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  1. The biggest lights flashed on Freshmen Rudy Toth earlier this week as the Death Valley Rangers emerged their way through the playoffs to the Championship game in hopes to complete a 3-peat. Their opponent? Possible the best team in the ECFA in the Manchester Lookout coming in with the same record as the Rangers, 14-2. In their matchup in the regular season, the Rangers actually handed the Lookout one of the 2 losses they received that season, so it could easily be a good case to take the Rangers here to finish a fabulous season, but that never left Manchester out of the equation.
  2. Well, at least I made it here in my first year that's still an accomplishment in itsself.
  3. I aint gonna lie I was so confused why the Manchester logo was there and now it's fixed so that's good. Also good game by the way for the 3rd place title.
  4. Let's goooo! It's really paying off for Toth!
  5. Marberry finishes with 11 tackles and Toth finished with 14 yards per carry to end the regular season? I'll take it.
  6. SBA Affiliate Welfare +6
  7. Wins across the table, that's always a great thing to see!
  8. Holy fuck Marberry ok you still lost but nice game lmfao
  9. Both of my players went head to head today and it looks like one team outperformed the other.
  10. Happy early (at least writing this at 10:37pm) or already 4th of July for some people. It's been multiple weeks and games under the belt of my two freshmen players coming into the ECFA atmosphere. While they might not have had the biggest expectations coming into the season, are they living up to the hype? Well, let's find out if that's true or not. Rudy Toth First up we have the insane catching persona in Rudy Toth. An amazing fast and good-hands reciever, Rudy has been playing a great role for Death Valley. He's found himself to getting
  11. Marberry forced a fumble but a strong opponent we faced, and it just wasn't enough. Also this might be the first game that Toth hasn't recorded at least one touchdown, so ouch.
  12. GOTW Wins are great. Looks like everything went well this week, hopefully can say the same for the upcoming. Both players played great!
  13. After those updates, Toth is making himself look better each and every week. Getting the most receiving on the team and another TD. Marberry does what he does best, tackle. Another game leading the team. Two wins, great stuff. Onto next week
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