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  1. Decline. Retired my player and have no interest in playing a for the Wraiths.
  2. Steve Rogers hails from Brooklyn, New York. He was always a runt of a kid with little to no athletic upside. Where he lacked in brawn he made up for in heart. Even throughout school whenever he was knocked down by bullies he would always be the one getting back up. Steve and his best friend Bucky would play pick up football during school recess with a group of other kids. Steve naturally became the quarterback because he need to protection of the offensive line so his fragile little body wouldn’t get crushed. His team did all they could to protect him. Eventually would be the start of the war where Steve wanted to do his part to help protect others but his size would restrict him from doing that. He eventually got into an experiment that would change his life forever. Rogers went into that chamber and came out a super soldier. Captain America was born that day and he helped fight of the Nazi’s to stop the World War. This would lead to him crashing into the arctic ice where he froze for 7O+ years. Steve eventually recovered from the ice to be brought back to help protect the world had to start life over again and this included high school. While at high school he had the opportunity to play football which reminded him of the good old days but now he was much stronger and faster. He carried his team to a championship each of his four high school seasons which may have been a little unfair but it’s Captain America! He saved the world so cut him a little slack why don’t ya! The years past by and the world was no longer in need of protection. He rekindled with his long lost BFF Bucky who has been captured and brainwashed by Hydra to assassinate people for 70 years but no big deal right? Bucky encourage Steve to take his football career to the next level and that he should join the EFL. Until the world needs Captain America again, Steve will be putting down the shield and picking up the football.
  3. 1. How did you feel about your pre-season performance(s)? Just starting back up in the ECFA. 2. Who is your early vote for MVP? Brian Kirkland is the MVP. 3. Week 1 saw some upsets, what surprised you the most? None of them. The league needs some life in it. 4. Who are your early favorites to win each conference? Neptune and Frenzy 5. Defensive player of the year? Kristoph Ricinski jk he retired now. 6. Follow up with offensive player of the year? My named Jeff, kidding again also retiredx 7. How do you prep the night before a game? Sit back and drink a glass of Chardonnay while watching Brooklyn 99. 8. Do you have a pre-game song and what is it? Barbie girl by aqua 9. Who is the team's leader in the locker room? our locker room is dead so no one. 10. Is your player(s) superstitious? The song superstitious is a banger 11. If you said yes to 10, what gets them? If not, why are they not? Have you not heard the song? Check it out. 12. At practice, do you tend to go all out or get in just enough to meet the quota? I always go hard. Sometimes, maybe, okay probably not.
  4. Ricer13

    Steve Rogers

  5. Welcome everyone to the Avengers Initiative! 1: If you could recreate right now, which Marvel super hero name would you name your player as? What about a villain? 2: I chose Steve Rogers and made him the QB as he is a natural leader of a team. What position would you choose for your super hero recreate and why? 3: Steve Rogers signed with the Manchester Lookout because of the resemblance to the old Avengers Tower. Which team would you sign with your new super hero player? 4: Villains are a natural part of any super hero story. Which ECFA and EFL teams are the leagues most hated? 5: Let’s rebrand any EFL team but it has to be Marvel themed. Give me your best team name and logo idea! 6: Being a hero is all about self sacrifice for the greater good. Would you sacrifice your own personal glory for your team to succeed as a whole? 7: Which superhero’s power would you find most useful on the football field without being too OP? 8: The Avengers compound has been destroyed by Thanos. Which EFL city should the Avengers relocate too? 9: Enough football talk, which Marvel super hero is your favourite and why? 10: If you had the choice to play a hero or villain in a Marvel show, which would be your choice? 11: You have to pick 2 other members to go in a top secret mission with; which two members are apart of your Avengers team? 12: Now this is the toughest question of them all. This will truly decide whether you’re apart of the Avengers Initiative or not. Marvel or DC?
  6. The season ended, which game surprised you the most? That any other team thought they had a chance against Miami. 2. With the season over, who wins the MVP now? Should have been tight end My Names Jeff. 3. The playoffs is a 2 game series, who surprises the first week of games? I wish Football were best of three series if I’m being honest. 4. To piggyback off 3, who either tanks or falters at the last second? Toronto is the most likely team. 5. Minus the playoffs, who wins the GM of the year award? Id be voting for Wheaties all day! 6. Is Lemony Snicket your DPoY, why or why not? Yeah he’s just been so dominant on the defensive side of the ball. A few players who came close but ultimately it was Snickets. 7. With OMD stepping down from NY, (thanks for all your hard work boss), who do you think takes over? I haven’t a clue. Sad that he stepped down. He led Jeff to his first championship. 8. Who is your pick to win the title this year and why? Miami cuz they have the best GM, players, city, etc, 9. What is one of the most difficult tasks your players have had to overcome? The uncertainty of value a TE has in the HoF. But now I feel My names Jeff is a lock for it. 10. What is one good movie that you have seen in the past month that you really enjoyed? In the past month eh….I think the only one I’ve watched is Thor Love and Thunder. It was a good time. 11. Would you say you enjoy Marvel or DC more and why? I appreciate the work that Marvel put in over the years. It’s been such an engaging universe to be apart of. 12. What's the biggest part about being away from home? Its tough being away from home but sometimes it’s nice to have that time to yourself on the road to think clearly.
  7. Let’s gooooooo Miami! Hell of a final season for both Jeff and Ricinski. Time to start fresh!
  8. @MMFLEXpull your vote incase of jest
  9. I actually was attacked but okay lol
  10. If adrest comes up inno then we jail and Exe GLu or we have eagles shoot GLU to prove himself
  11. I did reveal my role yesterday. I am the Crusader hence the reason I was attacked
  12. I think Trapper is easy to fake. So I’ll vote with flex on this one. We haven’t actually gotten an official claim from @GoodLeftUndone yet but have one from both me and adrest. I think jailing eagles tonight is a good idea or have someone roleblock him. VOTE ADREST
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