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  1. damn the steam pulled away with a win somehow
  2. Hi guys, long time no see! This is part 2 of my State of the EFL Teams. Last week I covered the Eastern conference. Today I’ll be diving into the Western conference! Let’s start at the bottom, shall we. San Francisco Frenzy Up first we have the Frenzy, a bad team. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this team’s defense is terrible. The offense isn’t as bad, but this defense is god awful. I’m surprised it’s not worse honestly. Going through the list of players, it’s hard to find many top tier players. They have allowed the most yards per game, points per game and passing yards per g
  3. So I asked 8ball, and he said Mammoths will win. They call it the Zamir effect!
  4. GO MAMMOTHS! Zamir will finally see some playing time.
  5. A little birdie told me the mammoths are going to win out
  6. i heard the frontier are a worse version of the mambas so i think they'll lose
  7. In this article series I will break down the position of each EFL team, and their season and their playoff situation going forward. This issue will cover the Eastern Conference. Toronto Skyhawks The Skyhawks are 4-7 as of now and they’re on a 4 game losing streak. Call it unlucky, I call it terrible play. Their QB fell flat against the Frenzy, surprising considering it was a home game. It was brutal all around and the defense did not hold up well. It’s hard to fault the rookie QB, because no one expected anything of him. It’s a big shift from the beginning of the season when t
  8. As a new QB, there hasn't been many landing spots for my player, Zamir Kehla, but there was a few teams that caught my attention. I’ll be explaining the top teams for new QBs to sign with and why. Let’s jump right into it. Anchorage Storm The Storm are a terrible landing spot for new QBs. Why? Because the Storm themselves have a Y1 QB. He’s already at 161 QB though, so he could end up playing uncapped for their team in his sophomore season, though this is very unlikely. I’d suspect he stays capped for 1 or 2 more years, meaning rookie QBs won’t even see the field until they a
  9. Merlin Honeycutt Between Under Teppei Renomitsu Frenzy
  10. Kamir has always been a freak athlete. Even when he was a little kid he was strong and fast. He wasn't the biggest kid, but he certainly could move around the field like no one else. He played football, soccer and baseball before he decided to commit to football in high school. He was played at WR for his freshman season, and he ended up doing mediocre. Once the coaching changed happened at his school, his new coach recognized the versatility and talent that Kamir had. His coach played Kamir at a defensive back position, and then also as a linebacker. This is where Kamir excelled. In his sopho
  11. Zamir Kehla is the star QB of a small high school in North Carolina. He started his freshman year on the bench on JV, but after the starting QB got sick from the flu, Zamir took over. He was an instant upgrade from before. The JV team went undefeated with him. He ran up the score every single time, throwing deep balls with such accuracy it didn't seem possible. The team was averaging over 50 points a game. Of course, this got the attention of his Varsity coaches, and after beating out the senior QB in training camp, Zamir got the starting job his sophomore year. Zamir was a freak athlete, so g
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