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  1. Let's talk road games. When you have a big game coming, you need a good meal. What school has the best spots for a pre-game meal as an away team? I know some of you sneak away after a Saturday afternoon game. Where are the best parties in the EFCA? It's easy to get bored and distracted on the way to some distant opponents. What do oyu do to get focused? Okay, let's move on to schemes. What scheme, offensive or defensive, would you like to see more teams try out right now? Do you think there's another scheme you'd be as good or better of a fit for? Do y
  2. Reginald "Reg" Broccoli is two different people: the man on the field and the neurotic mess off the field. Perhaps the best summarization of Reg Broccoli’s twofold nature was a remark by his high school coach, John-Louis Normand: “Reg is the most anxious kid I’ve ever met. You call him over to discuss a play, you can see the dread in his eyes. I’m not gonna bite ya, son! But then he hits the field, and he’s smooth, he’s fast, he reads the play, and damn does he make the play.” Coming into his freshmen year, Broccoli was a 6' beanpole with more in common with most giraffes tha
  3. Welcome to the EFL Mongoose87! Let us know if you need any help getting started.




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