cactus for you though, we never argued about anything. Though I may need to post some form of cactus fetish video or something to pay off any fines I get from all this lol
  5. I'm aware of that. Regardless, I'm done.
  6. Honestly it's cool. It's not even you that's keeping it going anyway.
  7. I said if people want to defend it yep. People chose to defend it and take that offense. Everyone leaves it be I go cool off and we're not still doing this but instead here we are.
  8. @zekethatbeast25how does that response match what you quoted? Get a clue and go somewhere else dude.
  9. You just keep running your mouth. I'd say you get an F for Failing to see the irony in you complaining about people complaining.
  10. Lot of people running their mouths to me but no concept of what the actual issue is. I've said my piece, I said what I said for those who want to defend it. I don't owe any of you my silence.
  11. @LittleRiDogit's cool man, honestly it's not your fault. Presentation is great. If it only happened when you presented sure I'd have questions but honestly I don't even know. It's just bullshit. Pure bullshit. Not your fault though man, you're good.
  12. Or, or, you could just go fuck yourself bud.
  13. Think the "sacked by a Bot" ending is a nice little stamp on this nonsense. Anyone with sense should be able to see this is some bullshit. Anyone who wants to defend it, kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus.
  14. Not one game when it happens all the time.
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