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  1. https://efl.network/forums/index.php?/topic/20235-season-26-efl-western-conference-championship/&do=findComment&comment=296854 Prezzy
  2. Remember that each question is worth 1/2 TPE and you can claim up to 6 TPE at the end of the season. Also remember not to share your answers in the main discord or on the site. WEEK 6 TRIVIA I would also like some help with questions, so if you want to see your question in one of the trivia forms this season go ahead and drop the question and answer in this form!Submit Questions Here!
  3. If anyone is looking to be an AAD, Roswell has an opening with adrest being hired. I don't have a big post to make, just PM me. I'll mostly want you to make press conferences and be active in our discord locker room while I can help teach you about how to be an AD.
  4. ROSWELL ENCOUNTER ON THE MIC This is the Roswell Encounter main press conference thread. Questions from everyone will be great so bring 'em on to the #AlienGang! END OF PLAYOFFS/ OFFSEASON BEGINNING Week of 4/10 1. List your award winners from Roswell 2. How disappointing was the playoff loss? 3. Is there an EFL team you want to play for? 4. Did you watch the ECFA championship game? 5. Did you meet all the personal goals you wanted to meet this season? 6. Did the team meet the expectations you had for them this seaso
  5. 5:34SEA - 30Player, N. kicks off. 5:34The kick sails into the endzone. 5:34McIntyre, C. takes it out of the endzone! 5:34---SAN - 18Kickoff of 81 yards. Returned by McIntyre, C. for 18 yards. 5:281st and 10SAN - 18Rush by Woakneoa, S. for 3 yds. Tackle by Phelps, M.. 4:572nd and 17SAN - 11Wolfpack Penalty on BOT273, B.: Illegal block below the waist. 4:362nd and 17SAN - 11Rush by Woakneoa, S. for a short gain. Tackle by BOT154, B.. 4:203rd and 17SAN - 11Pass by LongArm, J., complete to Woakneoa, S. for 10 yds. Tackle by Briscoe, W.. 3:374th and 7SEA - 21
  6. 14:531st and 10SAN - 20Rush by Woakneoa, S. for 1 yds. Tackle by BOT190, B.. 14:362nd and 9SAN - 21Pass by LongArm, J., complete to Rantanelli, J. for 4 yds. Tackle by Briscoe, W.. 13:593rd and 5SAN - 25Pass by LongArm, J., complete to Markstrom, J. for 6 yds. Tackle by Forg, T..
  7. 15:00 - Fourth Quarter 15:003rd and 9SAN - 39Pass by ManCheetah, G. to Choybuk, T. falls incomplete. 14:564th and 9SEA - 39Punt by Player, N. of 39 yards. Touchback. And they lose it, but if they can get a stop on defense there's still time
  8. 1:15SEA - 30Player, N. kicks off. 1:15---SAN - 12Kickoff of 63 yards. Returned by McIntyre, C. for 5 yards. 1:101st and 10SAN - 12Rush by Woakneoa, S. for 1 yds. Tackle by Fil, L.. 0:422nd and 9SAN - 13Pass by LongArm, J. to McIntyre, C. falls incomplete. 0:353rd and 9SAN - 13Pass by LongArm, J. to Markstrom, J. falls incomplete. 0:284th and 9SEA - 13Punt by Brandt, L. of 46 yards. 0:28Returned by Forg, T. for 19 yards. 0:181st and 10SAN - 40Rush by Parson, T. for a short gain. Tackle by St. Pierre, J.. 0:002nd and 10SAN - 40Pass by ManChee
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