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  1. Briiiiiiiigade winning games woo!
  2. Rough losses man. We're losing for now but not for long
  3. Two losses is rough for my boys on gameday
  4. Huge wins!! Man what a big win for SA
  5. Wow a little late to this party, but seems like my boy warmed the bench. Cmon Skyhawks we can do better than that...
  6. Ooof, it's not looking good for the lookout.. BBP getting a close win there
  7. Big win seven straight!!
  8. Glad the Pirates are rolling, but can Manchester buy a win? Came close not long ago..
  9. That felling you get when you destroy your opponent, except the opponent is you...?
  10. These close games that we lose are a sign!!
  11. Press conference time! This week we got 12 questions for 3 TPE! 1.What has been the best play your player has made so far this season? The play that hits the guy on the other team! 2.Fruits or Vegetables? Fruits. I love berries more than veggies 3.How do you feel about the team after our 3-1 start? Optimistic af, we look like a team to be feared! 4.What's your favorite activity on the Pirate ship? Pls boobs, pls ass, winning games and getting paid! 5.If there was one stat you could automatically boost to 99 besides sp
  12. 1: What is the favored music of your player? He likes Metal, Rock, Trance, Dub, all kinds of weird things! 2: If you could have one player from any other team on manchester, who would it be and why? Jaxen Reese, my boy on Biscayne Bay! also an uncapped beast and could help us out 3: Where would you like to get drafted in the EFL? Anywhere where there's good leadership and could help me push to be my best! 4: Which EFL player do you feel your playstyle is closest? I wanna say Griffintown, but I'm probably wrong. Help me @McWolf
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