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  1. Sept 13 - Sept 19 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16538-chase-arnettes-3-hour-special/&do=findComment&comment=257185 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16809-thats-just-offensive-deciding-a-mid-point-oroty/&do=findComment&comment=257242 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16844-state-of-the-efl-teams-part-1/&do=findComment&comment=257246 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16822-week-10-interview-with-lookout-freshman-wide-reciever-deandre-walker/&do=findComment&comment=257247
  2. APPROVED! Great interview article. Did a good job in giving a little introduction on what the interview was going to entail as well as providing a of detail in De'Andre's replies to the interview questions. I like the idea of changing the formatting color of the interviewers questions versus De'Andre's replies as it allows the reader to more easily separate who is asking the questions and who is answering. The overall formatting of the article was good and although the article was short it did reach the qualifying words needed. As a way to help make your article stick out more I wo
  3. APPROVED! Awesome article. The description of each teams status was very well written and provided a lot of information on how the represented teams have held up until now. Adding in your personal opinion on their forecasted W/L totals was also a nice touch as it brought some personality to the article itself. Formatting was great, the article information was easy to follow and no grammar issues that took away from the article. Would've liked to see a picture or maybe the icons of each team to maybe add something to just the wall of text, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable read!
  4. APPROVED! and to no surprise. Your article work has always been a site favorite (at least from what I can tell) and as someone that's experienced the majority of your writing in the SBA I can confidently say it's been a favorite of mine too. There's nothing I can say is wrong with this piece as it checks off all boxes of what is needed and more. I like the detail in the writing of mentioning players from each position while also adding in your own two cents of who you believe is deserving of the RoTY honors. Great stuff!
  5. APPROVED! Well done on the article. I liked the break down given of each team during this "special" as it gives some in-depth detail of both the Rangers and the Strom while also adding some insight on their playoff matches last season. The article stayed on topic of what it was about and didn't have any grammar issues that took away from the writing itself. I also like that you included the spotlights of the two players as it allows the reader to continue on into discovering more about Justin Sane and Robbin Banks who were mentioned in the article. A picture would've maybe helped
  6. Congrats to all that made the playoffs this season!
  7. Well it was a decent season Mammoths. On to the next one
  8. Finding a Stride & Struggling The EFCA is now well under way with the Parson boys having played through 10 games thus far for the Lincoln Mammoths who currently hold a record of 4-6. Although both of the Parsons are working hard in order to help the team gain some traction in gearing up towards a playoff spot, one of them seems to be having a hard time in getting used to the professional play whereas the other seems to be adjusting just fine. Tobi Parson is slowly, but surely, finding his stride. Throughout the 10 games played, he’s recorded 99 attacks which have pr
  9. Sept 6 - Sept 12 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16679-top-performances-from-the-first-2-weeks/ https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16585-the-most-important-player-for-every-efl-team-in-s22/&do=findComment&comment=254948 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16584-s18-draft-review-part-1/&do=findComment&comment=254949 https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16577-novak-mcnair-ready-to-go/&do=findComment&comment=254951
  10. Approved A great introduction to some new faces joining the EFCA. Did a good job in breaking down exactly what type of players both McNair and Novak would be as well as giving us a taste of who they are/what they're like. The article reads great and is well broken up in structure when switching topics. The only two things I would probably suggest is giving probably more insight on who "King" was earlier on in the article seeing as I wasn't entirely sure who that was until later on. Secondly, is a picture to help provide some life to the article. Otherwise this was some solid work!
  11. APPROVED! As someone familiar to your writing in the SBA, it goes to say that this was standard work for you. Which is great. Honestly some solid stuff with this one. Reviews are always dope and you did an exceptional job in providing details of where each player had originally came from, what they've done for their represented teams and where they are now which gives any new users more of an understanding of the players. Adding grading also adds more of an idea of how they're careers have been since the time of their draft too. Flow of the wording was great, structure was decent a
  12. Approved! Great work! I can imagine it was probably not easy to write about all 12 teams while giving some in-depth details of how exactly each of these players would be the "most important" for them, but you've done an exceptional job here. Details were brief but provided enough detail and background information to make anyone reading the article believe what you're saying (even if it may or may not be true). Adding in a picture of each player's team was a nice touch as it added to providing some structure and life to the article. Everything was pretty easy to follow. Not much els
  13. Approved! Great article. Not only was it a great topic choice, but it also was well done in detail while not being too long in making someone want to just scroll through it. Does an excellent job in highlighting what each player has done for their team to earn the attention given in the article. The structure is great while also slipping in a picture in between to give people more of an idea of what team they're on (even if it's explained in the writing itself). Good stuff
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