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  1. Fast forward a couple weeks Fungal is starting to get into his groove. After recently recovering from the coronavirus Fungal Disease is ready to put his focus in to football. Aids has given him only 10 years left to live so he is determined to make the most out of the rest of his particularly unfortunate life. But if anyone can fight of all these problems and make the SBA it's Fungal. As a child he experienced many other shortcomings which hindered his development and slowed his growth. Fungal was diagnosed with dwarfism when he was only 9 years old as he was stuck at about 2'3 since he was a
  2. Fungal Diasease is in some deep shit. After contacting coronavirus ,Aids, an STD, erectile dysfunction, Ebola and an opioid addiction all in the span of about a week, it's fair to say Fungals focus hasn't been on football for awhile now. After joining early last season as one of the youngest member of the Lincoln Mammoths, Fungal wanted to show the team and fans what he was made of. It would be difficult to do so however because of the impressively deep roster that the mammoths have, even more so now with the multiple problems Fungal has had to deal with up to this point. But it's clear though
  3. VHL: https://vhlforum.com/topic/98690-what-if-the-world-cup-was-filled-with-actual-countries/ +1
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  5. Over the past few years, The presence of Canadian football players in both the NCAA and the EFL has gotten stronger and stronger, that momentum continues with the introduction of QB Dante Matthews. A Freshman plying his trade in Pennsylvania, Dante moved out of his home at 16 to pursue his dream of playing professional football. Dante is described by many scouts to be a physical specimen. At 6'3 and 191 lbs, Dante is a tall and slime QB with a surprising amount of athleticism. Dante can both throw and run with the ball has been lauded and praised for his ability to know which strengths to use
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