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  1. Fantastic way to make it into the playoffs winning by 1 in a match that could of went either way. Now that's a team effort! Go Trenton!!
  2. 1. We've gotten off to a slow start. How can we turn this around? Take our losses as lessons and wins as motivation, even if we don't make the playoffs we had a decent season 2. How do you plan on improving through this season in order to set yourself, and the team up for success? Continue maintaining my speed by eating right, working on the right muscles and running around the arena everyday 3. What can I do to assist your development, and to make your time here great? Just keep being you, invested in our future because I know we can be a successful club
  3. Fuck you jhatty, should have killed you sooner.. Prick
  4. Forgot to write a will but doing it now.. Maybe it'll help the town get back on track. Fingers crossed
  5. Mafia is winning it for sure now.. You guys are killing the sheriff!
  6. In ECFA, will Samsung Galaxy have over or under 120.5 yards? Under Which ECFA passer will put up the most passing yards in week 9? Lavert In the Pirates vs Encounter game, will there be over or under 5.5 passes defended (PD)? Over Will the Wisconsin Badgers have multiple receivers eclipse 100 yards in week 9? Yes Which team will win the Wolfpack vs Neptune game? Neptune
  7. Ouch those losses sting, better luck next time I guess. GG
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