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  1. 1. As a wise man once said, hookers and cocaine. 2. one word, speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. 3. I'm ready to show off that speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. 4. It was boring but I occupied myself with some stuff. 5. "I better get a pass or I'll cry." 6. We win the championship ez clap. 7. Pain 8. The Hingle McCringleberry.
  2. 1. Taking it okay, sucks we lost but they're a stronger team. 2. Speed all day erryday. 3. Ice bath and youtube. 4. You, obviously. Gotta spend that AD money a little. 5. Getting more touchdowns than I did this season. 6. Making it past the 1st round of the playoffs at the minimum. 7. Stone cold. Gotta stay focused. 8. Some good old fashioned slap ass.
  3. Playoffs came and went by way too quickly for us. We worked hard all season to clinch a spot and compete on the big stage but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. All that effort just for us to get knocked out in the first round by a team that's on a whole different level. It's disheartening, honestly. You spend all that time, give it everything you've got, blood sweat and tears to just lose that early on which can make all that work feel meaningless in the end. But even with all that, I suppose there's a bright side to all this. We weren't even considered a playoff team by the media but we st
  4. 1. Feels great 2. Practice, practice, practice. 3. It'll be hard but we can do it. 4. We can make a deep run. 5. Other than 0 or 1 touchdowns, yes. 6. Yes. 7. EE always does great 8. Burgers, easily
  5. Well, this season has gone just the way I hoped. We have a chance at playoffs contention, my leg feels pretty good and I haven't played too badly either. The coaches, staff, my teammates and honestly, pretty much everyone has been a great help to get me over my fear of putting too much stress on my leg. Beforehand, I wouldn't dare put much weight on it cause I had that fear that everything would just go snap, crackle and pop again. But now? Not a single worry about it. I get extensive treatment each game for my leg just to be safe. Ice baths, massages, daily checks, everything. When I get on t
  6. 1. The negative record doesn't bother us. Everyone is excited and ready to dominate even if we've lost 2 more than we've won. 2. Nothing, mind needs to stay clear to focus on what's to come. 3. We'll do great, no doubt. 4. We've got all the talent, we have great coaching staff. Saying we wouldn't do great would be downplaying everything we have. 5. Of course. I'm getting all the opportunities I need. 6. Obviously. First season and already having the chance to make the playoffs is huge. 7. EagleEye's. 8. I've go
  7. A touchdown AND a sack from both my players? Today is good.
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