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  1. The Muncy Twins of Minnesota absolutely took over the entire presence of football social media, especially zoning in on highschool prospects at the time as well. Coming from a small school organization, it was hard for the Muncy twins to ever gain spotlight or any kind of recognition just solely because they were a bad school playing other bad programs, or when they actually did play some of the best teams in the state, they would just find themselves being absolutely destroyed and not even putting points up on the board. You see, the Muncy twins were nothing special for the first 2 years of their highschool career, like for most people. While getting to play every game for the varsity team, they still had a lack of attention and plays that utilized them at all and therefore the team continued to suffer because of that detriment. Ethan was a Quarterback, it was all he ever wished to play. He would always play pass with Nathan and thus leaving the result as him as the QB and his brother to be the WR who caught the ball, and this would be true when they played scrimmages with other kids in the neighborhood, and they would do that job with a very good success rate. However, Ethan was deprived of his QB1 spot for the first 2 years and was slotted in as a receiver, and while never truly playing the position, he was nothing but a decoy for the other players on the field. He would get maybe a couple of catches those 2 years alone and that was it, while his brother at least got a touchdown or few and netted a positive effect when he was on the field, although that never seemed to translate to any sort of winning. Once the upper classes started to thin out and they entered their Junior Year, they were one of the veterans on the team considering they hardly had any Seniors who were willing to play that season, a lot of them giving up just because the team wasn't doing well or team conflicts with the coaches or with other players. This netted Ethan his QB1 position for the first time in 3 years and he of course never seemed to disappoint. The Quarterback position always seemed to be his natural position and the WR for his brother, and this created an offensive duo powerhouse for the last 2 seasons they had of highschool. That was until Nathan suffered multiple injuries throughout and found himself not being as reliable on offense to keep playing a primary Wide Receiver role, and now where was he going to find himself to be slotted in now? Defense of course. Nathan actually found himself more productive and more win-generative at the LB position than any offensive position, and this created the true national headline of the Muncy Twins. They blew through competition with an amazing margin of victory and therefore found themselves appearing on ESPN, Bleacher Report, and others because they simply were the best brotherly duo in highschool football, and they're definitely one of the best duos in the ECFA right now The Muncy twins ended that career with back-to-back state titles and holding multiple school records for passing yards, tackles, fumbles, passing touchdowns, and interceptions.
  2. SBA Affiliate Point Task Article +6
  3. Toth vs Marberry what a poetic ending..
  4. Welfare +3 this week (8/15-8/21)
  5. Marberry finding his way back to tackling but a tough one.
  6. Rudy showing up now. Fun times begin.
  7. game of the week go crazy ngl shit so close the entire time until those final plays where you kinda pull away but still can easily be swayed
  8. Good starts, just need to elevate on it.
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