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  1. Name: Jay Kae Team: Hades Creek Phalanx Equipment: Under Armour Highlight MC Equipment gain: Speed +1 Cost: 5M Cash you have: 5M Cash Left: 0
  2. Username: Cantir QB: Pengu Lee - $7 RB: Ajay Krishna - $3 RB: Apollo King - $5 WR: Robert Joseph - $4 WR: Alastair Lynch - $4 WR: Butter Fingers - $3 TE: Himalaya Griffintown - $6 K: New Player - $1 DST: Toronto Skyhawks - $2
  3. Hades Creek Phalanx seniors Jordan Kavanagh and Jay Kae were both highly recruited when they came out of high school. However, they never lived up to the hype in the first 3 seasons of the ECFA which has critics talking about their potential and how much of a risk they will be in the draft. However, both players seem to have found a spark this season as their work rate and commitment is outstanding this season. We caught up with Jordan to see his thoughts about the situation; "Well, you know me and my boy Jay were way too good in high school and we just crui
  4. Honestly, the EFL started as me using every option possible to get more TPE for my SBA player. For my first two seasons, I remember barely checking on my player and attempting to earn tpe, even forgetting to claim welfare on a weekly basis. It was definitely a numbers thing, I remember my players hardly doing anything the first few games I seen and I became uninterested. It wasn't until my 3rd season that I even began to make an effort on updating my player. Once I started making that effort I began being more active in the locker room and that is when I started to realize how ama
  5. Question above. I was given the clear on using my 3 tpe season pass from the stocking stuffer, so if I use doubles week can I claim the full 12 with that being counted as my 3 job pay? Thanks
  6. Do I claim that 1 tpe along with the 2 from your other post?
  7. Jay Kae, from the same agency as Jordan Kavanagh has also declared for the draft. The young CB for the Hades Creek Phalanx has entered his name into the mix to go pro. In his 3 seasons so far, Kae has recorded 123 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 19 pass deflections. Like Kavanagh, he has a taste for playoff success as he has yet to achieve any real success in the playoffs with the Phalanx. The young CB will bring a huge injection of pace into any defense, as he plans to work hard during the upcoming season to really be ready for the faster pace EFL game. He is still very raw in terms of game
  8. Good luck to both teams! Should be a great game!
  9. Good luck to both teams! Should be a good match up!
  10. Jordan Kavanagh has officially declared for the upcoming draft after 4 years with the Hades Creek Phalanx. The young TE has tasted regular season success with the Phalanx who have lost just 8 games in the past 3 seasons. However, playoff success has eluded him so far as he has struggled to reach the National title match in each of his 3 seasons. Kavanagh is very driven to win a title and that is what you expect from the young TE going forward in his career. Kavanagh has been fairly steady with his performance in his career, averaging 8.3 yards per catch in the last 2 seasons, and finishing
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