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  1. Toth vs Marberry what a poetic ending..
  2. Welfare +3 this week (8/15-8/21)
  3. Marberry finding his way back to tackling but a tough one.
  4. Rudy showing up now. Fun times begin.
  5. game of the week go crazy ngl shit so close the entire time until those final plays where you kinda pull away but still can easily be swayed
  6. Good starts, just need to elevate on it.
  7. Man oh man has it been an interesting past couple of weeks for myself individually, but a boring time for my players as I continue to wait for the season to start back up. Completing one whole season in itsself is an accomplishment to me because I already assumed that I would've dipped longer ago because of trying to maintain myself in multiple leagues, through forums and Discord. Luckily, that hasn't been a problem yet although as the summer is already ending for me, it definitely could be in the future. Anyways, let's actually get on some sort of topic. Finishing up my freshmen year I believe that for what they were, they were good. One player, whom didn't do too much, got to the championship game because I wanted him to value winning over personal stats. And for the other, the opposite. Finishing in tackles, and honestly maybe a DROTY candidate? It definitely can be a possibility but I won't bet anything on it at the moment, there's only one thing to really do right now. Wait it out and focus on next season. Well, I guess that's two things. But the point remains the same. I need to continue for next season with the hopes of only improving what I've started. Rudy Toth is quick on his feet but fails to snag balls effectively and needs higher agility, so that'll be my primary focus. Of course, throwing more speed in there never hurt anybody. Secondly, for Reggie Marberry. I think Strength and Tackling is a good direction to go to complete his all-around Linebacker focus and be right back on the tackle leaders for next season, with the ultimate goal of being the one on the very top. It's a possible goal to achieve, of course, with the hard work put into it. He'll probably also need speed too, and some agility to quickly turn and catch up with people to smoke them into the ground. Maybe that'll help with some forced fumbles, but he wasn't bad in that category either. If there's one thing to note, it's that both of these players are really turning out to be what I imagined. Normally I make players and they become total flops, which could result in me making terrible builds and focusing attributes that didn't contribute to what I wanted, etc. Luckily for the EFL, normally you only have to focus on so many attributes. It's not like I need to upgrade Kick Power or something, but that's also why the price fluctuates quicker in TPE pricing. Anyways, I'm grateful for everything this league has done, the people in the locker room that's been helping me, reminding me to get in something because I always forget to do that until the last minute, and ultimately making this environment fun and enjoyable. So thank you Well, I am approaching up to my 500 word minimum so I will not go on and ramble for much longer. It's been a short journey so far but a fun one, and now the real fun starts to begin. Where my players finally start to step up in the moments, and become true players and veterans for the teams they are on. It'll be a delight to see this season, which is the biggest reason why I cannot wait for it to start.
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