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  1. EFL Predictions Champion: Memphis East Finalist: Memphis West Finalist: New Orleans MVP: Tugg Bote Award: Ja LongArm OPotY: Trey Masters Award: Oscar Jebaseelan DPotY: Chocolate Thunder Award: Zane Montgomery QB: Martin Isaac Award: Ja LongArm RB: Marcus Johnson Award: Oscar Jebaseelan FB: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Award: Robert Hunter WR: Colt Cream Award: Henry McDolin TE: Joplo Crittenden Award: Himalaya Griffintown LB: Marcus Holloway Award: Gustav PalpaTurner CB: Ivan Zamora Award: Zane Montgomery S: Ray Ray
  2. Jan 10 - 16 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/18802-bryce-greening-and-hank-hellers-experiences-with-the-ecfa-as-kids/&do=findComment&comment=280273 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/18797-s25-jay-cue-juliet-quebec/&do=findComment&comment=28028 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/18483-asahel-one-last-run-a-review/&do=findComment&comment=28028 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/17671-go-votefor-ja/&do=findComment&comment=280294
  3. Approved! It goes without saying that this article passes with flying colors. You did a great job in breaking down some of the amazing feats that Ja LongaArm has done in his past seasons while also highlighting the significance of the trade in which he was acquired. You also continued on to explain why voters should be swayed to vote for the man by breaking down the percentages of what voters should be looking at when it comes down to filling out their ballot. Formatting was great, content and flow was good and a shoutout (tag) to the man you're rooting for is always appreciated by the user
  4. Approved! This was a great write-up for what was a rather promising career coming up short. It was great to be able to follow Asahel career from start to finish and you've made this article quite easy to follow breaking each paragraph accordingly to the subjects at hand. I also like that you've made this almost like a final sign off for what is to be his last season. Good luck to you finding a home for Asahel.
  5. Approved! This was a great recap of both Jay and Juliet's seasons. You provided ample detail to give the reader enough info to understand what each of the players have done as well as giving an insight on how their represented teams had performed. Nothing much to say here as the content of the article itself was easy to read and follow. Would add that adding a space between your paragraphs might help the format representation of the article as well as a picture or two. Either way, this is an easy pass!
  6. Approved! This not just very well done, but it's also a refreshing new idea for an article. This provided a clear insight on how both your players (Bryce Greening & Hank Heller) began their ECFA journey while giving us a peak of what their lives were like prior to. This article had great formatting and was easy to follow. Would've liked to see a picture added to bring the article a bit more to life but the content of the article itself easily makes this a pass. Great work!
  7. Having closed out their final season with the Lincoln Mammoths, Tobi and Mike Parson are now set to move on to the EFL. Though both players will be moving up with no accolades attached to their name, they were seen as two essential pieces to their former club aiding them to two playoff appearances in the last two seasons. Today we'll be doing a quick recap of their EFCA careers. Tobi Parson Tobi started off as the RB2 for the Lincoln behind Tiki Henderson in his first season. Being a quick learner to the game, he would eventually become RB1 halfway through the season ha
  8. Username: Midnite QB: Pengu Lee - $7 RB: Ajay Krishna - $3 RB: Apollo King - $5 WR: Robert Joseph - $4 WR: Alastair Lynch - $4 WR: Butter Fingers - $3 TE: Himalaya Griffintown - $6 K: New Player - $1 DST: Toronto Skyhawks - $2 Total: $35
  9. It’s been just over 2 years now since I joined my first sim league (SBA) and a little over 4 months since joining the EFL. All in all, I have to say I rather enjoy both leagues and sim leagues in general. They’ve been a great way to fill the void of wasted time - especially during the pandemic - and it’s always so rewarding for me to see the players I create in this made-up sports environment thrive with the work I put in. Now I’m not a huge football fan by any means. Basketball has always been my pride and joy be it watching it, playing, betting on it, hell even reading about it.
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