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  1. @MMFLEX if you hadn’t tracked me I wouldn’t have been caught. And you killed one of my guys because you guarded Latti! Ugh!
  2. Also claimed because the bid was late
  3. Thank you Latti Also my apologies for completely exploding at you Steiner was also a bit late but I think I said I’d let that slide, so I’ll let it slide
  4. This is ridiculous On 3 LBs I made bids a little over 24 hrs ago and all of a sudden people bid on them I am very annoyed but idk whether I should just assume I won or go through at least another day of people waiting until after the last minute to bid on guys and jack up the price or what
  5. Our next nominee’s numbers don’t look exceptional, but he did what he had to do well, and was just a great guy, great player, such a homie. Jamar Mackson, QB, S27-S29, @BeastTakeover HCP Stats: 643-1147 (56.1% CMP), 7322 YDS, 38 TD, 31 INT, 75.2 QBR, 196 RSH, 1091 YDS, 5.6 YPR, 15 TD EFL Stats (S30-Present): Mackson was a very talented quarterback who was unfortunately dealt a bad hand in the form of few good WRs. He had one 199 TPE guy in his first year and a 220 TPE one in his 2nd, but in his uncap season, he had no one good. But Mackson persevered, learning how to be a running QB and passing well when he could. Ultimately, he finished his 3-season stint as HCP’s leader in passing yards, as well as being the best running QB we’ve ever seen and will probably ever see. He’s been drafted as Miami’s QB, which is a title well earned for such a fine player.
  6. And also only wanted to play RB But he’ll be stuck at WR this year I think This is what happens when you demand too much Zeke
  7. Thanks for the advice Oscar Like, really. I’m not being sarcastic.
  8. 1. My players didn’t want Chef in the LR and the chances he’d leave after his rookie deal for no reason we’re high. 2. I wanted Leonidas at 6 before I traded with Miami, taking Leo at 10 should be judged better than taking Leo at 6. 3. Our next best LB besides Parri won’t be a 250 TPE filler for long. 4. I really appreciate your comments about Leo at 10 in the draft thread. Made my day, and super constructive criticism too
  9. What CIA and Dan said, to varying degrees, you have to look bigger picture I had 5 & 6 at the beginning, but after Thad did a great job in his interview, I knew I wanted Leonidas. But obviously, kickers shouldn’t be top 6, so when Wheaties offered that trade (we did a bit of haggling but that’s not the point), I said yes. So now we’re at trading for 10. I knew I wanted Leonidas and he hadn’t been drafted. I’d tried trading with Dan for 9 but he was asking for a fuck ton so nothing came of it. So I went to EE, and we worked out the deal where I got Leonidas, at a more reasonable spot. But now, even more bigger picture. I traded Kobe’s FB/TE, so I needed a FB/TE. So at 16, I took the TE Frost. He basically took Kobe’s spot, and was the last non-filler active taken. So when you take into account the other stuff, the SEA/SF trade is really just me swapping FBs and trading 1.10 in a good-ish draft for a first in a terrible draft. I traded my pick and not MIA’s because I believed that with the West being terrible outside of Denver, and with Miami having a rookie QB who’s at 70 ACC, ARM, and INT in a very tough division, that Miami’s pick would be better than SF’s. If that made 0 sense, I’ll PM you in hopefully more simpler terms if you want.
  10. Just watch my gamble pay off Sid Just watch me
  11. But I’m not offended because I only have cheap suits tbh
  12. Wait, don’t tell me I was the guy in the incredibly cheap looking suit
  13. 3.75M I don’t feel like this league was made for two GMs to be bidding nearly 4M on 270 TPE IAs in regression
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