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  1. Sonic Tonic RB- Trenton Generals render; do whatever you’d like !
  2. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/54985-the-grind/
  3. Claimed for wee ending 27
  4. Haha I liked the humour here and what your topic was. I appreciate your tags and have the feeling throughout what your talking about for emotion in the article. Feel your spacing could be a bit better but none less easy to follow. 8/10
  5. Stacks! Good read buddy! And really enjoyed your game previews/ thoughts as the AD for your pirates! Like your hidden comments in there. Like your spacing a lot and how the format is for each game. Good review none less and I enjoyed it 9/10
  6. Wow Tcookie writing in EFL?!? Good article which is no surprise by you like the topic and views on teams/ conference. Format is solid I’d like maybe some like bold/ different characters to stand out on paragraphs but overall not a surprise that you had a solid piece! 9/10
  7. Review; love your In depth on the team and positions with players tags. Good formatting here and overall a solid article! Easy to follow with it being enjoyable is even better! 10/10
  8. @Spartan has officially brought me back and I had no title so ive creates my players and here’s a quick thing on Sonic Tonic I've created this speedster to become a General. Not just the name General stands out but this young speedy RB is now going pro. With this player becoming a general he’s going to be the best he can be. The Locker room has been nothing shy of welcoming with very familiar faces Sonic Tonic looks to be a help with defending champions. This team is a family and with this AD being the best in the game it’ll be another great season with his newly additions. Sonic Tonic w
  9. Well anther week done and past here in the ECFA as the Mammoths now are battling a bit for the fourth seed. If all players remain on from now til end of season they’ll be in playoffs with my personal thoughts. Having Pro Prout in a bigger role with TE cowboy COWBOY that’s starting to grow each week they’ll look to continue to help for the time being. as much as I don’t want to be writing this and saying there on Mammoths still after recent events they’ll still play and be developing without a doubt. Both players have started this show some struggles however they’ll get out of it in
  10. Prout


    BOOM baby this is a good sig and as always enjoy yours as you know as to match everything well together. The render is solid and the lighting is great here everything is good and not out of place you kept it simple but like Muff said I’d like a little more from you that’s exciting but still a good piece here and you definitely took your time to do it right. 10/10
  11. This is pretty good. I’d like to see a logo or a position by the name and possibly more towards the bottom right corner. The bubble effect is good and fits with everything your going for. Maybe try darker text from background so it’s not as faded. But overall well done. 7.5/10
  12. Review- I like how the player stands out however the yellow to me don’t make sense on what your trying to do here as for theme it’s kind of just bland. The yards and TDS and avg is cool to see in a sig however. I would like to see more of your text going with the background and player as it’s kind of all messy and not well put together. 6/10
  13. REVIEW. I like the style that you started with. It seems the text of the top wording for Gunn is to much fitted in with the back ground and it’s harder to read. I’d like the background to be more different then the text or at least not as heavily into it. You could swap the pats logo out and add the EFL/ ECFA team to put some effort into that. but other then that it’s good. 6.5/10
  14. Week claiming 29th-5th nov/ dec
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