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  1. Review: A graphic that could use some work. I like the effect you chose to use but I don’t like how it’s hard to tell what team this player plays for and that you can barely make out his face or any of the players detail. I think the effect is used too heavily. The font is also not a great choice and the location isn’t great. I’d take a bit more time when doing graphics because I don’t think this is worth 6 TPE. Rating 3/10
  2. Review: I love the idea of throwing in your random thoughts into a media spot. There is only one issue that I have with it and that is the structure. I think it would be nice to breakdown each random thought into its own paragraph. It’ll make it much easier for the reader to follow and it just looks a lot cleaner than having one big paragraph. Review: 7/10
  3. Review: Nice intro article to your players Moose. The layout of the article is structured nicely and it’s easy to follow. The breakdown of each player is more than enough in an article that’s only 500 words. I do like when pictures are used in articles but I don’t find them totally necessary for media spots but never hesistate to use them if you want to make an article look nice. Rating: 8/10
  4. Review: The render looks great. The filter used on the player looks clear and it’s very high quality. Where this graphic lacks is the background and the font. The background is pretty bland and lacks creativity. The lettering is positioned nicely but the white blends with his socks a bit which can be distracting to the eye. Rating: 6.5/10
  5. Week ending Sept 12 2020 1. 2. 3. 4. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/16800-new-sig-of-jack-ballington/&do=findComment&comment=255719
  6. This is a neat place
  7. I actually WAS the mayor. I can confirm that I am not Mayor anymore. I can also confirm that one of your “town” players that you’re trusting so much is also not the role they say anymore. Gg Town
  8. I’m fine with being voted up. We have the numbers but I’d be extremely suspect of Beo.
  9. Well I wanted to claim to jailor but that didn’t happen. How many evils are we suspecting is left? 1? I think it’s safe to say I am the mayor now. We already have the majority votes regardless. I propose we up beo and then he comes up inno and you don’t trust me then boose can jail me and exe. Based on my math we should have two vampires out of all of us left. There would have been a bite N1, N3 and N5. So that makes 4 vampires including the original. We have killed two vampires and so there is two remaining. So I am not ruling out that any of you guys who still be a vamp
  10. Push KDD and jail and Exe me if you don’t believe my case
  11. I am not VH. I don’t want to reveal because if this vamp game goes sideways I’m going to be useful. I can tell the jailor if he wants to pull me in. Let’s also not forget that any of these confirmed town could be a vampire turned now. vote spartan
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