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  1. 1. Stop benching me when I get 100 yards 2. kenny khan 3. 1st trenton smells 4. kenny khan QBOTY 5. I want to die 6. So far trenton 7. Kenny Khan 8. Malaysia 9. He is ok 10. I'd rather die and not come back 11. Being better at life 12. I prefer The Fire
  2. 1. championship season ez clap 2. intelligence duuuuuuur 3. online 4. yes 5. about 16 of them, I made a bad choice 6. Canada 7. Get better at your job kekw 8. 69 funny number xd 9. pass out from exhaustion 10. a dragon 11. PC 12. Oranges
  3. 1. No, my teammates are bullies 2. MSI 3. Gatorade 4. Professional hentai connoisseur 5. No 6. Bread and blue cheese 7. Baby Driver 8. none cause they all suck 9. not breaking my leg 10. WROTY and LBOTY 11. Good things 12. Pain and agony
  4. Score update from the other teams?
  5. It is always a sunny day outside. A nice day for hanging outside, going out to get something to eat, a nice day to just relax. But not for two people, those two being Russell Hakora and Randall Kariya, both teammates from the Roswell Encounter who spend their days competing against each other and trying to out do one another whether it's in workouts or any activity there is. But, after exhausting themselves the entire day, they do spend a little bit of time relaxing and chatting away, enjoying some time off with each other, talking about life, their games, their role on the team, and everythin
  6. 1. All I know is, we're gonna win the championship with them easily. 2. He gave me moeni, so very nice 3. 100% 4. 160 catches, 124 drops. WROTY style. 5. Dangerously by Charlie Puth 6. The championship we're gonna win. 7. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. 8. Do I look like I know? 9. My leg was shattered to pieces in high school. 10. Kenny Khan is the fav, Fitzgerald sucks. 11. 100-0 12. I have no preference.
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