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  1. Haven't really looked into big league teams before but Brigade has a sexy logo.. Oh and congratulations on the win
  2. Pankratiy & Bear adjusting well with the Wraiths It's been 2 seasons for Tigger and Pankratiy just joined the team but after a knuckleball of a season last year for the both of them playing on different teams in different conferences they have been able to excel both sides of the line, improving an already ready Wraith squad whose only aim this season is to win it all. B.T. hasn't had the most opportunities playing with a rookie quarterback and playing as a second option most the time he's made the most of his chances helping with stand up blocks, running his routes
  3. Yup. See ya later Anchorage
  4. Well the better team won, not a bad season Savage City!
  5. PJG is transferring out of Anchorage, it has nothing to do with management or teammates.. We couldn't get it going and improve this season so I'm moving on to hopefully join a future championship team
  6. Savage City's manager requests young gun Bear Tigger to enter a cheese eating competition It has been a wild ride for Tigger ever since joining the team and ever since getting a starter role for the first time in his career, Bear is ready for next season. Although the team hasn't been one of the top contenders, they've been able to fight they're way back against tough opponents all season and stapled themselves into a playoff spot, in the last few games it has been interesting to see B.T. play a totally different role in the backfield after being a blocker all season and he ha
  7. Both games this week are gonna be close.. Go Wraiths Go Storm
  8. Alright Savage City.. Time to turn up the volume next week, tough loss 11 tackles in the Owls win though
  9. Damn what a game with tons of clock left
  10. Good game so far, excellent presenting. Owls are fighting back but the slump in Savage City needs to end next quarter
  11. Have a good one.. *shakes hand* *walks away in the far distance never to be seen again*
  12. Glad everyone had fun during the gameday, see you next time.. Ffs
  13. There's nothing to clear up. We both don't mesh apparently because for some reason you have a grudge against me for cheering for the Pirates, the way I am as a forum member and want to attack my reputation by saying since I loved Trenton I'm totally against them now but it's a simulation league dude. I have you guys in my signature and the only picture I have is of a player from Trenton. I came to this conference to dethrone you and since we are fighting for a better seeding I thought I would show love to another beloved member this time around, I do it in the VHL the same way and
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