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  1. Can Miami secure the one seed?
  2. Nordin

    Manchester AD

    As you all know, I recently accepted the role of the Athletic Director for the Manchester Lookout starting next season since Sidd has been promoted to a General Manager role in the EFL for the Memphis Mambas. First of all I would like to congratulate Sidd for this accomplishment and on his building of a good Manchester team who can hopefully win the National Title before I take over. Whether they do or don’t, I will happily look to continue the team’s recent successes. These successes include Sidd building this program ground up, piece by piece and year by year. I hope we can see him off well.
  3. “Illegal use of the hands, hands to the face” me: shutters
  4. Come on let’s finish the season strong boys
  5. As you may come to know I have chosen which college I will be playing for the next few years. I would like to say first it was a tough call. I took several teams into consideration and it came down to just a few factors. First of all, playing time was a big part of my decision. I wanted to be able to make an early impact on whatever team I played for. While it could be tempting to go to a stacked team, I value a lot more then simply winning. Although I do want to win, to me it isn’t the only factor. Next, I factored in what positions I would be able to play. As many of you kn
  6. Come on let’s complete the comeback
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