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  1. Personally I think queso components me better
  2. After selflessly running Seattle and Athens for a season, @McWolf has decided to step down from Athens. We all thank him for putting some big work into making Athens a perennial contender. Replacing him will be...
  3. The rumors are true: I do bring nachos on game days
  4. Hades Creek Phalanx Signing Day $5 Million (4/4) LB Anthony Pratt, JR, @Shindigs LB El Shrektabuzz, FR, @JardyB10 QB Big Ben Burger, FR, @Spartan WR Luka Hol'This, FR, @Renomitsu $3 Million (7/7) LB Tank Smash, SR, IA TE Ben Moss, SR, IA SS Gute Nacht, SR, IA FS Doey Dimgus, JR, IA TE Armoni Davis, JR, IA SS Otto Rocket, SR, IA RB Anthonis Prattis, FR, @Shindigs $2 Million (7/7) RB Dusty Wilson, JR, @dustywilson22 CB Blake Wilson, JR, @dustywilson22 K I Was Enchanted To Meet You, FR, @NotSoGood88 WR Salsa Fill, FR, @saladani QB/WR Ethan Muncy, SR, @DontCallMeCarson LB Nathan Muncy, SR, @DontCallMeCarson FS Deron Birkwood, JR, IA
  5. Yeah I am planning on playing him at #1 I'm technically better but he's hitting his prime
  6. Yeah I missed my chance sadly I did have that 1 year when I wom tho
  7. I don’t have any reason to do this but whatever 1. I’m not sure what Chef is talking about, SAV’s is the actual best. Biscayne Bay’s is the worst imo, because it’s a pretty undetailed and bland-looking logo. 2. Oh I guess I just answered that question lol 3. I’d wait for someone to figure out how to build a good OL, but I would maybe make a filler OL at some point. 4. For Ivanov, that’d be Clinton King, but for Meyer, I kinda want a combo of Griffintown’s longevity and Mr. Cornholio’s receiving ability. 5. Well, they’re all really good, and in the EFL, I shoot for the stars. 6. It works. I like the Activity Checks on SBA better but this also does the job. 7. Streaming them would be awesome but we need to actually change sim engines. 8. Interesting idea, for sure. The question remains, though: Would anyone actually present it? 9. Since all my friends either do band or soccer, that’s a no. I’m also a little more shy irl so that’d be a big no for me. 10. For me, the Season 31 EFL campaign was magical, since I saw my team slay the giants and win a title, which was one of my few moments of sim league glory. Season 24 ECFA was also amazing because even though we fell short, I was a naive sim leaguer back then who wasn’t super duper concerned about success. 11. Depends on whether I’m there when it happens. If we’re GOTW I usually read it, if I miss a regular sim, usually not. If I’m presenting, yes I do read it. 12. @a_Ferk - You got me from being a new and confused dude who didn’t have Discord to where I am now, and I am forever grateful.
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