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  1. @TheCheese @Eaglesfan036 vote ricer please
  2. I need to build some trust in this game! I swear I will do you all proud.
  3. Welp that pretty much wraps it up for mafia. I now beg of town to do me a huge favor in voting me out today. If you have any suspicious people I will happily haunt them in return
  4. We’ve known for a couple days now Goliathus is evil. I have helped town a lot in this game. I ask that I get the vote to today to be lynched and I will take out whomever you guys decide as a favour in return. I’ve been loyal the whole game and have no issue helping town secure a win! VOTE RICER <——
  5. Vote Ricer! Point me in the direction of who you’d like killed
  6. You guys should vote me and I’ll haunt flex tonight
  7. I feel I’ve done pretty well helping town. We’ve weeded out some baddies. I’ll work with whichever side allows me to help them.
  8. Yah I’m not actually the psychic
  9. The funny thing is, I’m not the psychic. I was the executioner. Now I am a jester. Guess who my target was? KDD. You picked the wrong person to pretend to be your target. I say we vote for me and I’ll do town a huge favor and shoot Tac tonight or any of the evils we have just discovered.
  10. I don’t totally trust Flex so I say we vote Tac since he just outed himself. Goliathus could be playing Jester so he can vote with us and maybe we help him at the end. unvote Goli Vote Tac
  11. No he wasn’t lynched. That would make you jester. However I know you’re lying because you would have gotten a message. a new evil has shown themselves.
  12. I think we have found two evils. So @Lattiyou need to jail and kill either Goliathus or NSG tonight. Whichever one we don’t lynch.
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