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  1. Hi everyone, Shirley Sir with Sone Random Media here, glad you all liked my first interview on Turts. After some careful review and considerations, I have learned that my system as a journalist was, well, quite literally shit. That was an oversight that I did not expect, and I apologize to Turts, I will be much more careful with my interviews going forward. Today, we have Antonio McDolin, who ended up recruiting Daniel Long for the Anchorage Storm, today, we look into what was said, and how he was able to convince Daniel over. 1. How did you feel about the timing of the Daniel Long
  2. People always wonder, man, is that guy walkin, or what? Then i speed right on past them. I run so fast, that it looks like I'm just walkin. Thing is though, I'm really not. Daniel Long, as a wide receiver, you got to wonder, am I going Long? Or am I just Walkin? Well, to put it bluntly, this is my first year around here, and it's been about a week to get settled in, excited that my buddy Turts is the AD, and I think i'm going to be Walkin Long. My best buddy, Shirley Sir, even went and interviewed him, Shirley is a great reporter, he follow the T.H.I.S. system, fantastic.
  3. Hey everyone, Shirley Sir with Sone Random Media here, I've taken a liking to this new EFL league, and what better place to start than right here. Also, no relation to Daniel Long, although we look alike, talk alike, have never been in the same room, I must inform you that our birthmarks are indeed, 2 millimeters apart from each other. I have here today one of my great friends, Turts who was recently promoted to AD for the Anchorage Storm. Now, being AD is a huge responsibility, and I know the team is looking for players like Redshirt Daniel Long to contribute early, and be a central
  4. Hi! Just going to quickly post here, then I'm sure I have some reading to do. I did get the PM, and will be checking that out shortly. But Hi, SoneUser here, I like sports, and I'm not athletic enough to do any real sports, so this is the next best thing for me. I play lead guitar in one band, and bass in another, and absolutely fucking love roller coasters. Other than that, I'm just Sone Random User on the internet
  5. Welcome to the EFL soneuser! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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